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Do Some Atheists Seem Superior?

I'll be frank about the fact that I have several people in my tribe who are devoted Christians. They love me exactly for who I am, and I love them the same. They are among the finest, most open-minded human beings I know. Other members of my small tribe are dedicated Atheists. We all co-exist well with each other. Better, we respect and love each other. No one tries to convert/convince anyone else. These are all bright, well-read people. The only conflict I've had has been with Atheist friends who aren't content to just live their truth. THEIR TRUTH must be everyone else's truth, too. And they use a sledgehammer to bang their scientific points home. Obviously, I don't disagree with the science or logic. But bullying/acting superior to believers is counterproductive to getting them to listen. Right? Am I the lonely little petunia who's run into this type of Atheist? And how do you, or should you, reason with these types? Thanks in advance. ❤ EDIT FOR CLARITY When I spoke of "the only conflict I had" being my few Atheist friends insistent on converting Christians, I should have made clear that this is only within my fairly small, diverse group of friends (many Southern, with about 15 of us as atheists). Outside of that group? I have fought the intolerance, hypocrisy, judgment, bigotry, racism and hatred perpetrated by the religious right, fundamentalists, evangelicals and their crazy-carny clown radio sleazeballs. I was raised Atheist, with a few years of sane Methodist, but once I actually read the Bible? WHAT?? Then read critical interpretations by renowned scholars and scientists? How did people just "believe" this? So, yes, this is where I came to. What I came to believe. But I have some friends who aren't there. And I'm not the kind of friend who tells her friends what to think. I support them and I love them. They know I'm not going to church with them and that's fine. I hope this made my thoughts a little more clear. CLEARLY, "Christians" are attacky and holier-than-thou. I thought that went without saying. I'm here, after all. ❤ Friend, not foe.

FoundMyNietzsche 6 May 3

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Sometimes, just stating one's position as an atheist and confidently responding to poor arguments against atheism can get you the criticism of being smug or superior. So, the question is based on an assumption of what someone might consider "superior" to mean. So, I have a problem with the premise of the question. Atheists vary with the nature of their personalities. Some have a more direct approach. But a true atheist, in my view, believes doubt is a healthy byproduct of a healthy mind, and everything should always be questioned. I don't think that acting "superior".


There are atheists who act superior just like there are religious people who act superior. One thing I’ve noticed is that religious people will think I’m being arrogant by proclaiming my love for free thought on my car or my body (in the standard form of jewelry and shirts), but they don’t seem to recognize that they do the same thing. It’s kind of a double standard for some people. I get all kinds of dirty looks (and road ragers... Is that a word?) when I’m driving, but I don’t care. I just smile and sing at the top of my lungs because I am finally free, and I want everyone to see that you don’t need religion to be happy.


I'm an atheist and a democratic socialist.I can defend those convictions but I try to remain polite about it.As for Definitions, I'm not interested in that argument.


If a religious person accuses me of acting superior, smug, or arrogant just because I’m an atheist, I’ll usually remind them that I’m the one admitting that I don’t have the answers and I’m open to new information and evidence. They are the ones claiming to know everything.


You don't have to deal with them, walk away. I personally don't care what anyone thinks or believes. I am confident in my beliefs. I don't need to advertise. I don't get all butt hurt when my Assembly of God family talk the bible, I walk away. I don't have useless energy to spare debating god. It's a NO win situation..


(to your 1st question) Yes.. For some mysterious reason ..certain folks have acquired a combination of integrity, inquisitiveness and daring that allows them to experience life beyond superstitious restrictions.

Younger, I’d hang on their every word! Later, I’d attend meetings at which they’d lead a discussion ..or listen to them answer questions on a radio program.. Older, I now consider them as Madalyn Murray O’Hair described them: “The intellectual elite.” And I’ll add, courageous ~

Varn Level 8 May 3, 2018

These are the kinds of 'atheists' who remind me of the people who flee the high taxes and high crime in places like LA, Chicago, and New York to places like Texas or Arizona, only to turn around and vote in support of politicians who want to turn those prosperous places into parasite infested bergs like the ones they fled!

It is why I make a distinction between being atheist and being an Atheist. No sooner do people categorize themselves with a 'noun' label then manipulative opportunists start appointing themselves experts or authorities. They license themselves in their own elitist eyes as superiors, to dictate criteria for who is and isn't a real Atheist or good Atheist. They are the non-believing equivalents of theological orthodoxies and sects overseen by, usually, sexually sick old men.

Being atheist is defined in simple terms when applied as an adjective. It describes a state of mind that rejects deities, fairly expanded to theologies with gods. THAT'S IT!

I too appreciate science and what has done and can do for humanity. What many of the 'science as our saviour' proselytes miss is that even science has flaws; many of them. For all of their feigned superiority, they forget that science is in it's infancy in the broad span of human existence. It is thought by them that science validates what is good sense. Human beings were here first and good sense is our property. It is sense that validates what is good science.

I too am tired of priggish attitudes from people I also hold in high esteem; like Dawkins. The 'science crowd' is far more often correct in evaluations of phenomena in our reality, but they are not infallible. There is too much Popery among them and they have no right nor preeminence to set criteria for just who is and isn't intelligent, based on their effete self-images.

Rant over! We seem to deeply agree.


There are those of all stripes who feel superior and is not limited to just one group or another.


I know a number of devoted Christians and get along with them just fine. Years ago I worked with one & he was very smug towards anyone who wasn't Christian. Being stuck up isn't limited to any religion of personal belief system. Everyone is different no matter what they believe.

