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LINK Woman accused of stalking, sending man 65,000 texts after one date |

A prime example of why sharing your number in the dating world isn't always a good idea.

Crimson67 8 May 10

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Anything over 50,000 is excessive.

What generosity. I would have switched her off after two.

Ya think?




I mean, there is a block feature for a reason


65,000?... She must be a programmer, sounds like she wrote a script


Many years ago, after a particularly passionate weekend, a woman I was seeing left a LONG message on my answering machine. However, this was the days before cell phones (I did say it was many years ago!!). I was living in a communal house with several people and we shared that answering machine. I came home to my housemates laughing uproariously at this woman's message, which she described, in great detail, our intimate activities and how delighted she was. It's nice to be appreciated, but that ranked up with my most embarrassing moment of all time. She wasn't a stalker, but this story brought back some memories. ?


I wonder how many he read before he died.


I guess he didnt know how "block" works... lol

On the other hand, he could publish then and have a pretty good selling book. Lol


I would be so so sorry I went on a date with her.


Goodness! Someone needs therapy.


Wow. How long would that take? She must be mentally deranged obviously.


I don’t think I’ve ever sent that many, cumulatively.

I may have one maybe two thousand over 5 yrs. I thought I had a problem letting go sometimes!

@Stacey48 Guess if I was honest I should count all the posts, comments and messages of mine on this site too. That would raise my total quite a bit. 🙂


I saw that. It was in Paradise Valley, AZ, spitting distance from my house. I was relieved to see that I didn't recognize her from any of my dating sites.

Note - look at that picture of me on top of the mountain. The town behind me is Paradise Valley.

I'm in Phoenix (can you tell by the name!) & this is one weird dang story!


Well now I know for sure I don't want to date online All you women are scary. LOL


@Blindbird Sorry I just lost my head for a second.

@kenriley oh I didn't say you were wrong.

@kenriley what are you apologising for. If you are lucky she may block you.

@Blindbird, @kenriley She is mental, but she's special, so the danger is worth it!

@FrayedBear That my friend was a fucking joke. And Blindbird is not going to block me.haha

@phxbillcee That might be what I like about her.

@kenriley That is certainly one of the reasons I like her! She IS special, & not just 'little yellow bus' special! (& I'll pay for that!)


So 60,000 was okay, but the line was drawn at 65,000! So funny.


Just block the friggin number.


now that is a bit over the top




That’s almost 2^16 texts.


Stalkers are dangerous.
Great song by Ty Tabor - stalker




Is she sure she likes him?


Must've been one of them Atheist nutjob ... she obviously needs Jesus in her heart 🙂🙂🙂




Yeah, that's out here. Averaged 500 texts a day. & she broke into the guys house & when the cops got there she was taking a bath!

How about the texts where she wants to bathe in his blood and the big knife in her car? ???


@Blindbird true?

@btroje Oh, yeah. & at her arraignment & a subsequent interview on local news, she states how she could never hurt him, & that she always had "little' knives for self-defense!!!

@phxbillcee nice


After being in the dating world this does not Shock me at all

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