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LINK Several prominent Russian businessmen have died by apparent suicide in just three months - CNN

(At least eight, probably more... Those who speak out against Russian policies seem to die (are killed))

(CNN)At least eight prominent Russian businessmen have reportedly died by suicide or in as yet unexplained accidents since late January, with six of them associated with Russia's two largest energy companies.

Four of those six were linked to the Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom or one of its subsidiaries, while the other two were associated with Lukoil, Russia's largest privately owned oil and gas company.

Earlier this year, the company took the unusual public stance of speaking out against Russia's war in Ukraine, calling for sympathy for the victims, and for the end of the conflict.

Lukoil's chairman Ravil Maganov died this week after falling out of the window of a hospital in Moscow, according to Russian state news agency TASS.

Lukoil confirmed the death on Thursday in a statement published on its website. ...

snytiger6 9 Sep 3

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Funny, how things work in a fascist regime.


Noticed that our media doesn’t report on the thousands of pro-Russian Ukrainian activists who were disappeared from Ukraine after 2014 for opposing the US-supported, fascist-lead coup of 2014.

Just curious. If the media didn't report on it, then how do you know about what supposedly happened, and are those reputable journalistic sources or conspiracy and/or propaganda sources?

Your question assumes that our mainstream media is not itself propagandistic. I will give you one example of such propaganda.

Do you remember when Ukraine’s Nazi Azov was defeated and captured at Mariupol by the Russians? Do you remember how it was reported in our media? I remember seeing the various headlines in the morning:


I was totally confused reading CNN and the other western media, which is what I read first every day. Had Ukraine driven back to the Russians? Was Ukraine replacing the Nazi Azov with other Ukrainian defenders?

Then I read what you would call propaganda sources. They actually reported the truth: That the Nazi Azov that surrendered and would be taken to POW camps by the Russians.

I was really amazed at how blatantly false the western sources were!

Noam Chomsky is the worlds greatest accomplished linguist and a critical analyst of political and international affairs. You should look up his examples of how the western media bends the truth to create distortions and false impressions. He has made the same complaint about the western media and the Ukraine war.

It’s not that one side is truthful on the other side is not. We have to make some effort and use critical thinking to sift between the various propagandas to determine what actually is the truth.

If you really think you’re getting the balanced truth from the western media, you are just like a Christian or Muslim fanatic who accepts the given “truths” from their religious leaders and their holy books…

Here is a summary of Chomsky on the supposedly free Western media:

Part of the issue here is that what might be a relatively reputable source on domestic issues is not reputable when reporting on international affairs.

There is agreement in the US between Democrats and Republicans - and between liberals and conservatives - in pursuing imperialist interests abroad. The media reflects this unity and uncritically accepts the governments’ distortions necessary for public approval of US imperialism.

Fox and CNN will regularly call each other out on distortions concerning domestic issues. They do not call each other out on distortions that promote US imperialism. Here they agree!

Thus, the US public gets propagandized by a media conformity on China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, and the Middle East. You do remember when the entire spectrum of US mainstream media agreed that they were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

When our media does report embarrassing news about US imperialism, it is often buried and not given the prominence that it deserves. Or it is sandwiched with misleading context or distorting words, as in the supposed Mariupol evacuation.

One has to be an active and critical consumer of news in order to discern the actual truth. Listen to what Roger Waters says as CNN tries to distort the issues.

Be like Roger. Don't be a tribalist. Consume and think critically. And don't be afraid to call the shots wherever they may fall:

@snytiger6 If you are really interested in fairly neutral, relatively balanced news reports on Ukraine, check out Indian media and Al Jazeera.

@snytiger6 Here is evidence of who gatekeeps what you consider reputable:


Mmmmmm, surprising coincidence no doubt.


Some people want the US to be just like this and that is what I don't get.

I read an article while trump was still president that said a study of his supporters gound that they were raised by overly strict and rather unforgiving parents. These people would seem to have an internalized paradym that this is how the world should work - strict and unforgiving.

@RussRAB That is sad.

The people who are all for the authoritarians, think that the authoritarians would never come after them, because they are on the side of the authoritarians. It is delusional. Virtually every authoritarian government has turned on some of its most avid supporters, because it allows them to better centralize and consolidate power by making everybody afraid, even their avid supporters.




My take on this is when Vlad finds out you are against his war he will have you killed just to prevent you from talking about it. Businessman or not, if you are silenced the public knows not to engage in anti-war talk. They are afraid to even talk to the neighbor about it but secretly people know what is going on.

Just like the old Soviet days when people had to worry about their neighbors ratting them out to the KGB.

@TomMcGiverin Exactly, and Vlad is KGB.

@DenoPenno The whole history of Russia in the last century shows that it doesn't matter if the system is capitalist or communist, Russia has had a totalitarian government the whole time, and for the average citizen, they are no more free under either economic system. And economically, most Russians were better off under communism..

@TomMcGiverin Most likely many were better off before the curtain fell?! But I’m thinking this probably has more to do with poor leadership than communism being a better economic model than capitalism?!
Not that I’m a fan of capitalism, because I’m not.

It would be of interest to know who a quired the assets of these prominent Russian businessmen. Under Putin, Russia has become a kleptocracy and a good portion of Putin's personal wealth has been acquired from rivals he had imprisoned or who were mysteriously killed. It has made Putin one of the wealtiest men in the world (likely why trump is in love with him).


I doubt those suicides are any more legit than Jeffery Epstein's. They're just murders that will never be proven, that's all.

In Russia, they won’t even be investigated. Just a normal part of life.

@Barnie2years I believe that.

He’s been having people fall out windows his entire reign. He’s just stepped things up a bit since the war….👀


Yeah becuz hospitalized patients have that happen all the time, especially in modern hospitals (like, since 1940+/-) whose windows are non-operable.

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