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LINK A former cop said he killed a man in ‘a gay panic’ — an actual legal defense that worked - The Washington Post

WTF? "Gay panic?" This is now, thanks to this man's defense, a legal means by which to justify heinous acts against LGBTQ+ individuals. He was charged with murder but b/c of the "gay panic" he was in at time, convicted of manslaughter. He will not serve ANY time in prison. Just another way in which we in the queer community are shown that we are viewed as "others" and of less value than other citizens-along with other minorities. My teeth are getting worn from gnashing and my heart gets weary.

BookDeath 8 Apr 28

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Is every guy that kills his wife/girlfriend now going to claim Hetro-panic or Fem-aversion? What psycho-babel bullshit is this.


I expect that "defense" will last about as long as the " Twinkie Defense" did a few decades ago.

A person convinced a jury that all the sugar he consumed was the reason he murdered someone.
The defendant was "honest enough" to explain, after his aquital, that his defense was bogus.

Actually, the 'Twinkie defense' worked at least once. It was Dan White, the ex-San Francisco councilman who murdered Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone. He was convicted but spent only five years of a seven year sentence in prison. He committed suicide after his release.


Well...considering every cop that has killed an unarmed person in the last 5 or so years always uses the "I was afraid for my safety"'s no surprise. In the military, I was scared shit-less, but we had rules of engagement that we followed, and our fear didn't give us a pussy pass to disregard them. I have very little respect for the LEO community or justice system in the US as it stands today. Just curious (and no, not about dudes - I'm straight), but how is a guy trying to kiss you grounds for murdering him?

Variants to the "stand your ground" thing will be popping up now forever. I would say the cop was super afraid of becoming gay. This is sick.

On the other hand when you kill an intruder and call the cops to have one of them claim you have beat this person's brains out with a golf club, always tell them "I was in fear for my life."


The cop was afraid of himself more.


This makes me feel physically ill. What the ever fuck. Just, fucking fuck.


So could you kill a cop in a "cop panic"? I'm sure that happens a lot more frequently.


What the f***k? I am not gay and I have friends and family members who are gay, and what I say to anyone who start to speak negatively against them is that discrimination is wrong and being gay is not contagious. You will not catch it. What the hell is a gay defense?

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