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The main share of all this fascist crap is coming from Putin. As ugly as the Ukraine war is, diverting Putin's attention may be worth it.


The MAGA hats could be repurposed for Brazil:

Make the Amazon Green Again.


Is anyone surprised? The saddest thing is that most of the Latin American countries have not had stable governments at any time in history for more than a short time. Rather than them becoming us, we are becoming them, but even on a larger scale since we have a larger country by population. Our steady and peaceful government is being erroded by the Right, and I would not be surprised to see state National Guards being deployed for or against the elections in less than a week, depending on outcomes.

" Our steady and peaceful government is being eroded by the Right,"
This I agree with. But where many disagree with me is that the supposed "left" is also very right leaning eg the Democratic party supports many many right wing policies.
How did this happen? How is this enabled? Two words.
Patriot Act.


As we all sit in the deep end of the cesspool that is now America, it's absolutely terrifying to watch the exact same shit, happening elsewhere.

I was watching that election. The relief I felt for Brazil was almost comforting. Like America may survive. Whew. There's hope.

And then reality happened. It happened just like we all watched live on 1/6/20. It's like looking into a mirror and a crystal ball at the same time. And it's seriously scary. 😔😣


Yep……spittin’ image here.


We will very likely see the same asinine shit here in 2024, if not later this month. My message to those who would replace democracy with fascism: be careful what you wish for!

Sadly that’s not going to happen until it’s too late.

@CuddyCruiser It is too late, you are already there.

@puff Your right!!


Burros nao sabem nem oque é intenversao militar. que vergonha desses brasileiros.

They are sheep. Do you think they came to with the idea of a coup d'etat on their own? Bolsonaro and his sons are behind this. Brazil is not the United States. Not a banana republic but had dictatorships in the past. USA had been able to keep the democratic republic intact, at least so far.


esse bolsominios idiotas nao vai da em nada.

Don't underestimate the ultra right. They have their methods. Hopefully you're right but you should also be concerned.


Fucking arsehole. A Trump-wanna-be. Lula, who won, is corrupt but this guy is incompetent and corrupt. Funny enough, he's an Evangelist... or should I say "Evangelion"?

How ‘bout Evangelooney?

@CuddyCruiser, thanks for providing a better term to describe that guy.

@Paddypereira You can also say they are Trumptards or Trumpanzees.


This could very well happen here, and probably will if Dump doesn't get his way, which he probably will.

It is. And again… one is going to care until it’s too late.


At this point I still can't believe we don't have at least a cap written "Make Brazil Great Again".

They have their own version of "Stop The Steal" "Sem Ladrões No Governo" which at least is grammatically correct. The scary part is, they're trying to coerce the military, which if it'd happened here would've been game over for our freedom and democracy.

@barjoe I have often wondered how US garrison's O/S would react if there was a military coup in the states. There is an awful lot of troops and equipment outside of mainland USA so how would those people react watching their home turn to shit.

@puff It could happen in Australia as well. It's already happened in your beloved Motherland Russia. Hopefully there will be a coup d'etat there real soon.

@barjoe But no other countries have so many foreign garrisons, that is the difference. How many in Ramstein? 50,000? Similar stationed in Sth Korea? Japan? Africa?
I would not mind a coup d'etat in Australia to be honest, but only if they did it for Australia eg removed all foreign forces from our soil.

@puff Australia has a representative democracy. Sounds to me, if you support a coup, that you'd be happier in Russia. You don't like foreign forces in your country? How to you think the people of Ukraine feel?

@barjoe People in Ukraine would feel pretty similar to people in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan etc etc atm re foreign forces...........tell me when to stop. The US occupy no moral high ground when it comes to coup's, encouraging them in other countries to install "friendly" governments, Ukraine a great example. I would have to know what a coup's aim was to be honest before lending any support, but that option is last resort. Lived in Thailand who have had about 27 coup's I think, was there for 2 of them. Thai style ie bloodless with the Monarchy maintaining power which is unusual, as royalty are usually the first ones to get necked in a coup d'état

@puff Admit Putin is a despot. I defy you. You won't because you worship at the alter of that shit-stain motherfucker.

@barjoe Putin was very good for Russia but invading Ukraine was despotic and I do not condone that action. His time has past and he should go.
Can you admit that the Patriot Act has turned the USA fascist?

@barjoe Yes Australia is a representative democracy but whose interests do they represent? Not Australia's imo.
Don't listen to what they say, watch what they do.

@puff How is he good for Russia?


Seems familiar and they really have no idea what they are demanding. If your government does not want the best of everything for everybody you have a shitty government. Not long ago some asshat tried to point out to me that this is not so. Another even told me that if immigration was done my way there would be no need for the Democrat and Republican parties. Apparently Q has infected the entire thinking world today.

And if they REALLY WANTED TO……..All this could have been stopped decades ago.

It’s always political.

