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Why would Christians join this site?

I’m truly curious as to why a Christian would join here for dating. Mostly here in Texas where it feels like 99% of the people are Christian.

LauraUU 6 May 28

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To troll/save/annoy us. You don't see me going to a church on sunday with a bull horn or with protest signs.


I'm an open minded one, I sure don't accuse any of you of blasphemy, and I don't want to covert anyone. I like the diverse view points, and I have my doubts, I am here for the discussion, to learn other view points. I rarely, if ever give mine.

That’s what I was hoping.
Maybe if they are open to dating Agnostics/Atheists, they find the conversation stimulating. I just hope they are prepared for a lot of rejection.


To save us from hell.


To scream BLASPHEMY!, condemn our souls and burn witches.


Because, despite their supposed "god" being all present and powerful, they some how think that it will not change peoples neurons without them telling others about it.


To save our souls of course


I asked because I’ve seen several on here and I had one contact me. I asked him this question but he hasn’t replied. Don’t they realize that anyone here, is here to meet non-believers and wouldn’t be interested in a Christian.
I’m listed as open to meeting anyone but state in my profile that I’m only looking for friendship. I’ve already found my Atheist husband and we’re both monogamous. I’d really just like to find some Atheist friends to hang out with.


Many I've envountered (not just THIS non-believer site) have been out to convert. A few have been questioning their own faith, and occasionally, I've run into one or two who want to know what drives us away from faith/church/religion with hope of fixing their own faith/church/religion.

Zster Level 8 May 28, 2018

Maybe to convert or some are questioning things .... I had a weird one randomly message me to ask when I'd be available to talk .. I'm a greeter for the site so I asked him if he needed help with anything pertaining to the site, he said no and didn't respond when I asked him what he wanted to talk about so I'm not sure what his deal was ... his profile was some sort of believer but I forget the specific one he claimed


Curiosity would be my first guess.


first, you'll have to locate some - then ask 'em ...


they feel like it is their duty to turn us.


I would strongly suspect that most Christians would join the site to try to convert nonbelievers. I doubt they would actually be coming here to look for dates, unless they are leading double lives that they don't want their believer family and friends to know about.

One of the reasons for the levels is to prevent believers from being able to makes poses without approval of someone at a higher level (I think you need to be a level 5 or 6 to approve posts), and it also keeps them from posting hateful messages about going hell and so forth.

About the only city in Texas which may be bearable might be Austin, which I am told is mroe progressively minded than the rest of the state. If you wanted to stay in Texas, I'd say that's where to go.

Yeah, I’d love to move to Austin but hubby’s work keeps us from moving there.

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