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LINK Darren tries his hardest to cause a scene in Target over a children’s “Pride” t-shirt | 3redyk - YouTube

This woman got in trouble for saying she doesn't believe in God. I think she and the undercover Loss prevention officer acted very professionally. Shout-out to the two customers at the register as well.

barjoe 9 May 26

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Wadda dick. The male counterpart to "Karen"

I guess that's a "Darren"


What a fucking child


Everyone should all shout out "HAIL SATAN" πŸ˜‚

You stole my favorite line. ℍ𝔸𝕀𝕃 π•Šπ”Έπ•‹π”Έβ„• π–€β˜ π–€β™†

Hail Science ... Hail Logic ... Hail Reason ... Hail Humanity ... Anything but Hail Satan.

@jlynn37 I like to post HAIL SATAN ⁢⁢⁢ even though I know there's no God or "devil". I like Satanists and their humanist beliefs, mostly good people. I like to say Hail Satan because it's triggers Xtians and that's fun for me.

@barjoe You do you, I do me and let's strive to love one another and to do or cause no harm.

@jlynn37 I love some people, others not so much. Posting Hail Satan in a comment causes zero harm.

@jlynn37 would scare the living crap out of that xtian assmunch.

@jlynn37, @barjoe EXACTLY πŸ˜‰


What a pathetic moron! I almost feel sorry for him.

In my younger days, I'd have jumped him from behind. Of course back then they didn't have cameras. You just had to run out and not return to that store, ever.

@barjoe Pretend you are really clumsy and fall into him and drag him down.

@BufftonBeotch I wouldn't do something like that anymore. First of all I'm 65 years old. When I was a kid I remember an older guy had a cane but he walked perfectly, he kept it for protection on public transit. He once handed it to me, it was weighted. It would be like getting hit with a baseball bat. An old man could get away with beating a younger man down. Claim it was self defense. Then again there's those damn cameras.

@barjoe I am within almost spitting distance of 60. I will still go to ground if it needs to happen. Anything at arms reach can be a weapon if you think fast.

Never go quietly.


And now we know how the Salem Witch Trials happened.

Or more recently the Red Panic. Many fantastic people were blacklisted from performing or writing because they were accused of un-American thoughts.

@Druvius Yes we're going back 200 years. Darwin in reverse. Devolution or backwards evolution. This guy is a Neanderthal.


He is looking to be famous.


They were very professional all things considered. Looser boy’s attempt to do the Jesus overturning of the money changers tables at the temple act was just a sad demonstration of his bigotry.


Asshole! Another of the bad things of Smartphones. They allow jerks like this to go viral for annoying people.

I think someone should have the right to not be accosted as they are going about their daily routine. Being the charming guy I am, I would tell the guy to go fuck himself.

@barjoe I would have told him that too and then added that I do support the proper gander as well as the proper goose. Maybe throw in something about people with too much pride and tell him he is one of them. πŸ™‚ I agree with Anne coz this guy would be unemployable.

@barjoe we could form a chorus, Randy Rainbow style!

It is fabulous that not one person agreed with him.


This guy needs a hobby...i say hobby because i know for a fact he is unemployable!

He probably should go to Hobby Lobby. He'll fit in perfectly.

@barjoe Maybe he could run the fryer at Chick-fil-A.

@Flyingsaucesir They would probably fire him in a heartbeat.

@barjoe Hobby Lobby is so "et up" with the right wing head rot they don't use bar codes because they think it is the mark of the beast.


If I don't believe in your sky fairy I certainly do NOT believe in your ground goblin. I could not possibly be a satanist.

Kudos to her for the straight forward ownership of Atheism.

I would have gotten that asshat's picture recorded and permanently banned him from the property.

They have his photo on their security cameras.

He may have gotten banned from all Target stores.

@MizJ Good.


I'd have shot back with "Take your god-damned Jesus fucking bullshit out of my life, ye Blasphemere! BE GONE!" That usually makes them go away.

The Loss Prevention guy was perfect.

@barjoe I would have asked the sales woman (who I love but she stepped over a company rules line) if I should do the headlock thing. Just, like, casually before rejecting the idea along with her. Next I'd have asked about the groin-kick.

Especially if you can shout it in Latin.

@rainmanjr She did anticipate he was going to destroy the property though. Not sure if it it is salvageable after he ground his nasty foot on it.

@BufftonBeotch Gibberish is actually of greater value.

@rainmanjr lol Latin just sounds terrifying. You could shout "I like cookies!" in Latin and it would stop people in their tracks.


Hooray for all the people in the store!

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