After 2016 there were loud calls of "not my president!" and claims of foreign interference (nothing unusual there, Israel has been doing it for decades) started by the DNC to discredit the election.
Then in 2020 we have a lot of legal action disputing election results resulting in the show of January 6th.
If the Democratic party was so worried about the validity of elections, that the public have faith in the democratic process, then why wasn't a priority of the Biden presidency to ensure future elections were trusted by the public? Why wasn't a national voting system developed that streamlined events on voting day so no legal challenges could be mounted and public trust in the system restored?
ATM the individual states seem to be able to do their own thing regarding Federal elections; Differing voting machines used, no consistency in allocating voting centres etc etc.
You can only conclude it was not a priority for them.
Janurary the 6th would not have happened if offers of bumping up security at the Capital building that day had been accepted by the person in charge for security of that building and all who work there. The Speaker of the House aka Nancy Pelosi.

@puff OK, we've got it, Puff. The DNC caused all of the problems related to the January 6th Capital insurrection and all the Republicans know this. Is someone batshit crazy or what?

@DenoPenno Blind Freddy knew there was going to be an agitated crowd gathering that day. Trump signaled months before he would question election results to nullify the election if it didn't fall his way.
Has anyone asked Pelosi why she refused the offer of extra security for the Capitol building that day? Have you noticed any new laws, further restricting civil liberties, that have been introduced as a direct result of that day? (all in the name of "safety" of course).
Armed insurrection my arse. It was a bunch of disorganised protesters who gained access to that building far too easily. Election results confirmed, so what exactly is the problem?
Plus the little fact many, many Democrats had for 4 years refused to accept the election of Donald Trump. "Not my President!", does that phrase ring a bell? But I suppose the excuse for that denial is Russian interference, the Steele Dossier which is a total croc of shit.
Looking forward to seeing the Democratic Party get slaughtered in a week or so. Hopefully, it might wake them up but I doubt it. Far too many heads too far up their own arses.

@puff When it comes to conspiracy stuff I find way too many would have to be involved for it all to be true the way many think. I do, however, totally agree with your last 2 sentences here. People on both sides appear to be too much afraid of Donald Trump to do what needs to be done.

@DenoPenno Both sides dance to the Pentagon's tune, the real power in the US of A. The thing about Trump is he is unpredictable and does not play the "game", which scares the shit out of them. Bernie Sanders also scared them because he also bucks the rules of the "game".
My ex was a psychopath and by that I mean she has zero empathy, just not in her. It's not they don't care about others, they are totally unaware of others (as my ex told me, "I don't think like that" when I confronted her actions affecting others, totally unaware) and focus on seeking self-satisfaction, the only way you gain joy without empathy. I see the same traits in Trump. Once you click someone has no empathy, they are quite predictable as they worked on pure logic ie no emotion to sway decision making. If it benefits self, they will go for it. Legally, logically Trump's plan to hold power makes sense. Step one discredit the voting process. Step two mount legal challenges to results as they have been discredited. Step three either win the vote via the courts and if that fails step four; Have the VP refuse to accept the college vote on January 6th with that decision legally justified due to all the court cases ongoing. A good plan.
But Trump could not foresee how people would react to this emotionally, only logically and legally because he is a psychopath; Charismatic and able to read the moment well, but not so good recalling past events or predicting the future. America is very lucky Pence came to his senses at the last minute, witnessing first hand that people were not acting logically, they were acting emotionally, which tends to happen to Americans regarding their Constitutional processes.
I also see these same traits in Hillary Clinton, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Nancy Pelosi which is why I lump them with Trump. Psychopaths the lot of them. All interested in furthering their own causes #1. All charismatic and good in the moment. Another trait they all possess is total denial in the face of overwhelming evidence when confronted with their BS. Russia's fault, China's fault, the "deplorables" fault but never their own.

@puff I do see some of this. BTW, Pence had no power to not accept the votes. He is there to verify the decision only. Many totally forget this. As for those you are "lumping" with Trump, I do not worry about Nancy or Hillary. One is not president and the other never will be. We will all be better off when Trump is 6 feet under and for "who is at fault" it depends heavily on the situation. Trump has no "pure logic" and is a grifter and a conman. If the Pentagon controls everything keep in mind that my view of a Patriot is someone who has served in our military, not a narcissist on a clown car with his friends. As a Progressive I want what is best for us all and I'm not for USA style politics explaining everything in the world because frankly, it does not.

@DenoPenno Legally if Pence did not accept the vote, using ongoing legal action as the excuse, it would have got very interesting.
Pelosi as speaker is 3rd in line after Biden and Harris, scary to me.
I see the same traits in Boris Johnson and two former Australian PM's; Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison. I do not see these traits in Putin, he is something else. Authoritarian yes, but not a psycho.
I've read up on it with some saying up to 1 in 10 lack empathy completely. If you are only interested in self-promotion and satisfaction, politics is the perfect profession so the percentage there may well be higher.

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