@FoundMyNietzsche , I hear you. I have a friend that moved to Albany GA a couple years ago. She has to keep her beliefs to herself for fear of becoming known as the Devil. She pretty much has the same outlook about it as you. Small world, ain't it?


I am only concerned with teaching those who wish to learn. It is they that are prepared to listen and consider and adjust their world view based on new information. If one does not wish to learn they can not learn. I am willing to learn from anyone willing to teach.


Can I know if you are an atheist or agnostic or theist?

@FoundMyNietzsche How much do you know about the bible?

@FoundMyNietzsche There are a lot of things I do know about the Bible and most of the major religion as well. Now let find out see if who know more about the bible then. and let take a look at what kind of person you are and me as well. What do you know about LEV 20:13?

@FoundMyNietzsche Is that how an intelligence person reply to a question?

@FoundMyNietzsche ever heard of illusion knowledge?


Yes, some atheists try to make themselves seem superior. They would do the same if they were Christian. It is not due to their atheism.

@FoundMyNietzsche Are you not right now trying to be superior than those atheist right now and telling people what to do and how to live?

@FoundMyNietzsche You are quite patient with Tuy Tran the troll. I think that he has a crush on you.


I think it's pretty obvious that Atheists are smarter and better looking than religious people, it's not our fault, we're just born that way. 😀


People of all kinds can act superior and Atheism has nothing to do with it really. Truth is truth for all, but beliefs can be anything to anybody, and beliefs are open to interpretation and deceptive manipulation. The problem here is not Atheism or Science, but as you said bullying and acting superior. And again as you pointed out that is counterproductive and listeners just shut down hearing someone like that rant on. Religious belief is not really based on facts, logic or sound reasoning, so using ONLY those things when debating Theists is utterly useless. The underlying strength of religious beliefs is actually the feel good brain chemistry of how the beliefs in one god or another satisfies the person's inner and often hidden emotional and psychological needs. It's more like a mental addiction, and they will invent all kinds of deceptive excuses and interpretations to hold on to their comforting beliefs. Dealing with know it all people or those who aggressively act superior can be met with polite self-confidence and assertiveness, and just hold your position. It's okay to disagree. And to walk away from really hostile people of course. Hope others may offer some ideas too!




You can take your question in two ways : (1) atheists are arrogant, (2) atheists are more intelligent.
I think that’s basically true in both accounts. Atheists are typically more intelligent than theists, though I’ve known Jesuit priests with phd’s in philosophy. So, that’s not a hard and fast rule. I’ve also had extensive experience with arrogant atheists; combative atheists. Almost as aggressive as their theistic counterparts. How common is that? It was pretty common when I was in college, but I haven’t really seen it that often since I graduated, but I don’t run in those circles anymore. Most of the people that I’m now associated with are theistic.


Some are so obsessed they are almost religious about there none belief.


I am not sure it is an “atheist” problem per se. it is a human problem that some people seem to excel at. I have meet many people with the same, my belief is right and you are wrong attitude. I just let them know that we have no common ground for a discussion and we agree to disagree. Life is too short for entrenched / intractable opinions.


I wouldn't bother reasoning with folks like that, just ignore them.


You’re correct on both counts. Arrogance is to effective persuasion as bad hygiene is to dating.


There's a lot of Christian bashing in this room - I am an atheist but I respect Christians. Some of the finest people I know are Christians.
To answer your question - some atheists feel they have discovered the truth about their existence and want everyone to believe what they believe.

gater Level 7 May 3, 2018

@FoundMyNietzsche You're welcome 🙂


I agree, and have run into folks who act childish like you described above.


They exist in every group, and while sometimes they can help, this is not usually the case.



The problem with your thinking is that you think that truth can be personalized into an impression, or some other misperception. It cannot because once reasoning starts from an impression, every "therefore" creates more and more dissonance.

So yes, these Atheists are being massive a@#holes, maybe are being irrational, and maybe are often incorrect, but that doesn't mean that everything they say is bad, or wrong, or should be treated in those ways; a mature person has to be able to conduct their behavior with conscious consideration of things.

Yes, our perception of reality is contentious because its influenced by our beliefs, sensory peculiarities, and such. However, such a belief still has diminishing returns, because not all points of reference are equally reliable. So if someone tells you "apple", don't comprehend "pear" and such. That is not only a way to make people think you lack intelligence, but it is also a way to ignore an obvious problem with attention.

Now, as far as your complaints about other people acting superior goes, it appears that you have externalized how you take things, into a physical, unthinking, biological reaction. You are displaying a highly personal view of how other people behave around you, and to you, and it's a sign of something serious.

This is akin to being stuck in a whirpool, and deciding to pet the fish in the water. Don't do that, just swim.

Now, have I run into these types of Atheists? Sure, but why would anyone in their right mind translate a heated argument into a personal attack? This is not mature behavior.


Are you maybe a little bit messed up in the head?


If someone is actually intelligence as you said, why do they worship a all knowing god all powerful that watching kids get rape like a child pornography and not stop it? How is that a humane and kind when someone actually worship such thing? I am not superior to anyone. But I can not let stupid ideas that people live with that would harm so many people and themselves. Do learn a bit more about The Christian Bible.

@FoundMyNietzsche You said you fight for LGBT right, but you would perpetuate the belief that command to kill gay people? LEV20:13, Do you even know what that is?

@FoundMyNietzsche Do you know what all knowing mean? that mean he have can see everything.

@FoundMyNietzsche You are not an atheist, You are describing god as a believer. lolz. I am not that foolish for you to fool me.

@FoundMyNietzsche Yes, I know those words, but no need to use fancy words when someone comprehension is too low.

@FoundMyNietzsche You still have not telling what is LEV20:13 is.

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