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LINK Lying pastor: Bible College students become atheists and infiltrate churches

(I love it when a story in the news is so ridiculous that I can post it under the "silly random and fun" category with no reservations.)

A right-wing pastor told a right-wing TV host that many students at Bible colleges are becoming atheists, getting jobs at churches anyway, then preaching “wokeness” from the pulpit. And all of this stems from the idea of a transgender Jesus.

Good luck connecting those dots. ...

snytiger6 9 Dec 1

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I don't know about other folks here, but I refuse to sign up or start a subscription or give any information just to read an article from some random web publisher. If you want people to read the article, may I suggest that you copy/paste it on your post?

As for what the pastor claims, I am reminded of something the bard once wrote: "The many fooleries of wise men makes a great show."

You can just click the "X" at the top right corner to close the box and read the article without subscribing.

I am not so happy that the site started having that pop-up box. However, I just close it and I only have to close it once a day, if I haven't close the browser, even if I visit the site several times that day.


So which way would J-day have transitioned? Was it from female to male, since he is always shown as quite male on the cross?
I can deal with some crazy ideas, but this is beyond a special kind of crazy.


Totally ridiculous! The "wokeness" that they are all upset about now seems to be about how teachers are telling very young children all about transgender and even how to get sex change operations. Sorry folks. That just is not happening.


It is ridiculous and obviously lies but the purpose is to muddy the waters and create controversy and pit people against each other.

In my opinion;
What I think they may be doing is trying to bring back a congregation that has been slowly slipping away from organized religion by inventing an attack against said religion. Religion is a business and when attendance is down then so is profit. It is all about the money.

Betty Level 8 Dec 1, 2022

At least less of the younger generations can't be as easily brain washed, but link sounds funny.


Facts do not matter to such morally bankrupt people.


If only that were true, and happening on a MUCH larger scale.


Someone sounds a bit on the paranoid and nutty side. Projection much?


This is hilarious


That dude is nuttier than a snickers bar, lol.


"Headline Bingo" LOL!

twill Level 7 Dec 1, 2022

LOL. They should all be wearing’Hail Satan’ t-shirts. Or concert shirts from bands known for slamming organized religion.

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