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Ladies... whats your perfume?

I like channel #5

BucketlistBob 8 May 21

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Just me baby. I don't wear perfume.

Lol...then its deodorant or body wash or makeup.

@daylily well ok.

@BucketlistBob My soap is natural (and homemade) and unscented. I don't bother with makeup unless I've got a hot date or big social obligation, so that is like never. And my deodorant is also unscented and made by my own two hands. I smell like me.

@HippieChick58. Well alrighty..... ok you used
the word hot. I got my ass handed to me by some woman not wanting to be referred to as a piece of meat then i started bleeding and the rest of the sharks attacted me...oh man.... i barely made it out alive. Ok its far game now... what perfume did you use in that Army uniform you looked so hot in...huh?

@BucketlistBob LOL!! I'm sorry you got roughed up Bob. I still have some perfumes hanging around, I don't even know if they are still good. White Shoulders was one. Anything with roses or peony scents. Lilacs make me think of my mom.

@HippieChick58. Well alrighty....sweet smells.


The One by Dolce & Gabbana. Love it.

I like it...

Yeah, that's a good one.


I don't wear perfume these days but when I did it was Beautiful by Estee Lauder.

Thank you.

I kind of leave a marker scent where ever i go.

@BucketlistBob LOL!

OH I miss that too!!! Awww my dear uncle got that for me one Christmas. I miss it!!!

@Qualia Yeah, I have never been much of a perfume person but someone got that for me once and I fell in love with it.


Probably chlorine - I swim almost every day 🙂 Otherwise, I prefer understated flower tones.


LOL @ chlorine


Anything with an amber scent to it.

And this.


Thank you.

Did you burn sage? I use to attend a group that did this.

@BucketlistBob Ages ago, back in my Wiccan days.

@memorylikeasieve. Oh too.


Ginger from Origins...ahhh...
Si by Georgio
Burberry Brit
Anything musk, vanilla, spicy...cause I'm a spicy meatball! (Brownie points if you can name that movie...)

The mask...?

@BucketlistBob lol...correct!


I like several different ones. Most from Bath and Body works. My favorites right now are Amber& Argon, Mad About You, Cotton. But my all time favorite from years ago is Coty Wild Musk.

Thank you.



Awww... the good old days.

@BucketlistBob IKR

@patchoullijulie. I would dab a little on my clothes.

@BucketlistBob Me too. I can't wear perfumes on my skin so I spray/dab my clothes instead. Funny thing with Patchouli. I have found that people are really passionate about it....they either really hate it, or really like it.

@patchoullijulie Yes they either freak out over it or hate it. I love it too much to give up....


Mademoiselle by Chanel



No perfume. Unscented deodorant. But I get told my perfume smells great, so one of my haircare products must contain a pleasant scent.

vita Level 7 May 21, 2018

I know about those...yes!


I love perfume, but I can't afford the ones I truly like.

If money was no object - 'Coco Mademoiselle' by Chanel or 'Dolce Vita' by Christian Dior.

But mine is a cheap vintage one, 'Splendor' by Elizabeth Arden, which is not bad. If I were rich I'd like to start a perfume company which uses more natural ingredients.

I like all those...thsts really nice.


My mother wore #5. a gorgeous fragrance

Its still a hit for me too. I loved anne cline 2. They don't make it any more. And arimus . That was nice.


I love someone's natural smell. Isn't perfume an act of covering one's natural smell of which people are afraid that others don't like it? Eat healthy, drink healthy, rinse yourself with water (sometimes use soap) and you have the best smell you can think of, and it fits only you.

Gert Level 7 May 25, 2018

Well thats cool...


Im makin my own scents using oils, but will not reject Obsession. In the past I was wearing Alchimie by Rochas, but they stopped the production

Sounds interesting... hmmmm... does it have a familiar scent?


My signature scent was Beautiful by Estee Lauder.

At age 40, I was diagnosed with asthma. "Garcon, I didn't order this," I joked to the doctor. She laughed. "Being born prematurely increased your chance of adult-onset asthma by 36 percent," she replied.

Now perfume triggers my asthma, even scented candles.

"You smell good," men say. That's a relief. Must be my natural smell.

I can verify that candles etc trigger asthma. We used to burn "clean cotton" on sundays for our regular night 'o company. Invariably my girl would be messed up on Monday. It took me a few months to figure that out 😟


Addict by Dior
Hanae Moire


Oh I miss being able to wear Angel ❤ that one!!!

@Qualia Why can you not?

@BlueWave while I love it my nose got sensitive to it. It's really strong on me now. Fond FOND memories of wearing it in the club tho. It smells like a fancy sexy cookie to me ❤ . I"m sure it's lovely on you.
I still have my star bottle, it's almost full.


The only perfume I've ever been able to wear is Bijan.

Does it have a simular another scent?

I used to love Bijan.


Pure Seduction from Victoria's Secret .. I love it's fruity smell and a couple of spritz lasts all day





I like anything from Harvey Prince.

Thank you...


#1 Magie Noire ❤
2 Gap 'Ohm"
3 Salvador Dali (original)
4 Bed, Bath Vanilla Sugar
5. What I wear most of the time these days a light patchouli and the brand's a secret.... 🙂


@BucketlistBob I wish Gap would bring Om back. You should see the after market prices on that discontinued scent! It's INSANE. For a bottle that retailed for what, $20 originally???
I grabbed as many as I could when they were reasonable.


Husband prefers lilac

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