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Is Fox News becoming the Secretary of Propaganda of the Trump Admin?

Based on the number of attacks on Robert Mueller's investigation, I wonder whether Fox News is becoming the Secretary of Propaganda of the Trump Administration. At the beginning of the investigation Mueller was welcomed by everybody as a man of integrity, with Republican credentials, impartial and completely objective. Now it seems that getting closer to the truth of what happened during the 2016 election campaign and the clear Russian interference in our election, Mueller is now being vilified as colluding with the Democrats and they even went further to accuse him of plotting a coup against Trump. Will he be fired before the end of the year and cause a Constitutional crisis??

Condorandino 5 Dec 17

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I think that most atheists and rational people think that Fox News is the propaganda ministry of the Trump Administration as Goebbels was for Hitler but the more serious fact is that we are having a Cold Civil War at this moment and the country is a plutocracy run by the top 1 % and the multinational corporations. The Gini coefficient is now 0.81 which is a consequence of the top 1 % owning 90 % of the total wealth of this country and 99 % of the population owning the other 10 % This is the definitiion of a banana republic or a third world country if you wish. Income inequality of this extreme leads to revolutions according to world history and bloody revolutions are not pretty. Besides, the prospect of WWIII is real mainly because N. Korea will not let Trump disarm it. Little rocket man is not stupid and he will retaliate against S. Korea and Japan if Trump does a preemptive strike. He has time to do it even if the attack is massive with nuclear weapons. I can imagine that he has a "dead man policy" in case he is assassinated or taken out. I don't understand why Trump cannot accept that N. Korea is a nuclear power and negotiate a peace treaty with that regime. USA has accepted that India, Pakistan, Israel have nuclear weapons long after the Soviet Union and China got the know how. If Reagan was able to do it with Gorbachev in the 80s with the Soviet Union being a more formidable enemy, why not do it with N. Korea and stop this Damocles' sword on humankind's head?


They haven't got a right to be called "news". It is part of the ministry of mis-information for these fascists that have control of this corporate oligarchy. Make no mistake, trump/pence are fascists and need to be thrown out and fox news confuses the issues and tries to legitimize these douche bags!


Fox has been “fake” for quite awhile. They are biased and intentionally misinform. And they’ve been doing that for years, way before tRump. However, now they spew the tRump administrations hate for them for free. The UK made a good desicion to boot of the air.

CS60 Level 7 Dec 17, 2017

uh...yeah. Fox news is Trump TV


Just as the republican congress is currently rewarding it’s donors -- fox rewards the same on a daily basis. The TV version of hate radio mouthpieces, fox provides the commercial masks of our will-be industrialist overlords…

Varn Level 8 Dec 17, 2017

They are the only news organizations that got sued by two former employees for being fired for refusing to broadcast a story that is not true. Fox lost the case in the regular court and when they filed an appeal, their argument was that they are a business and they are not under oath, therefore does not have to tell the truth. The appeal court agreed with them and ruled that they did not have any constitutional mandate to tell the truth and they are covered under the first amendment of freedom of speech. Research it. It happened over ten years ago.

I thought they were classified as entertainment so they don't have to tell the truth but either way it has been deemed they do not have to tell the truth


all news is bias therefor propaganda.


Good call... although fox news has been spewing fear, hate, misogyny for so long it just seem to fit trumps agenda, as Breitbart and Info Wars. The Bannons, Hannities, Pirro, Ingraham, Coulter the morning crew... present misleading commentary, out of context lead in, half truths, out and out lies... and that’s the nicest thing I can say about fox news... Propaganda machine.

Tomas Level 7 Dec 17, 2017

Sure...its been the same for the right wing since it started broadcasting!

I used to wonder how many lies FN could tell and how much hate it could spew before it was shut down. Now I wonder how long factual, reputable news agencies can survive before Trump shuts them down!


Maybe Sean Hannity is the new Joseph Goebbels and the KKK are the Brown Shirts!

minister of propaganda suits Hannity fine.

Arasmuson, you are right: Hannity is Trump's Goebbels and the KKK could very well be the brown shirts with the only problem that Trump is sorrounded by powerful jews and has a daughter who converted to judaism. That will not go well with the KKK.


FOX NEWS , run by misogynist morons... 🙂

and that is just one descriptor


Fox has been at it for a LOT longer than just this administration. Check out "The Brainwashing of my Father" on NetFlix.

Zster Level 8 Dec 17, 2017

Time will tell. Fox News is FAKE NEWS.

Fox is for uneducated morons.


What do you mean "becoming"? It was from the very moment that Trump appeared on the political scene.

at least MSNBC and CNN are factual ... unlike Faux News

Harleyman, "methinks thou protesteth too much.!"


It's become the National Enquirer of network news... whatever sells to white trash subscribers.

godef Level 7 Dec 17, 2017


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