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Politness and Courtesy

I have mentioned I drive a school bus. Students are 4th through 6th grade. About 10% thank me when getting off the bus both mornings and evenings. This may be a reflection of my greeting each of them with a good morning, good night or just a hello as they enter or exit the bus. I think it also reflects on the parents teaching their children to be polite. As a child I was always taught to say please and thank you to everyone and still do. I also greet people in public with a good morning, good afternoon, or good day. This includes store workers, servers, and anyone whom I may have an in person contact. I think being polite, especially these days, is very important. I think it makes people feel good, even if it is just yourself. How about you?

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Mark013 7 Apr 30

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I'm Canadian, so it is compulsory for us to be polite or they take away our maple syrup and hockey sticks.


When I was a shaven headed, goatee'd metalhead dressed head to toe in black I went out of my way to be polite. Never lost the habit.


I'm always polite to people in modest jobs (baristas, postmen, traffic wardens etc.) because most of them work hard for very little appreciation. Rich assholes, not so much.


I work in a field where it is acceptable to treat service staff like shit so I go out of my way to be nice to people


You didn't list 'Polite to almost everyone' . I am a tall, large, weightlifting, bald man who can look intimidating so I try to put out a friendly and polite vibe. Come to think of that's the kind of person I usually am anyway.


I am so glad that my Mama raised me to have good manners. "Manners maketh man."


I'm polite until someone gives me reason not to be.



Quote from my mother: "Just be nice to people."

N7EIE Level 6 Apr 30, 2018

I taught my kids the same as well


It's really important to me to be polite to everyone.


I’m polite to everyone. But I do not tolerate intolerance. And if you decide to crack back on me, be prepared for my response. I may be polite, but I am no doormat


I am sometimes mistaken for impolite when I fail to make or return a verbal greeting or eye contact.

Social anxiety is a thing, people. Eye contact and speaking can be very difficult and uncomfortable for some. There are some days I'd much rather be mistakenly interpreted as rude than look someone in the eye.


I believe that having good manners is an indication of character. I don't remember the actual quote so I'm probably going to mangle it, but someone once said that you can tell a lot about the basic character of an individual by looking at how they treat people they don't HAVE to be nice to.


Good manors and politeness are the oil that lubricates society. You can never tell where it will turn up. I still recall a red letter day for me when I signed off welfare and started my own business. On the way I got some petrol. After paying, on my way out. I held the door open for a middle aged, middle class lady. No response, so I waited till she got to the till before saying in a loud voice "YOUR WELCOME." Not 10 minutes later and the same scene at the dole. This time it was an uncouth looking youth. The thank you`s that he gave me was heartwarming and sincere. Goes to show you.


I am generally polite, but not to religious zealots (missionary types), pushy sales people or phone solicitors.

If a person disrupts my life uninvited, they do not deserve politeness, because they themselves are rudely disrupting my life.

Good point.


I try to be polite to everyone.


I think I’m polite,but I’m sure I have my moments...


I try to be polite to everyone, until there's a reason not to be.


I think it is good to be polite. However, I do not think disrespectful actions should be indulged with a polite response. I would not make a good public servant. I teach kids the same thing, if an adult disrespects you without cause, feel free to disregard their commands, authority or opinions. If you need another adult to get in their face about it, come find me.

It makes my skin crawl when parents force their kids to be kind with smarmy or abusive people. Yuck! If your kid doesn’t want to wave or say hi, that’s fine with me! Let’m Be!


Not only do I try to be polite with everyone, but I also put on a smile; regardless of whatever kind of day I'm having. There's no point in compounding my or anyone else's 'issues' by being grumpy or negative.
Oh, and were applicable (like at my morning drive-through), I also remove my sunglasses when talking with anyone (like the servers).


Must admit, I don't always make it 100% of the time, to my shame.


I try very hard to use the golden rule. I do hang up on recorded robo calls but if I were a recording, I would hope all sane people would do the same.

I'm always polite to robots. People, meh.


The only way to be!

ebdb Level 7 Apr 30, 2018

I am polite, my Mom did her homework well


At least intend to be. This poll doesn't capture good intentions gone wrong

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