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About time courts stop censorship. speech is a TWO WAY STREET incumbents versus citizens. for TrumpOLINI lies about NFL slave song genocide flag protests PATRIOTISM IS ABOUT TRUTH not cover up lies


I understand the ruling and I agree with it. Under the 1st Amendment the people have the right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. Because Trump has “released that genie form the bottle” he being part of that Government must allow the people to address him. He chose the method to communicate with the people and it is within our rights to address him. Therefore he can’t block the people right to petition him.

THIS is the crux of it. Had he kept his Twitter “personal,” the court may have ruled otherwise. He’s used it as his platform for speaking AS THE PRESIDENT, so it is government speech.


Trump thinks that he has control over everything, but lucky for us, he only has control with the people who are using him! We are in the other court!


Interesting that the judge deemed Twitter to be a public forum under partial government control. I’m no fan of Trump, but I don’t agree with the ruling exactly.

I see this as possibly opens my a can of worms and having unintended consequences. I’ll have to think on this.

I think it has to do with the fact that he is using twitter as his primary means of communication with the American people so he has no right to block them from disagreeing

@Kadygee So if he uses email as a means of communication does that mean he can’t block spam? See where this heads to?

@fathercat Sure, but does that mean the government is obligated to listen? Does a government official have to stop & listen to every person at a protest? Would he or she be obligated to read each letter that comes to their office? Can they not have their secretary ignore letters from a specific person?

@fathercat Is that an answer to any of my questions? They weren’t rhetorical.

@fathercat Sorry. I’m just having trouble understanding your answer. I think a simple yes or no would clear things up.


I saw this on NBC news. I think it’s fabulous and I think I will start following so I can post my opinions. ??


And let the trolling begin! Cadet bone-spurs is going to get his ass handed to him.

CS60 Level 7 May 23, 2018

Ha! The emperor-wannabe is going to need a shit-load of new clothes. Kind of opposite the rule that TV networks must provide equal coverage of presidential candidates.

godef Level 7 May 23, 2018

The emperor only needs new clothes if he cares about being naked. Trump seems to enjoy it.


To quote a character on The Simpson's - "HA HA!"


Trump is going to hate this ruling. Good!!


Excellent ! Now he'll be whining about his Twitter persecution ....


Earlier link. Suggestion to scan posts first.

I did look first and didn’t see it, but I know I’ve been blocked by at least one user. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t see it.


I wonder if this will dissuade Trump from continuing to post on Twitter, since he can't block his critics.

We can hope.


Not an user.


Those of us who have resisted using Twitter might want to reconsider at this point. We could inundate him with messages encouraging his resignation. At the very least, we could amuse ourselves by insulting him. He would hate that.

@Donotbelieve As am I.

Yeah - I've never been on it - but it may be time !

@Donotbelieve Yes,yes! ALL the bigliest words.

@Donotbelieve Maybe if everyone on this site makes a concentrated effort, we can drive him to blithering, non-functional madness ! Well, more than he is now ...


Good, he will try to get that judge overruled and/or fired.


That's silly. It's 45's account. Shouldn't he do what he wants with it?

I don't know about Twitter but on Facebook, you can set it to post only what you post on your page. No one else can post on your page.

As long as he's president the account is official communication. He can't block a citizen from receiving official communication.

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