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Guilty pleasures?

I'm going to admit it, despite being atheist I enjoy some gospel music, especially when performed by Little Richard,
Anyone out there willing to admit to a guilty pleasure?

Dav87 6 Dec 14

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Journey. I hate to say it, but I'm actually kind of a Journey fan. Probably the most watered down excuse for a Prog Rock band of all time, but what the hell. I like 'em anyway.

Journey is awesome! It's on the radio a little too much, but it's still good.
Anyway, I thought you were a Michael Bolton fan! πŸ˜‰

They get this professional musician's thumbs up. I wasn't the biggest fan but their skillful performances and emotionally captivating songs can't be denied!

Me too


White fudge-covered Oreos. I've had them once. I want them again. But they're (inexplicably) available for a limited time only.


Good music is good music and I don't give even a slight damn where it comes from. There is no guilt borne for appreciating artistic endeavor, regardless of source.


I'll confess that my most 'guilty' pleasure is to put on my cd of Jesus Christ Superstar, connect up the speakers that I have installed outside my house, crank up the volume and play the cd just loud enough to 'piss' my Evangelical next door neighbour off since he keeps telling me that the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, is UTTER Blasphemy and the work of the Devil.
Mind you, when I do play it, NONE of my surrounding neighbours ever complain, they usually ask me to turn the volume up a bit louder next time.
I suppose that might be because Mr. Jesus Jockey ( as he has been nicknamed by everyone) has made a point of intruding into the lives of every neighbour, including mine, and attempting to preach to and convert us and that every Sunday, with tedious regularity, we get non-stop Gospel music booming out from his house as well.



I like churches and would love to make a house out of one. I loved the road the jews made in Schindler's list out of gravestones and gravel. I love sci-fi and horror even if it involves priests etc.


Christmas carols - even the religious ones.


My parents used to call me a belly Jew because I like the traditional foods like potato latkes which I think I'll make tomorrow.


I don't feel guilty about listening to gospel music. Love the harmonies, which way over ride the words. Same for blue grass, very old music, etc. So, just not guilty.

I even enjoy the words. I love the Sister Act movies! I've caught myself singing "Oh Happy Day" outloud walking down a sidewalk. I have no problem immersing in the joys of fantasy. I still get warm & fuzzy when Sir Alec Guinness explains the power of the force to Luke. I suppose I am coming to the age where the edges are wearing off of my angst & I am beginning to see the parallels in things like that.


I enjoy the Ave MarΓ­a sang by Barbara Booney....and I don't feel any guilt about the great feeling it gives me.


This time of year, egg nog.

...and rum.


I don't mind instrumental religious music. Religious lyrics tends to ruin the music and pleasure of listening for me.


I love good music. If it touches me somehow then I listen to it. Some of the Christmas music helps bring back wonderful childhood memories. If that is a guilty pleasure, then I'm guilty. πŸ™‚

Betty Level 7 Dec 14, 2017

I happen to like churches, carols and certain Christian values despite the fact I think religion is full of crap.


there is a lot more than words going on with Little Richard


Chocolate cake for breakfast. French toast is another guilty pleasure. I need to go for both of those, maybe tomorrow.

CS60 Level 7 Dec 14, 2017

I had a brownie with coconut frosting for dinner.


So, earlier I said I don’t have any guilty pleasures, however, I think Gregorian Chanting might fall into this category. πŸ˜‰

I love the covers they do too. I’m listening to their Xmas album with my granddaughter and mom right now.

Ha ha, cheers for the up date! I don't think you need to feel guilty though!


Right now its smoking. I really feel guilty about that.

As for the rest, I know I have a few...thousand pleasures a few...thousand religions would have me feel guilty and burn in fiery pits for. Oh well.

OK, so maybe SIMS 3. But that's it!


My daughter's Christian albums are really good if you like coffee house folk. Kinda preachy, but the arranging is well done.


Show tunes. Full confession? I own the soundtrack to "Cats."


I’ve been thinking of this, and just can’t come up with anything. As @fortytwo said, I’m not guilty about anything, especially things I enjoy. πŸ™‚

Though I might be embarrassed about a thing or two. πŸ˜‰


I like Elvis gospel music.


Little Richard is cool. I like musicals.


i like some roots reggae but i like music and don't fell guilty, a good tune is always a good tune regardless off its content. sometimes its the bass line sometimes its the just the voice


I haven't felt guilty in 50 years. But I take pleasure in lots of things. Delta Blues music. Chocolate covered cherries. Young Adult Novels, especially dystopia, I read The Hunger Games, whole series, twice, and probably will read them again. Sacrelige. Shooting BB and pellet guns, also single action revolvers. Sudoku, Comic strips, Rummaging through junk in flea markets and thrift stores. Go exploring in wrecking yards, older the better. Milk Chocolate. 50s Rock & Roll. And last but not least, Smoking Captain Black Tobacco in a good Briar Pipe.

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