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Spouse and religion

Since I am an atheist, I pretty much avoid religious discussions with my wife. Sometimes, however, she wants to talk anout some aspect of her faith and the bible and I find it difficult to discuss without impunging her intelligence. Any suggestions?

jimmyjoejimbob 4 May 20

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My ex wife was African. Her grandfather was part of a group that founded Legio Maria. This is sort of a mix of African beliefs with Catholicism and Pentecostalism. (You would have to look this up.)
We used to talk religion. Once I became atheist she would still talk religion with me and she would agree with me. She thinks my words make sense. Even so, her final words are always "everyone knows there is a god."


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I usually shut any discussion down with "I don't believe in god, so I don't care what the bible says about anything." or you could always quote Twilight because if god exists because of a book so do sparkling vampires.


I'm in the same situation with my wife, BUT, we just have mutual respect on the subject and the subject doesn't get raised and if it does, it doesn't turn into a battle. I don't want her to change, unless some day she realizes reality, so we accept one another as we are. i would enjoy discussions though as it would always, but my common sense questioning, prove my point !


I wasn't very good at that while I was still married to a Born in Church Mormon lady.
I would try now to accept that it's a sincere belief and try to point out obvious flaws whenever possible in a kindly manner.


If you both love each other nothing else matters. ....simply listen and show you understand and remember her words. ....if you have children negotiate for equal time. an honest Atheist dad proud of your science and logic. ....respect their mom for sincerity and her private beliefs. ...children should critically analyze both faiths and your facts

I would be prepared to bet that in a family where an atheist and a believer have equal time talking to the children, they grow up atheist. That is the case with my younger son's family where my daughter-in-law is an Irish 'cultural catholic' and my son is an absolute atheist. The children are both (12 and 14) atheists and rather scornful of religious belief.

@CeliaVL good prediction but loyalties to xmas and dressing up every Sunday are habits to break for kids. ....price one pays for mixed marriages

@GreenAtheist Christmas and Easter are social and commercial festivals these days, with very little religion involved in the UK. My daughter-in-law did go to church when she first moved to the UK but found England so different from Ireland that she has given it up and is now effectively an atheist, too.


I would just worry about honest vs. not honest discussion, if you cannot get heated with her. If she's not correct on something, it's no longer a religious issue anyway, and thusly she would simply not be keeping to certitude.

Now, if you think it's viable to correct her, then just do it. If she can't prove her positions and disprove yours, then she was probably too caught up in the saucy language of religion in the first place.

If neither of those appeal to you, just find a way to complement her. Often when women begin to shoot off their mouth, it's because there is a physical need that is not being met, like food (maybe that food is sausage? 😉 )

....Yeah so I basically have no solution, I am just some dude in his twenties, much less knowledgable than anyone of the elder caste, trying to work this one out.

The female brain is a incoherent, nebulous paradox of all the sciences, which defies all attempts at observation, and comprehension. Nobody will ever understand anything they say, do, etc. They are an alien species.


As much as I hate to say it, as you both age your core values of religion(or lack thereof) are going to become more prominent, especially for her as she prepares to meet her "maker". All I can say is good luck.


Does anyone here believe in the atheist religion by Anton Lavey?


Try to go back to your previous mentality, and discuss her accordingly

There is no such thing as an Atheist religion. ...Anton Levey is a Satanist mis-defining Atheism and pooh poohing the alleged gawd Satan


Religion is the reason for the dissolution of two of my relationships. I will never get involved with another religious bleeding heart. I would rather be alone. I don't have any advice...good luck!

xians are patriarchal misogynistic. ...women believers are likely to mute self hate but males abuse women with faith


None that you'd like.


And this is a person whom you love and want to spend the rest of your life with? How better can you show that you love her than to support her in her struggles. Yeah, my ex is a very smart man who was very condescending. Which is why he is divorced now.


Tell her that she has a full right to her own beliefs, but that you want no part of religion, including discussion of religious beliefs and issues. Ask her to extend equal respect of your right to believe as yiu do to you.


Listen to her. I have friends who do the same to me. I know my situation isn't a marriage. I don't offer anything unless asked. If asked, I ask them what they think or want to do. I have realized they just wanna talk and be heard but not really wanting an answer. If they want me to answer, I give warning this answer will have logic and rationale attached; so do you still want my answer? That usually works for me.


Does she ever inpung your intelligence?


Intelligence and faith?


I hear you loud and clear. Haven't figured that one out yet.
My favorite is when the subject comes up and he (my boyfriend) starts accusing me of thinking he's a delusional idiot. While I never call him those words, the pure fact that I don't believe in god or any god automatically means I can't comprehend the mind of someone who does. Yes, there are a million different words I COULD use for believers, but I keep those to myself.


If she asks, answer.

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