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How have your priorities changed over time?

Yesterday’s dreams aren’t always today’s reality. What drives you now, compared to last year or even ten or twenty years ago.

kensmile4u 8 May 19

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I no longer worry about what others think of me and that is very liberating.

I suffered from this in my youth. Thanks for sharing.


After the near death of a close friend I came to realise material things don't matter.

So true! Thanks


I still want to go and graduate college, and get my body in shape.

From pics I've seen your body is there unless you plan to compete. How much longer before you graduate?

@kensmile4u I'm a Freshman starting August 27th.

@kensmile4u Thanks. I want my legs thicker and my glutes better.

@Sarahroo29 That's great! Good luck on your learning adventure.

@kensmile4u Thanks.


I always thought people weren't as bad as I thought they were now I know they are far worse ...

I agree that experience brings a clearer perspective on many things including the human condition.


I've replaced real ale with coffee, that's about the only difference 🙂

I’ve replaced coffee with real ale! ?


Don't worry how others view me.
Don't equate opinions with facts and empirical evidence
Family and Friends are worth more than stuff
Always count each day as a gift because at any time your turn could be over
Always treat others with respect - and command respect (as opposed to demand)
Everyone has good points.
Money and character are two different things.

Words to live by. Thanks

@kensmile4u You're welcome - learnings made through a life of massive highs and lows 🙂


I never was much for dreaming. I have pretty much lived my life serendipitously as plans have seldom really worked out.

We can't always get what we want. I hope you are happy with what you have. Thanks for the good words.

@kensmile4u Yes. I feel very fortunate to have lead the life l have lead and am still living. Thank you. ?


I had hopes and dreams once, no longer.
Yet they were never priorities,
life always had more urgent needs.My life has always been spent on the essentials, roof over my head, food, what I needed to earn a living, to support my family. that sort of thing.

Thanks for the comment. I hope life is easy for you now.


10-20 years ago I had a list of things to accomplish. That done, now my priorities are to downsize everything... get rid of physical stuff and sell 30 properties for greater mobility. Also, health is a top priority... eat right, take care of mind and body.

You have 30 properties!

@Ellatynemouth Unfortunately. All local land parcels from 4-100 acres bought whenever I had extra cash with the idea of funding my retirement, but no longer needed for that. Need to get rid of them all. Does that make me a hoarder?

That sounds like a good plan. I have future plans to sell my large home, my water toys, and my recording studio, then relocate. I want to simplify and downsize. Are you also planning to relocate?

@kensmile4u Yes, relocate, too, so the way-too-large home will also go. Lesson: start downsizing early!


My priorities got old like suppose to be.

Well said!


The need to stay ever so slightly out of poverty.

Been there!


I'm less concerned with trivial things. I also.have cut down on overthinking and live more on my body and less in my head. It's made a world of difference.

That's a good way of looking at it. Thanks


I'm more more settled at this point in my life. There's no longer any worry associated with family or money.

I'm there as well financially. I've still got a few loose ends regarding family.


I am in a love/hate relationship with time. On one hand, I love being my age. I don't have to screw around with pretending to be something I'm not. I am not longer fearful of offending someone with what I believe. I'm great with relationships, I'm great on my own. I can't get pregnant! On the other hand, I feel pressed for time on some fronts. I'd like to find someone to wake up to, I don't always want to be alone, but the longer one is alone the more likely one is to remain so. I am searching for a new job and find that I have too much experience in my field and I'm too old to switch fields and too grumpy to accept less than I'm worth. I'm far too young to retire and I'm not sure I'd like it anyway. I'd love to relocate to northern Cal or the NW, but same issue regarding a company paying for a senior entry relo and I can't manage that kind of cash on my own. I'd like to finish my degrees, but there's those pesky loans remaining to pay (I'm trying to game the system by dying before I ever pay my loans off LOL!)

