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LINK Russian Troops Given Holy Candles Not Battle Gear to Protect Them in Ukraine

Just in case you had any respect left for Putin

OldMetalHead 9 Mar 30

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Hopefully, they wiil verify just how well the candles work...


Poor dumb walking dead mother fuckers.

The average Indian has a higher income than the average Russian. And India is a poor mother fuckin' country.

Sorry about the profanity. I just watched a couple of Dave Chappelle bits. He a funny mother fucker! πŸ˜‚


Well, why not? Constantine's mother gave him some nails from the one true cross so he could have them on his horse in battle and be protected. WTF? How many nails were there?


"Don't worry if you get shot. You will be evacuated to a MASH unit with an abundant supply of thoughts and prayers"


I kind of feel bad for the Russian soldiers. I doubt most of them want to be invading another country, but they haven't really been given a choice. Then they are sent in without enough equipment or planning and they don't have much of a choice about just carrying on with a bad idea.

They are all victims of a megalomaniac.


Yes, all victims of the military industrial complex!!!

It is actually about profit, greed, and power for all those politicians in power!!!

Kinda like Vietnam, except without the communism, this time. Now it's called NATO and Corporationism dark empires of new world order stricks back No 3 . The dark empire failed at 1 and Number 2.

@Castlepaloma Totalitarianism without the pretense of communist/socialist ideals, but with pretend capitalistic ideals is called Fascism. Fascism has been tried, but has always failed in the end as well. It isn't a failure of economic systems, even if that is how it is usually described if it is communist or socialist, but it is Totalitarianism that has repeatedly failed, no matter which economic system they are using. Why? Because Totalitarianism is driven by a lust for power and more power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Corruption undermines any kind of government and the government fails/falls in the end.


This from a "super power." πŸ™„

(And if you think about it, the USA doesn't seem to do much better. Unless it's innocent civilians, or individuals, the USA's performances abroad are nothing to brag about. But we have shiny man-toys, so the optics aren't as abysmal as Russia.) πŸ˜’


Holly shit, more people have been killed in the name of God than for any other reason. Nobody can hold a candle to it.. Sitting ducks.


Can you stop the bombs for one minute? I can't get my lighter lit!


"Go forth, and be killed!"


The real truth NATO and the US are leading and feeding the Ukrainian’s to slaughter by the Russians!!!

Now that the US and NATO have depleted all their reserves and now using up their front line fighting equipment, it will cost almost triple at least three trillion to replace all that military equipment!!!

The military industrial complex is pushing this Ukrainian war for pure profit and power, all humanity is to be sacrificed so these few can enrich themselves and promote full blow genocidal population control to hold dominion too secure and enslave us!!!

There is truth to that (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain). But, what's the alternative? Shall we just let Putin take whatever he wants? What if he decides to invade Finland next?

If you actually knew the background who would not be so sure about Russians wants or desires!!!

The Russians do not want to be boxed in!!!

Ukraine was warned and several US presidents agreed that the Ukraine and Finland would not join NATO!!!

How would you feel living in the US having both China and Russia having troops along both US boarders armed with anti missile batteries, aircraft bases, armor battalions stationed permanently based on both borders???


Canon fodder.πŸ€•


Orthodox Church is strong in Russia, survived communism after all. Bible bashes in the US do the same. Ever seen that footage of priests blessing bombs in Viet Nam?
Just shows how fucked in the head peaceful religions are. Always blessing their wars, fighting with "god" on their side.

puff Level 8 Mar 30, 2023

Nazi German had on their belt buckle, :God is with US:. In Russia the Nazis would put Russian people inside a church or barn. Set them all on fire, then shoot the escaping Russians wail laughing insanely.

@Castlepaloma Nothing new Shamen giving cannon fodder little amulets before being sent off to slaughter.


Most of the electricity is out and some of the miltary equipment has been sold off to the highest bidder. Nobody wants the candles because it gives their positions away. Welcome to hell on earth.



A seriously stupid act by a seriously dangerous idiot.

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