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Do you feel detached from your own culture?

Like, I’m 1/3 African American, but I have lived in projects for the first few years of my life, African American culture and slavery was indoctrinated in me, and now I hate it. It was depressing to me, and to know that there will always be a rift between blacks and whites. I don’t want to be labeled as just “black” anymore. I should have been allowed to play with white Barbies. It didn’t help that cartoons usually have a token Black character. I think that’s the only thing that people notice about me besides my weight. I wanted to explore other cultures, only to realize there’s something wrong with EVERY culture. So, maybe I should make my identity anti-culture or transcending all cultures because I can’t stand it when people blame their bad personality traits on the culture that they were brought up in, and be proud of it at the same time. And did I mention that I’m made up of other races?!

Krystal_H 4 Dec 13

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Although I am white, today I understand what you are saying. The culture in which I grew up is today entirely alien to me. I could go into great detail, but suffice it to say I feel like an alien being when I go back. It was the southern bible belt, a land of complete segregation and racial discrimination, a place of political conservatism, of lingering hatreds hidden by a thin veneer of syrupy southern politeness, and more. I feel no allegiance to the place or people, no deep emotional bonds to people there, no sense of common history or purpose. Simply being there leaves me with mixed feelings of sadness, anger, and shame that people continue that culture even today. It leaves me with the feeling of needing to get out of there before some of the dirt settles on me, before people begin to notice how different I am and start to be intentionally disagreeable It hurts to go there.


I am a white female baby boomer, and I've always felt detached from my "culture". I was never into the TV and fascination with plastic people (movie/TV stars). I have no idea who the Kardashians are or why they are famous. I value education and intellectual activities, and we know in general society that is not highly acclaimed. I like doing things myself, I make soap, I sew, I am vegetarian (most of the time) And I truly have NOTHING in common with those so called Evangelical morons who support the current regime and think men assaulting little girls is OK. As a tolerant, white, open minded female I feel I truly don't have a culture that I want to be identified with.

For years, I thought the Kardashians was a spin-off of Star Trek Deep Space 9.


Yes, hell I feel detached from my own species.

Yes, I am the same, I come from a crazy mixed nation background but do not consider any of them a "culture". To me a culture is defined by how we meet our needs. What we eat and how we collect it, what type of houses we live in, what they are made of, how do we obtain what we need in life. So apart from very few isolated communities, we all are a part of the industrial culture. We are employed or receive "money" for some reason, and we use that to buy food, housing, utilities and pretty much everything. I try and isolate myself from it as far as possible, which means I am still 80% in the industrial culture, maybe as much as 95%. And it just does not suit me. I can't relate, what I do most of the time is not for me, it is not providing directly for myself and family. 30 years ago, I lived on a property I developed, I physically made the roads with friends, pick and shovel time, laid water pipes, dug dams, installed communication systems, built my own house, chopped wood for cooking and heating, grew some of my own food and went fishing often. The difference in the level of achievement and satisfaction between these two "cultures" is amazing.


My son is half Black, my daughter part Native, my granddaughter (from my daughter) is half Mexican, and my nephews are half Samoan.

We were talking about how they aren’t called ‘white’, they are their other half, because I was saying who my favorite Samoan is, and my sister said he was white. We were joking around, but later my mom asked why mixed race people are only called by their non white half. I hate that they are ostracized by both races.

There is nothing wrong with them, or you OP. You are all perfectly fine. I myself am half Scottish and half Portuguese. I like who I am. I like the cultures I come from.



No. I feel antagonistic to it.


I'm Vietnamese, but was raised in the US. I act more American than Vietnamese. I'm a US Citizen. I do love Asian food. All kinds. Yummy. My favorite food, which originated in China, is noodles.


I did post a comment,but don't know where it went, but Isaid I have amster degree in counseling Psych. and many of my unretired colleueses say the vast number of indivisual who come to see them are stressed out like they don't know if the world is going to be here tomorrow. and is our government cosloing us, Like leadership shouldbe doingor are they all wrapped up in trivia?


I have a masterses degree in counseking psychology, and am reiterd but many of my collegues tell me that a big slice of their peoples problems they see, is about what's going onit the world are we going to live to see another year etc. Sorry about the caps. I don't mean to be yelling. I will try not to be so antimated. I just get so wounld up i can't sleep someimes


I try not to be discouraged but it's hard not tobe, when there's carziness all around. Rudyard Kipling said, If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirand blaming iton you,but makes alowances for their doubting too." Well I give myself very good advice but I ver seldom follow it..and that explains the trouble that I'm always in.


Yes I feel detched from my own culture as I seen my culture falling apart how can I feel otherwise my sense of reason and belonging to something undefned is certainly not anything that can be reliable or even defined. Like I believe in cutural diversity, but what may I do about it. I sort of feel like a vessal afloat in a storm being knock this way and that way by all thelelements. I think the word I am looking for is powerlessness


I think this sums it up. Well, it's a nice song anyway.


My culture is Canadian and it is not bound by race, religion or ethnicity. I can go anywhere in this country and find commonality with the people living there, so I really don't feel detached at all.


I think my Culture Evolved just as I did. I am a 20th Century Puerto RIcan raised in the Capital San Juan on Rock 'n Roll, Salsa and Jazz. I grew up into a Citizen of the World kind of guy... and even my hommies of New York sometimes make me uncomfortable just like they felt uncomfortable when they came to live in Puerto Rico... it was a culture shock to them. I had been many things communist, US Navy Lifer, agnostic for an agnostic lover, communist for a communist lover, hanged out with hippies, recreational drugs, true believer of the Independence of Puerto Rico until I die... yet I had never "hated" Americans for being in the island. I had lived in 3 European countries and become very fond how European Women deal with their Man. Is a Cultural thing hard to explain. I had grown and expanded my view of the world and of what I am in the world if that means detached from my culture so that is what it means. I am Kool with that because I can't go back in time... I am in the 21st Century dealing with 21st Century Cultures. My Salsa dancing I kept in lieu of My Culture but Swing, Foxtrot, Tango, Waltz, Blues, Techno, R &B, Disco, Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Country been part of me at one point or another... my shoes knew many dance floors... my ears enjoyed many types of music... My Soul Abides to the Cultures around me. You Do Learn A Lot from Other Cultures. My Humble Opinion as a Tourist of this Life in this Planet. I am Myself... all I can Be.


im asian and yeah don't really feel any asian culture in me at all


we are all made up of other races generally


No and yes. In our current social state so many are downtrodden...or doing the "trodding"! Its sad to have seen us come to this after we were so happy, confident and accepting of each other decades ago.

As for my ancient Cherokee and Celtic cultures, I've studied and feel a real connection to them. As a musician I studied the ancient bardic (musical) arts and use them considerably in my own music.

Both, as most primitive tribal cultures, could be absolutely brutal but both had great times of peace when our artists and craftsmen created works of wonder.

Anyway be yourself, even if you don't fit in with the locals.


I live right next to the East Village in Manhattan. I AM the culture. It's the tourists and gentrifiers who are detached.


It takes some doing, but decide who you are. Decide what specifically you hold to be important, and what you want to discard. Then daily, with every action act how, and on what you've already decided.

To thine own self be true, but first you have to know who you are.


I think The Clash said it far better than I possibly could.....


Why not pick and choose from the different races you are a part of? I tend to focus on the positive and ignore the negative. Some Christians believed the Jews killed Christ. Christ was a Jew. See the positive over the negative.

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