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Fresh from their success at taking over the House of Representatives, the Republicans have said that they can't wait to undertake an investigation of Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden is not a member of the US government nor has he ever been one. His primary crime has been to be Joe Biden's son. He is but one of many millions with substance abuse problems. Even with the laptop in-hand, the Republicans haven't leveled a specific charge.

So, I propose that Joe Biden do what Trump did so many times, and pardon his son for the drug and weapon-possession 'violations'. Put this asinine distraction in the trash heap from whence it came.

Or, should the Republicans get their chance?

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racocn8 9 Nov 18

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I would think a Hunter Biden pardon could hurt Joe Biden's chance(s) for re-election. 😛


Who gives a fuck about Hunter Biden, the GOP is just grasping at straws in a futile attempt to counter the investigations into Trump and his merry band of criminals. If there was actually any actual evidence of wrongdoing on Biden’s part they would have already been all over it……


Just because the Republicans have a majority that doesn’t mean they will get everything MTG and the noisy radicals want. They could get shut down by some Republicans that want to return to some normalcy. I’m not optimistic, but hopeful.


"Other": Find something productive to do with our tax dollars!!!
Climate protection?
Vote by Mail for All?
Autonomy and Rights for All?

  • You may saaaay i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one...*
    (John Lennon)

Pardon Hunter Biden from what? He is not a member of our government in any way so the ongoing witch hunt can only mean that he is investigated because we know his daddy helped him and also got some of the money. This is exactly what is going on. It's worse than Hillary's e-mails. Stop already, please.


Let the Republicans focus on bogus investigations, so that all of our people can see that they have no other agenda. That should result in a Democratic House in 2024.


It's just that when it's the Democrats turn, we at least have the intelligence to go after real targets like Trump, George W. Bush and Cheney (sill making a bundle over in Iraq with the contractors and what-not), before them, and let's not forget Oliver North and the Contras, who got the whole ball rolling, and every time the Democrats come back and say, "well, okay, we'll clean up the corporate vomit you left on the floor, AGAIN," while while they're doing that the stooges go back to their masters for further instruction. We had gotten over the senseless blood spilled for oil, and the obscene bubble they created by deregulating finance (which still hasn't been corrected), and here comes Trump with his zombie army, his simple-minded mob of MAGA Q-heads,. And now, because so very few us can even bother to (get our lazy asses off the couch long enough to) vote, we are doomed to go through this, over, and over, and over...
Not only that, it's getting worse.


GOP needs to investigate otherwise gasoline prices will not go down and inflation will remain high You know the two things they campaigned on.


THEY'RE SO ORIGINAL next. "it just doesn't matter !*


It's better for our 2024 candidate if the gQp goes full tilt against what the American people just said. To quote Mark Knopfler, "If they want to drawn put a hose in their mouth."

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