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Do you still use religious sayings or phrases?

Do any of y'all use religious phrases and expressions? Such as:

-Doing the lord's work = doing working that's hard but important

-There but for the grace of god go I = I could easily be in that person's shoes if I were unlucky

-Godspeed = good luck and safe travels on your arduous journey

-If the good lord's willing and the creek don't rise = if I have good luck, things will turn out OK

-Let go and let god = Let stuff go and see how it turns out

-God dammit / Go to hell / other "curse" words/phrases

So do you use phrases like these? If so, which ones? Have you found better alternatives? I'm from the South so these and other sayings are part of the vernacular

DayDreamer128 4 May 5

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Nope ....if I'm heard saying gibberish like gawd or geebush I spell their assumptions away


Just; Jesus, fucking,Christ!!.....

Thats one of my favorites!

love that one


Constantly. God fucking damn it is a favorite. And in exasperation, jesus christ.


God damn it. Jesus fucking Christ.

@irascible Haha. I don't know. I've just been saying it most of my life. Don't know why or how I started.


Definitely. It's cultural, and deeply ingrained. I'll probably always say "Jesus!" when I get startled by something.


I'm from the south & yes, I still use "god speak" & consider it part of the dialect. You don't get much better snark than a bit of "god speak" & a southern drawl. I mean, not a day goes by I don't say, "bless your heart" or "good thing god made you pretty".

As for my favorite curses invoking religion...feckin hell where to begin. "Jumpin jesus on a pogo stick" usually turns heads. I will pull a "jesus mary & joseph" in polite company. "Sweet baby jesus" and when I've had enough, "I don't care if you walk on water & turn it into wine, ::insert ass chewin here::" & my all time favorite, "we about ta have a come ta jesus meetin" (thats not a good thing).

Oh I forgot about a "come to Jesus meeting"! Can you believe the first time I heard that one was at work

@DayDreamer128 first time I heard it was when I was a biddy kid and my momma just picked a switch to whip my behind for being extremely, dangerously naughty (was 5yrs old and walked a quarter mile from home, around a blind curve...after being told not to.. I earned that one.)


Absolutely... Because none of it means anything, but it's in my vernacular because... Culture.

But I will say, when I say something like "oh my god" my very religious mother likes to make her comments. So annoying.


I still curse as a Christian.


Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

Lol I almost forgot this one


I pretty much use all of them.

Doing the lord's work = I say that sometimes, especially when dealing with Evangelicals. I believe that the "Lord's work" is to show them that he hates them because they're such douche bags. Showing Evangelicals this takes away their moral superiority.

There but for the grace of god go I = All the time. Life is confusing and makes no sense, and sometimes suffer very little for the crazy stuff I've done while others pay the ultimate price.

Godspeed = I would suspect that God is the only thing that can travel faster than light, so, if you can travel fast than light... Whoo Hoo!

If the good lord's willing and the creek don't rise = We are very much dependent upon nature. Our lives depend upon her/it/him/whatever it is. I will survive if nature gets behind me, but without help from nature, I'm screwed.

if I have good luck, things wil l turn out OK... Or as I like to say, "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Gloom despair and agony on me.

Let go and let god =I'm a huge Scooby Doo fan. Let go let Dog.

God dammit / Go to hell / Jesus Fuckin' Christ / Mother Mary Singer Sower / God to the infinite Fuck / Satan is my Copilot / May the Force be with you.


No. But I have a large vocabulary.


Yes as do many people


Not in that context but i often use religious images/phrases in my poetry songs in an ironic way. I figure i was indoctrinated in it, steeped in the knowledge of it, the images are instantly recognised by most people so why not use it to my advantage. ?

That makes sense. I don't have many positive things to say about the bible, but it definitely has some beautiful prose & imagery.


I still use “Jesus tap dancing Christ!”


I use god dammit all the time. if we were made in god’s image and in his likeness i think he has a sense of humor and understanding that when i say it i don’t mean any harm to him.


Yup. And I've never been religious.
Sometimes when someone asks me what I'm doing I'll answer "the lords work, so back the fuck off".
Or when something happens that shouldnt, "praise, praise".


I curse unrepentantly (see what I did there?) and the holy trinity is/are featured frequently.

I use ‘blessed’ hypocritically on purpose to fake membership in the god club to fit in at work or socially.


Yeah, for sure! It's cause I grew up with an immigrant father who always used the terms he picked up in Montana. So yeah I'll say goddamnt, Jesus, Jesus H Christ, Holy shit/crap/fuck, and fucking hell


I say "jesus fuckin christ" alot.


I'm still not the kind of atheist, in Sir Terry Pratchett's words, who can say things like "Random fluctuations in the space time continuum!" or "Primitive and outmoded concept on a crutch!" when I stub my toe. So yeah, I still say things like "Jesus H Christ!"


I use "Oh God" etc. all of the time. Wish I could wash out my mouth with soap!



I only use them during and orgasm

@Granolagirl LOL Either way, if I am going to be fuced by an omnipresence I would rather she and I have great orgasms or we can have great orgasms on our own. What would you like to scream out? Oh Toyota, Oh ocean, let the tides flow from me, Oh Toledo we need a scale to weigh me?


Oh god no! I'd rather be in hell than use religious phrases, holy moly, heaven forbid that I should be tempted to quote from the good book, holy Mary mother of god, she'd be spinning in her grave.
Hells bells enough already, can't think of anymore right now but I use loads and then regret it, I try not to.


I wasn't indoctrinated into religion so I never used the term Lord and still don't. But I find that suddenly, being here, I use religious phrases in an ironic kind of way. 'I am blessed' comes to mind. It's delicious to embrace the phrasing of the religious in a nonbelieving venue.

I use "let go & let god" ironically

"By the bleedin' heart of Mary mother of god, let it be so "


Oh my God and Christ slip out a lot. I don't believe in any sort of God but I have yet to find something else that sticks.

I know! Nothing rolls off the tongue as easily


Yep, I always mention his name in an accident.

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