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Movie night! What is your favorite drama?

Mine is Jean de Florette (1986) smile019.gif Most people I meet have never heard of it and I love showing it to them. Must have watched it 15 times now.

I am in the mood for something amazing to watch, suggestions?



"12 Angry Men" Trust me.

You just love all the car chases and explosions!


Well, the film that comes immediately to mind is Schindler's List. I love watching Schindler's transition from profiteer to humanitarian. In the end he is agonizing over how he could have liquidated things to save more people. I lose it every time I watch that.

Last night, I watched an Adam Sandler movie. One of his best, I think. 50 first Dates. This is not your typical Sandler fare. While it has some of his juvenile humor in it, the story focuses on the romance between him and Drew Barrymore, a car accident victim with short-term memory loss who forgets everything she experienced the day before when she falls asleep at night. I've seen this film several times, but watched it last night and it made my cry. More than once. LOL! Another film that makes me lose it is Toy Story 3. Yes, you read that right.

IAMGROOT Level 7 May 12, 2018

I read the book Schindler's list after I'd seen the movie because I assumed the movie sugar coated it and made him look better than what he really was...wrong. He was an even better human being than the movie depicted.

I can't stand Adam Sandler. The same goes for Will Ferrell.

@GuyKeith For some reason I didn't like Will Ferrell either, until his cameo in Wedding Crashers. He's cleaning up crashing funerals now!


One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest

MikeEC Level 7 May 12, 2018

I was watching that a couple years back and almost didn't recognize Danny Devito! He was so young and wacky in that film. Epic flick.

Favorite movie of all time

In my DVD's for sure...."



Sticks48 Level 7 May 12, 2018

Run, Lola, Run.

MacTavish Level 6 May 12, 2018


It’s better in German.

I couldn't believe what a trip that movie was. I didn't expect to like it however it was really good.


Milagro Beanfield War


OroLee Level 5 May 12, 2018

Wow, so many huge names in that. I wager the title of this movie wasn't that interesting to a 15 year old me. LOL

I read the book years ago.i never knew a movie was made of the book. I'll have to check it out

Filmed in and around the village of Truchas NM on the "High Road" from Santa Fe to Taos. So beautiful especially in the fall. The Truchas Mountains, part of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, east of the village lie within the Pecos Wilderness. Picking rasberries in the mountains is mentioned in the movie. I've done that. They are delicious.


"The Taking of Phelam 1,2,3." The Walter Matthau one, not the crappy John Travolta one.

Oh man Robert Shaw is in that too! He is the best, i'm in.

I LOVE that movie! Achoooo!


My Cousin Vinny

I wanted to like your comment twice! smile049.gif smile049.gif One of my favorites, and hard to define as a single type of movie.

Drama? LOL!

Not exactly a drama, but one of my favorite movies. When that PA started stuttering my wife laughed so hard I thought she would pass out.


Another one would be, 'Delicatessen'...

Agr8m8 Level 7 May 16, 2018

That was somewhat disturbing LOL Guy had great rhythm though


Delicatessan....one of the funniest movies I ever saw with a great cast too.




The Blues Blues Brothers

jwd45244 Level 6 May 12, 2018

It's 106 miles to Chicago, we have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses....


Cool Hand Luke!!!!!

My son's middle name is Luke, I have seen it smile001.gif Haven't watched it with him yet however, time to find my dvd so we can watch it together.


The Godfather, Parts 1 & 2

KKGator Level 8 May 12, 2018

Check out the sci-fi masterpiece Prometheus.

SpikeTalon Level 8 May 12, 2018

Seen that one a few times! Aliens was my favorite sci-fi movie growing up and Prometheus was a great homage to the original movie.


The game... i hope i never have to play it.

Game?...the game of lifesmile009.gif

Great movie! Haven't seen it in years.

@SpikeTalon. If you ever get to see this movie it will sake your insides.
Watch "The Game (9/9) Movie CLIP - Happy Birthday, Nicky (1997) HD" on YouTube


Probably an old Paul Newman movie that I saw in my youth called Cool Hand Luke....and the line that has always stuck in my mind and so relatable to me at the time...."What we have here is a failure to communicate".

RonB Level 4 May 15, 2018

"Dear Boys: Playin' it cool. Luke." My sons middle name is Luke, I am familiar with the movie! LOL

Great movie; studied it in film class during my college years.

I like the line, "Standin' in the rain, talkin' to myself."


Love Sunset Boulevard, also Dangerous Liaisons

Tamrenee Level 3 May 12, 2018

Sunset Boulevard or I want to live.

I love Sunset Blvd

Great movie. The ending was unbelievable.


Inherit the Wind with Spencer Tracy and Gene Kelly. Loved Gene in this one of his very few non-musical roles!

CityGirl7 Level 2 May 17, 2018

The illusionist

JaciBea Level 6 May 12, 2018

Great movie, in my DVD collection for sure....Jessica Biel...OMG...

@Agr8m8 lol I'm not crazy about her but she was pretty good in this movie

@JaciBea ...and also a great story, acting, third act and ending...


Ordinary People or American Beauty.

snytiger6 Level 8 May 12, 2018

Saturday night is all about cheesy Sci Fi on Svengoolie. Although tonight is a good movie, The Blob. The real one with Steve McQueen.

Booklover Level 5 May 12, 2018

I remember the old Blob movie but I didn't think Steve was in it. Old Harvey Mushman (his fake name used to enter a motorcycle race without anyone knowing it was him) is my hero. Now let's see if I can find this on youtube or a streaming service.

Oh yes and Anita Corseult, not sure of the spelling, Helen Crump from Mayberry.


The Lion in Winter. My favorite movie of any type.


I'm a fan of Jean de Florette, also. Along with it sequel. Great watched together.

cannon1975 Level 4 May 12, 2018

You MUST watch Manon of the spring! It completes the story. Most dvd's you buy have both movies, just flip the disc over and watch the conclusion of the amazing story.


The English Patient. I can watch this movie any time. The character Hana resonated with me so much.

BlackDove Level 4 May 12, 2018

Another one for my list. I love her hair, she is stunningly beautiful even when they try to make her look disheveled.

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