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If your life were a sitcom, what would it be called?

So, what would you call a sitcom of your life?

Since I am the main character in my life, it would have to be called

1 Million Jelly Beans Dancing on the Sun

I'm not sure anything else would be more appropriate πŸ˜‰

silvereyes 8 Dec 16

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As The Butter Churns.
Daddy Fearest.
The Walking C.H.U.D.
3 Men And Some Scabbies.
Calling In Drunk


Broke, Bored and Sexless in Denver

I have a feeling that a sit com of my life would get cancelled pretty quickly.


Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

...starring Joe-Joe and Loretta!


Just a few working titles:

  • I Know You’re Not Gay, Are You Gay?
  • Insecure Conceit
  • Sleep Number Indecision

@silvereyes, that was my intent. πŸ™‚ It's actually two quotes from two different people are different times. The first was a guy changing clothes in front of me in college who said, "I know you're not gay." The other was a gay coworker who asked me, after another coworker suggested it, "Are you gay?" So, I just smooshed them together in one weird sitcom title.


The Adventures of a Cosmic Sand Gypsy


Forrest Gump on Acid


Shitstorm in a kneesock. Don't know what it means,but people would remember it the next morning!


Tales of the sodden sand


Dysfunctional Family Values


That one guy


I'm not convinced my life isn't a sitcom. But I think it's called "A tiny, insignificant, ignorant bit of carbon."


The Boring life

so true my wise friend!




β€œ The Cannibis Shop β€œ (around the corner)... run by the β€œSoup Nazi”, with Seinfeld/SNL writers... without commercials. ... or maybe call it β€œ Monk’s Cannibis Cafe’ β€œ.

Tomas Level 7 Dec 16, 2017

Depends what portion of my life of course.... Crete, Greece? "The Adventures of NightHawk and Creeper". My Health Insurance Job? "Hector's Wives", Right Now "Things you do when you cross the finish line and your heart is not broken but whatever you do is Not going to be Working", 15 years ago? "I am with Her", my teens? "The Prince of Santurce" ...Always a Comedy!!!! Can't waste my time on Drama just because life too short, drama, I like to sleep it off! Good Question! My college days was a "friends meet seinfeld" kind of thing.


Fuck you all

@silvereyes Oh, I've been around. More observing than talking.


My Life and Welcome To It


The absence of Dog.


Sure It'll Work

What the Hell is That?

The Decimal Place

Conundrum Corners


Murphy's Law of confusion.


(Not all brains are equal...)
Just want some people to know that they fire one cylinder more than others...
Starring... The I got lucky, man!... Bob.


reap what u sow u see he gets into Major Trouble almost with everything personal from his family and peers and Criminal Activities with the law. He's smoooth talker that matches his M.O. in and out of Major Trouble


Strange title. Care to elaborate? πŸ˜›


Up and down but mostly down.

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