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If a mature woman, enamoured of her husband, said you could ask her any questions you liked about her sex life, what would you ask, and why?

anglophone 8 Sep 4

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@Betty Mental illness?

Some people are very open about their sex lives and what techniques they use. Others may be more private about such things. As I mentioned before, it would depend on the conversation that led up to the offer and the motive for it. I would not assume anything.


Frankly I have no interest in the sex lives of others, whether they are single friends or married friends, not my business. If I encountered the woman thru the dating game, I would proceed very cautiously and slowly towards inquiring about her sexual history or preferences. The thing that women in the online dating game keep telling me, and I have no reason to doubt them, is that 95% of the men they encounter thru that are either just interested in meeting women for sex or that they want to move onto sex way too quickly, like on the first or second meeting with the woman. Fortunately for me, I am wired more the opposite way than the 95%, for what that's worth, but it doesn't seem to really matter, since on average I only end up meeting one or two new women per month thur Match. Guess I have way too many other traits, including average looks, that make me undateable or too undesireable for almost all the women who are average looking or better in my local online dating pool.


What is she doing to fill any holes in her sex life?


I would ask her "why would I want to ask her anything, especially about her sex life".

Would that not be determined by the conversation that led up to the offer?

@Betty There was a conversation?

@Mooolah There would have to be a conversation prior to the offer, otherwise what is the motive?


I have asked! At least two said sex was no longer part of their life. Of the women I asked who were not in love with their husband, it was pretty much the same. That just seems to be the women I am friends with I guess. I hope others have a satisfying sex life.


How much insurance you have on him and when was it bought?


If you husband mysteriously disappeared, how long before you’d be available?😉


Fancy a bonk? 🤣

I have always admired men with enough balls to take the direct approach, rather than beat around the bush...

@TomMcGiverin One needs years of experience with scores of women to learn when to be direct, when to be circumspect and when to abandon a hopeless chase.
Fortunately, I have acquired both. .....

Unfortunately, I now no longer have the sexual stamina for an all-night, non-stop orgy.

@Petter Darn the luck!


I do not discuss people and their sex lives. If you knew anything about it personally it would be because someone told you. They might be lying or trying to brag. Why discuss this?


I wouldn't want to know. TMI

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