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Are you intuitive and perceptive and why?

I had a rough upbringing. I was punished with a belt on my bare ass until I was Nine or ten. Many times it was for how I behaved in church. I was supposed to sit still during service. I think that at that age it's an unrealistic expectation. That last time I was punished this way I made a decision not to cry or make a sound. The usual punishment was ten hits. I did not make a sound and I still remember my mother saying he's not crying hit him again, Again I did not respond. they relented and never hit me again.

My parents were/are alcoholics and would fight all the time. There was a lot of mental abuse, because of this. I learned how to sense my parents moods as to avoid begin a focus of their anger.

I have since forgiven my parents and moved on. The side effect of this upbringing is that I can sense people's moods. At times it's a burden, because I can feel someones anger, or pain. It is also a benefit. I can sense apprehension, conflict, and other moods. This helps me connect with people.

This is the first time I ever shared this.

Arasmuson 6 Dec 10

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I believed in vibes, I believe in means of communications beyond those provided in our dimension. Body language done on purpose has an objective and can be very effective. In a bad neighborhood I get bigger as a cat would. My speech is like a cat's hiss. My eyes are cold as if I had no soul, my face shows no emotion... It sends a message of ain't gonna be that easy. I know that I am there without being reminded so I am there because is where I want to be at that moment. I belong. I am perceptive, I observe people a lot, their behavior, I read shadow movements. They say dogs can smell fear. My intuition would had got me killed ahead of my time one time in my life (true story, already mentioned). So at times has to be muffed and let your learnings take over. You have to let pain in your life be gone while recognizing there is a lesson to be learned in anything that happened to you. Perceptive is learned... Intuitive is born with. Learn to adapt, you been doing it since your first bad experience in your childhood. Intuition do not grow or get better with time... Is perception what adapts and grow with you. My take.


Wow dude, sorry you had to grow up in my world. I don't forgive or forget. I think fear makes your awareness acute, we could distinguish the sound of my fathers car a few blocks away.


Yes, Very often when listening to something, someone's statements, when looking at data, when analyzing a situation or problem I shortcut the reasoning process to reach a conclusion and am right in a high percentage of cases. I often figure out the plot line of a movie in the first few minutes of a movie. When listening to others, I find myself thinking ahead and often finish their statements for them if they stumble for words or phrasing. I am quire perceptive.

In fact, these are tendencies of people whose dominant information processing style is that of the problem-solver. For more information, take a look at the works of Anthony Gregorc

I am willing to explain more, if interested.

Interesting, I believe that I a good problem solver.

That is a really understandable I am a problem solver...


I do sense vibes from people from time to time. It has been said woman's intuition is a real thing. Women are more perceptive of the non verbal cues of others. Although hindsight is 20/20 , I think we've all looked back , at one time or another, and realized we didn't follow that inner voice inside and somehow or another wound up with the shity end of the stick.


you can't hide your lying eyes as said in the song. I always look for chinks in peoples armour.


not sure


I've always thought of myself as psychotic. Since I was a kid I had ESPN and could levity people. I've had a series of auto-body experiences, and have been known to be telepathetic.


I have that empathetic gift/curse as well. I find, for me, it makes me more compassionate and hopefully kind.
Kindness is lacking in world, it seems people are either apathetic to the plight of human beings or so self centered that they do not see the needs of others on the periphery.
Having real empathy is a harder more fulfilling way to live in my opinion because you see and feel what others ignore or lack the sense to feel.
I am sorry your early life was difficult but I am happy for you that you were able to forgive. 🙂


I've got to say,
Most of the people on this site, are more compassionate, feeling , and intelligent than I've become accustomed to.
Kudos to you !

You are correct. I'm very comfortable here. Damn those atheist the are evil! 🙂


Man, I thought I had it bad coming up. Only my dad was the abusive alcoholic and he was gone most of the time. If only I'd had that option. I was left with my neurotic fundamentalist xian mother who didn't beat us because she had been all her life. But guess what? Since she had to work to support us we were left with our psychotic fundamentalist grandmother who took great pleasure in beating us, yelling such buybull quotes as "Spare the rod..." and "Vengeance is mine..."

Yes, you do have to forgive and move on. I actually forgot, or at least repressed, as soon as I moved out for college.

Perception for me has been a blessing and a curse. I'd have been better off had I been indoctrinated but my earliest recollections of our religion was it was bull...I at first mistook my Sunday school buybull lessons as really demented and boring kid's fairy tales.

Still, in the long run, perception and intuition have served me well. I could pick up on teachers and professors emphases and know exactly what would be on tests. I actually memorized quotes from textbooks for what I predicted with amazing accuracy would be discussion questions.

As a counselor, teacher and my chosen professions, "callings" if you will, as a performer, writer and "storyteller" I can read a person, and a crowd, very well. My education degree and counselor training were helpful but the innate abilities I seem to have been born with. These I can describe but have no means of explaining.

Perhaps I developed these at a very young age as a survival skill, living in a world where all the "big people" could go from benevolent to ambivalent to violent with little apparent warning.

Thanks for sharing, it's amazing how negative instances of our life can shape our future. As you have, I've been able to turn it into a positive one.


I often find myself walking on eggshells for no reason, I also feel guilty all the time when I have done nothing wrong.
It could stem from the depression I have but I don't know.

I'm sorry you had such a hard childhood. Sometimes people don't know how their rotten behavior effects their kids.


You know I had a similar relationship with my liquor abusing parents. I have always worried how other people feel when they are angry or in pain. I also sense trouble or tension before it manifests itself. I have been told I have a kind heart-I think I have empathy for people experiencing physical and emotional pain. I usually get along with people of different economic and cultural backgrounds.

Same here


In my case, my mother was mentally unstable and was prone to sudden outbursts. So I had to be very astute and aware of sudden changes in her moods.
It's helped me though, especially when working at the psych hospital. I was able to sense people's moods and help deescalate situations before they got out of hand.


Wow man. I am sorry and I hope some day there can be a reconciliation with your family.
Ultimately you did the right thing and removed yourself out of that environment.
You have my best wishes sir.
I consider myself both because I can analyze any situation and offer an alternative and remain objective

I move on and forgave them. They were/are in the grips of a disease. I've grown a lot over the years and i'm good with myself. Thank you though.

good for you!


I am very perceptive of people's moods. It stems from my upbringing as well.

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