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LINK Here's why vandals sprayed graffiti at Focus on the Family headquarters

(For decades LGBT+ locations have been vandalized and/or firebombed by Christian extremists. I am not elated that they got dome of it back, but I not unhappy about it either.)

On Thursday, days after five innocent people were murdered at Club Q in Colorado Springs, vandals defaced the large “Focus on the Family” sign outside the Christian ministry’s headquarters in the same city. “Their blood is on your hands,” said the spray-painted words. “Five lives taken.”

Underneath the brick sign were two metal placards with a Bible verse written on them: “And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. — 2 Corinthians 11:14-15.”

Focus on the family vandalized in response to the club q murders in Colorado Springs “THEIR BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS

A press release and report back from those who completed this direct action: ...
snytiger6 9 Nov 27

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Much as I agree with the underlying sentiment, I don't see this solving anything. The Christians will just claim they are being persecuted. They will not look inward to see what they did to offend (even though that is at the heart of what Jesus taught).


😄 that is hysterical 🤣


About fucking time...

I have been aware of these hateful, phony Christian MFs for a long time. They are truly a hateful, scary bunch of nutcases...

@TomMcGiverin A significant number of them are vile psychopaths. Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones come to mind. The evil filth they spew can be met with compassionate suspicion, but they crossed the line a long time ago. I am not opposed to giving the same treatment as any other rabid dog. I am certain many feel as I do, which is past exhausted hearing about what they've done next.


Christianity is a direct form of Fascism, everyone is suppose to fall in line then follow blindly to anything their leaders deem appropriate!!!


That fringe on the right really thinks they know their bible. This all goes back to interpretations of religion and who has the true religion. The answer is "none."


It's scary how the far right fringe ideologies are now the perspective of more mainstream populations, and I hate it


In many cases, I absolutely believe in fighting fire with fire.
Vandalism against ANY group that spews hate is fine with me.
Yeah, I said it.


I see nothing wrong with people from the left desecrating their self-righteous, pious, image with the graffiti. To me, the line that needs to be drawn is physical violence against people, not the damage to property. Destroying property to make a political point, while not preferable as a form of protest, is sometimes necessary to get public attention and make a point. I hope in this case it does make a point to the religious right, that our side is not just polite, meek people who will just nicely protest at rallies and make moral appeals, that in addition to that, we will publicly shame and tear down all of their masks of having some moral superiority to us by confronting their hypocrisy. I see nothing different here than the righteous gay men who spilled blood at Catholic churches and disrupted masses held by the cardinal in NYC during the AIDS crisis of the 80s and the leadership of the Catholic church condemning gays and blaming them for AIDS and their own deaths from it.

Another example of righteous, justified anger resulting in property destruction, was in San Fransisco, back in the 1990s, when Dan White was acquitted for murdering Harvey Milk and George Masconi, a totally outrageous verdict, that outraged the gay community there, so at the end of a nightlong, candlelight march, that ended at City Hall, they smashed windows and justifiably vented their rage against the city government, including Diane Feinstein, who had supported White over Milk for years, and pushed for the acquittal.

Sometimes, the right, as well as the centrists in power, need to be reminded that those on the left are not all meek, polite, sissies, who will tolerate outrageously being shit on without biting back, and being capable enough of violence to put some fear into their opponents of how ugly things will get if they are ignored and not given any concessions from those in power. The only reason we got progress in the 60s, was because of how much of a threat those in the left posed, unlike now, to act violently and disrupt the system. The progress then was never given to us out of the goodness of the hearts of the rich and corporations. Why we get no progress now, is because the rich and corporations are no longer afraid of us at all, mainly because people will not get out there in the streets and agitate the way they did back then, partly because the Dem Party is now much more corrupt than then, and also because now the cops are so militarized, that they are ready to mow us down successfully, even if we did get out there in tens of millions and raised hell like the old days. But the one thing we still have on our side, is that there are still way many more of us peasants, even tho half of them are MAGAs, than there are cops and military, so if we could somehow become united against the real enemy, the 1%, we could win a revolution, no matter what they threw at us..

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