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Laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚, Puke ๐Ÿคฎ or Cry ๐Ÿ˜ญ - it depends on the indoctrination that you have had.

I'm reminded of the old time freak shows, monkeys performing at the circus or many houses of governments around the world.

Personally I weep. How about you?

How do I react to an African crowd paid to proselytise at an Oklahoma University in 2022?

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FrayedBear 9 Apr 2

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Ignore them unless they refuse to leave you alone.

They didn't leave me alone. Their video of their antics has offended my sensibilitiies because it has been before my eyes .

@FrayedBear Then tell them to stick it up theyโ€™re collectives buttocks.

@Gatovicolo Lol. I have with my post.


I respect anyone's freedom to express themselves. I'm not for, certain religious groups being tax free and keeping nonbelievers from the top tables of political decisions. I wouldn't choose hypnotizing church music or the insane parrots messages for listening pleasures. I might get all warm and fuzzy and loose my mind. Politics and religion make me puke much of the time like Clockwork orange.



Have you ever heard 'Spem in Alium' by Thomas Tallis (1505-1585)? It's a 'Motet in 40 parts' - catholic, religious music, sung in latin, but it is a piece of absolute, musical genius that has never been surpassed in the 500-odd years since it was written.

You might also try Tallus's 'Psalm tunes for Archbishop Parker's Psalter' or his 'Salvatore Mundi 1'.

I am utterly atheist - every inch if me from head to toe - but that doesn't alter the fact that there has been utterly incredible music written through religious inspiration and devotion, and the world would be a sadder place for not having that beauty in it.

So how do I feel about these people performing religious music?

Well, the music is not to my taste - it's certainly way short of Thomas Tallis - but does that in itself mean I loathe it?


If it being performed as an example of musical art, then fine. If its purpose is to try and sway non-believers into belief, then that I would have issues with - not that it would succeed, of course. If it is being presented as a "Christian statement", then that I would also have an issue with.

It depends on context and intention.


I did not vote but normally I avoid this type of event. In 2004 I did go to a couple of them in Kenya.

Lol. No worries.
What were you doing in Kenya in 2004?

@FrayedBear My ex wife is from there. Married 12 years and lived together for 10 of those years.

@DenoPenno A mistake not to be repeated?


Calm down, Homey: Itโ€™s just a touring choral group. Colleges often bring in musical or cultural performances from around the world โ€” it brings in a few extra bucks, and is not mandatory. Also, choral musical traditions have a lot of religious content, from American Gospel to European Classical dating back centuries. This isnโ€™t the best choir Iโ€™ve heard, but I see nothing especially offensive here: no one is forced to attend or listen.

What I think IS offensive is comparing African performers to monkeys. Itโ€™s not characteristic of everyone on this site, but for a group of people who often congratulate themselves on how reasonable and enlightened they are, there is a lot of racism, (AND sexism, and ageism) expressed on A.Com. If not intentional, itโ€™s thoughtless at the very least.

I do not as you say "compare African performers to monkeys". I state that the performance of these religious people presumed to be S.African & therefore of varying ethnicities whether Dutch, English, Jewish, Indian or African reminds me of freak shows, monkeys in a circus & the many houses of governments around the world because they have been trained to perform for & in accordance with the believed demands of their audiences.
I thank you for the advice that "Colleges often bring in musical or cultural performances from around the world — it brings in a few extra bucks". It suggests that the event is more, like religion, for profit & not education.

I happen to love traditional music from many countries around the world. When those cultures have had the armies of Jesus come storming in and wreaking havoc to get them to convert from a beautiful way of life to singing songs that have nothing to do with a majority of the world, I can only hang my head in disgust.

@BOBdammit When the white men came we had the land and they held the bible. They taught us to pray with our eyes closed and when we opened them they had the land and we held the bible. Attributed to Jomo Kenyatta

A very sad but true event that happened globally. What's worse is they are still at it. It makes my heart sick. Thank you for sharing that sad but apt quote.

@BOBdammit I have a friend who is involved with a Christian charity which builds girls toilets at schools in Nepal. Although the money mostly comes from America she gets a two week holiday there evry year. She told me that a friend of hers has to live with a community in a remote part of the country while he translates the bible into their language. I really had to bite my tongue to stop telling her what I thought of that. As far as I am aware those people have their own religion a hybrid Buddhist /animist religion so what right de we have to force a foreign religion on them ?.


If you know of a freshly painted wall where the paint is still wet, let me know I would rather go and watch it dry than listen the above video performance.


If I asked to take a sales team in to the same university to put on a show and sell Cheese of the month club memberships I can imagine what they would say to me.
But going in to sell membership to the multinational God corporation is somehow different?


South Africa?

Looks and sounds mostly white.

Bingo. The armies of 'god' had another victory. All vestiges of their culture and history, gone.

There are several million white people living in south africa.


Will submit as one of my new "gaf"....adding to the list as number two.


@FrayedBear "Global Assessment of Functioning, or GAF, a scale used to rate how serious a mental illness may be. It measures how much a person's symptoms affect their day-to-day life on a scale of 0 to 100."

@Flyingsaucesir ARG!

@FrayedBear give a fuck.

@Flyingsaucesir or, the oppsite of Dgaf


I don't care

Tejas Level 8 Apr 3, 2023

I don't go anywhere that they are trying to tell me about their god, regardless of who "they" are. So, none of the above.


I ignore, unless kids are dragged into it.

puff Level 8 Apr 3, 2023
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