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LINK Lyft drivers spread the Gospel with ride-hailing ministries

(I'd leave a really scathing review.)

NEW YORK ✈ — One is an ordained pastor in Brooklyn, the other a single mother and children’s book author in New Jersey. Both drive for Lyft. Both share the word of God as roving preachers. ...

snytiger6 9 Nov 23

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No tip. Poor rating. Complaint to company. That would be the minimum if I still needed a ride and getting out was a worse option. If not riding were acceptable - "You stupid fucking twit of a shithead assholery shut the fuck up before I shit something that is real in your backseat."


If they tried that with me I would get out and refuse to pay them. I might give them a bill for traumatic counseling their bs caused.


And both should lose their jobs.

Betty Level 8 Nov 23, 2022

My Mother said, "Never get into a car with a stranger".....but what is actually happening with these ride services?
Call a Real cab, at least the drivers have been checked if only a tiny bit!


Those dummies can get fired for that. I tell them to keep there bs to themselves, because there is nothing you can say that will change my mind. I have a better chance of making level 9 by the end of the year than going back to religion.


Change the subject, STFU, or pull over, your choice.

"Your god is a fiction. Prove me wrong."


The word of God? The word of a genocidal maniac with catastrophic anger management issues? No wonder the country is fucked.


I hope they have a warning sign on the website or prominently displayed in the windshield.


That would be a hell no for me. What next they lock you in?


Little "neighborhood" and friendly workers, along with radio dominance, are how religion will build itself back into prominence unless we attack religion and kill it.


Let me OUT of the fucking car.


I’ve seen a few of these around in recent days. I just look away.

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