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Oath ... Does anyone in this forum swear on the/a bible?

Legal experts out there ...

Are these valid reasons to declare an oath invalid:
1- if the person taking an oath is an atheist or belongs to a non-Christian religion
2- if there is a page missing ???

Just a couple of days ago I saw a bunch of JPs sitting in a shopping center. A bible was part of their equipment. In a way it is strange to see just the bible in a secular country. Ans if they have the bible why not a whole collection of "holy" books and paraphernalia so people to swear on?
The majority in this area are not even bible fans.

By PontifexMarximus8
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I swear about the Bible.

Yup yup ?


I have testified in court 2 times in my life. I informed the judge, when I was called up to the bench and told him that I was atheist/pagan, and do not believe in god or the bible. I told him that I would be happy to swear to tell the truth, on my honor, which I value highly. He thanked me and said to swear me in that way, instead of using the bible and saying " so help you god". Instead, I swore on my honor.


I would only do that if I tripped over it. Even Presidents are not required to swear an oath on the Bible for Inauguration, not that a Bible ever stopped them from lying anyway. Honest people do not need to swear, and dishonest people have no trouble swearing on anything you hand them.


When I was sworn in for my divorce hearing (and all the other couples before us) last August, there was neither a bible nor a "so help you god." Then again, I live in the only blue county in Florida.


I'm more for swearing AT it?

Emme Level 7 May 4, 2018

I have held public office for many years. I affirm rather than swear and just end things at help me. Honor and trust come from within, not from n unknown or unknowable deity. I also skip the ..under god.. part of the flag pledge.

Dwight Level 7 May 4, 2018

I have sworn at the Bible, never on it. ☺

Sticks48 Level 9 May 4, 2018

My man?

@Emme ?


Nope. I didnt use the bible during my enlistment or before my court testimony.

@Scoobs not the bible per say, but theyvwould en the oath with,”so help me god.” Like I can't be responsible for my own words


No its ok in an english court to affirm.

jacpod Level 8 May 4, 2018

Do courts still "require" this?

IN Australia even the justices of the peace ask people to swear on a bible ... Though they have to offer a civil alternative ...

@PontifexMarximus I think that might be the case in the US.


Haven't been to court for years but it might be fun to swear on the Kama Sutra

Buttercup Level 7 May 31, 2018

I know in swearing in situations those who didn't swear or use the bible could give an affirmation instead, but honestly I don't think this has been an issue in California courts for decades. I've been a juror 5 times and no court I was in ever used a bible for the swearing in or said "so help me god".


telling lies in a court is purjury does not matter if you swore on the bible, a koran or a home depot catalogue

Flettie Level 7 May 16, 2018

I refuse to swear. I always try to tell the truth so why should any legal occasion be different? Never caused me any problems in the UK.

CeliaVL Level 7 May 16, 2018

Very good point. I often thought that the entire oath stuff devalues our credibility.


Any lawyer will tell you you may put your hand on anything it's legal to put your hand on, or put it on nothing at all to take an oath. That has no effect on the legality of the oath.

FreeDave Level 6 May 10, 2018

Oh no ... Lol ... I asked this question after reading the most absurd explanation regarding annulment... An American canon law expert explained that annulment was not a form of Catholic divorce but ... Blablabla and he went on to explain that wedding would be deemed to not have force of law if the the holy water had been accidentally substituted by something else. This ningnong then gave an example of rubbing alcohol in a baptism ... He never really explained the technical reasons why 600000 marriages in the USA alone get annulled. The would represent tanker loads of rubbing alcohol.


I'll swear on the American Constitution, but not on the Bible.

Wouldn't that be equally strange?

@PontifexMarximus Nope. Why would you think so?

@AtlGeekWoman Just my sentiment me the actual item doesn't really make a difference: bible, Koran, constitution, a flag, a pasta colander or a roll of toilet paper ... They are just objects


Sorry JP's?

I this she/he means jw but no sure

Sad me, am so outta most loops. I don't know jw, either, lol

Justice of the Peace maybe?

Might have been jw, (jehovah's witnesses) yeah.
I did think of justices of the peace, but thought not.

Justice of the Peace .. Sorry I didn't realise that you might not have them. Here they pop up in the shopping centres to authenticate people's signatures or certify copies.


In CA, when I served on jury duty, people just swore to tell the truth, without any bible.

The same for Arizona.


I've been sworn in twice in the last 5 years or so. No bible was present at the proceedings nor was god mentioned in the oath. I was shocked considering I live in conservative Kentucky.


Not a chance.


I believe there is sometimes an option to swear on a law book?


Never. I took an oath when joining the Army, but didn't have to put my hand on any bible and we didn't have to say "God" in our enlistment oath if that went against our beliefs.

The bible, to me, is like the scene from Wizard of Oz with the bucket of water melting the Wicked Witch of the West....if I get within 5 feet of one, I feel myself getting hot. I'm afraid I'm going to burst into flames. smile007.gif Don't even get me started about setting foot into a real church! blek


I won't. Most courts don't require it anymore.

KKGator Level 9 May 4, 2018

My last duty station was near DC and when my time came to reenlist, I gave my oath before the Constitution (sans thing word)

Squirrel Level 7 May 21, 2018

I have for one have always gotten such a kick out of this on these TV shows where it says do you promise blah blah to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. Yeah sure man so what's going to happen to me if I lie. This is so ignorant. Do any reasonable thinking individual unfortunately there just aren't enough of us.

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