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Just a thought, Bernie Madoff defrauded an estimated 65 billion from clients who he told would make profits of 15-18% p.a. in a non existent scheme ( A BIG LIE ) and was sentenced to 150 years in prison! Meanwhile the Catholic church has extorted billions from poor people in a non existent scheme offering eternal life and they are living like kings in the Vatican! Is there any defense for such double standards?

Austin-Cambridge 8 Aug 18

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If people enjoy thinking they are going to have eternal life and waste their money on this nonsense who cares .If this gives them peace of mind good for them due to the fact they will never be disappointed when they do not get eternal life because they will be DEAD ! The only thing I’m against is that churches should have to pay taxes


I agree totally but Unfortunately I don't see churches paying taxes anytime in the near future.


The only reason Madoff was ever busted was because he defrauded the rich. He hit the pockets of already rich clients and that got him busted. The poor folks he got were just collateral damage. It was the rich folks that sent him to prison. The church has stock piles of money to bail out their abusive clergy. Its a seemingly endless sum.


I don’t care about Madoff. I’m still waiting for Epstein’s flight log book.


Madoff should have promised eternal life to his investors.


Is there any defense? Nope.


The big swindle is eternal life. Yes, The RCC has a guy called Pop and he might die but he will live forever. He has a doodly do that lives on. It's a rah rah rah. The gullible claim god gave it to you when you started breathing. Saul of Tarsus, an RCC forerunner, claimed he used his to travel to heaven and back to get his teachings. He saw the dead Jesus when nobody else did and if you were hungry you could eat meat offered to idols. Give thanks at the collection plate.


No. Is anything about Catholicism excusable? Where do you start? Why?


Madoff swindled the other white collar criminals, and they did not like that.

BDair Level 8 Aug 18, 2022

Yup, his sin was swindling other rich people instead of poor people, and the former is intolerable to the ruling class, so he got the book thrown at him, while fleecing poor people is customary with capitalism, so there is usually no penalty or punishment for it. So this double standard would suggest that Trump is also very unlikely to ever see prison for his crimes of fleecing his gullible followers.

@TomMcGiverin Perfect! 😀

@Austin-Cambridge Thanks.


Sue the rcc into bankruptcy and oblivion!

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