After my husband died, I had to re-plan my whole life. Begin again. And in doing that, I spent a year in Sweden as the world's oldest exchange student. I learned how the rest of the world lives and how unreal American home life is compared to that. My life in Sweden was minimalist. I didn't have a car. I walked nearly everywhere or took buses (which were clean and on time, btw). Long distances, Ryan Air or train. I had one set of sheets. Two kitchen towels. No tv. No Wifi (that bit sucked). I had my laptop for music and writing. I had one suitcase of clothes. I was happy. We Americans are mass consumers with no purpose other than to collect. And the stuff we collect is useless, even aesthetically. I had a hammered aluminum collection, a crystal collection, three sets of freaking china! When I came home, I opened my house and invited my friends to come get what they wanted. I kept aside the things I needed to survive and gave the rest away. The exceptions were music, art and books. I went from a 2300 sq ft home to a one bedroom apartment. The only thing I miss is a garden. My brother stores some sentimental items for me, but other than that I don't need "storage" because I don't keep things that aren't useful, beautiful or cherished. I love my art, my music (I am teaching myself mandolin and guitar), my books and my writing. I love my laptop because sometimes it is my only means of contact. I currently work to live, but I'd rather work to travel.

I really like your attitudes about life. Have you ever thought about stagecraft as in being a roadie? You get paid to travel in support of a band.

I founded a group called Godless musicians on this site. There are 50 of us who like to create music. Some hobbyists, amateurs, and professionals all sharing knowledge. Please see the link. I hope to see you there.


You sound like me-- I think i need to go back to the NW--

Two weeks after writing this, I found the perfect job. It combines my history in trucking, my love of teaching and my extreme love of travel. I am now a software trainer for software in the Heavy Equipment industry (big trucks and trailers, service and parts). In the 8 months I've been here, I've worked my way into a lead trainer and gotten a raise. I've been to Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Indiana, California, Texas, and Washington. In less than three months I'll be in Spokane for a week, followed by San Antonio TX and then Illinois. I took my first vacation in January (I get 4 weeks a year) and went to the Eastern Caribbean on a cruise. I'm now the proud owner of a Go Pro for when I hit the ocean or a great hiking trail.

Loving it...wishing I had found this job decades ago!


Mine haven't changed, nor will they. I look to evolve. Hope to figure out something worth salvaging from the human race. That's my purpose.


Absolutely. When I was in my late teens and early 20's, I would be attracted to someone just because of their physical appearance. Now, there are so many brakes like political affiliation, physical activity level, a desire for children, general douchebaggery. The odds are slim but I'm ok with that.

Thanks for your comment. I have to admit the same refinements have occurred with me as well. Except I'm struggling to come up with the female equivalent of douchebaggery. I looked in the urban dictionary and came up with either slimehaggery or douchebitchery. Lol... Keep climbing 😉


Not a lot.
Marriage, kids, jobs, foibles...through out it all I've just wanted to enjoy my time - and have. Still do.

Truly wise words. I admire that you were able to stay above the fray. Thanks


I'd like to hit somewhere North of eighty before I snuff it

This is a good goal. I doubt i'll get there due to DNA and a reckless youth.


As a young man I focused on defining myself and on providing for my family. In my productive years I focused on accomplishing something worthwhile, on synthesizing learning, experience, and thought to build and implement useful programs of action. Today, I focus on a few close relationships, on maintaining my mental and physical strength, and on the simple pleasures of living in the moment.

Thanks for the wise words. I'm on the same path.


My children were my priority until they grew up and moved away. Then came chemical dependency which ruined my family relations with them and their families. Now sobriety is my priority. I’m mending my family relationship s and have gained a new perspective on independence.

Thanks for your deeply honest comment. I hope you are able to repair everything... 🙂


My son has and will always be a priority. Now that he's getting married, his fiance has also become priority.

But, for me, in my 50s now and realizing life is finite, the priorities are few: relax, enjoy, simplify and focus on health, maintenance and doing some writing or drawing after my move.

I like the word simplify. It kind sums it all up for many of us in the same circumstances.


Well if you must know... Used to exercise and party like crazy while working hard all the time. It was fun while lasted. Can't do everything anymore and something has to give.... I have changed my priorities, now I mostly keep on working hard and I will until the engine stops running

So you plan to work till you drop? I'm not judging. I'm just trying to understand what you mean.

@kensmile4u I don't mind If I kick the bucket while working.... Retirement is not in my plans at all. Actually get frustrated that I cannot work long hours anymore.....

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