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LINK 'Roseanne' canceled after star's racist Twitter rant

I consider myself a fair person, and I admit that I watched and loved Roseanne when it was on 20 years ago. Even though Ms. Barr lost her damn mind over the years I watched the reboot and actually was able to separate the troll from the show...but this morning I was done. Now I see that ABC stepped up and did the right thing before I could boycott the show...bravo! One time money didn’t get in the way of what’s right. Hear that, NFL?

Rideauxb 7 May 29

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"Roseanne's(TRUMP's) Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show" Can you guys please cancel trump too?

If only it were that easy!

Elections are coming. Help your local candidates out, and let's get this embarrassment of a President some meaningful opposition in Congress.


Didn't take long for Wanda Sykes and Sara Gilbert to distance themselves from that train wreck. John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf are likely relieved this is over and won't hurt their careers. I must say I'm relieved too, that a Trumpster lost her soapbox. Now, pretty much anything Roseanne says, on anything, people will be thinking "Oh, look. It's that famous racist who can't keep her yap shut." A disgraced disgrace.


Couldn't happen to a nicer racist bigot.

@Countrycuz666 Blow it out your ass, and I spelled it correctly.


Two thumbs up to ABC and Disney! Too bad the NFL does not get it.


This woman has turned into nothing but a racist bigot. Good for ABC, they did the right thing.


She's become such a disappointment. It would be one thing if her asinine comments only effected her. Unfortunately, they effect everyone working on that show.
45 supporters just aren't the brightest bulbs on the tree.


Personally I think Roseanne is mentally ill. Nothing new, I have heard her speak of her childhood, screwed up and she never had therapy. Has gotten worse over the years. ...conspiracy theories...delusions.

Lots of people have mental illness and aren't racists. Lots of people are racist and don't have a mental illness. I don't think the two are any more related than whether or not people with mental illness like brussel sprouts

@MsDemeanour But she IS mentally fucked up!!


I was encouraged that Roseanne was at least trying to show Trump supporters as real and vaguely decent people and not just a bunch of dumb racists. Then it turns out she's a dumb racist herself.
Major fail.


She's an irritating simpleton.


Guess she and Trump are more alike than they let on 😉


I watched the show decades ago, but I have no TV now. I would have not gotten past the episode where she lauded Trumpass, though. This is what I wrote on FB:

I just read where Roseanne’s TV series was cancelled due to a racist slur that she posted on Twitter. I do not have a TV or a Twitter account, but news travels fast; that is how I know that on her show, she avidly supported Trumpass. This alone would have kept me from watching her show if I did have a TV, but the episode(s) (were there more than one?) is what lead to her downfall.

Trumpass has made it acceptable to be racist and sexist. We have seen this in his comments about “good people on both sides,” and through the people he has chosen to surround himself with, including the dismissed Steve Bannon. As a sexist bastard who has suffered no repercussions (yet) for his actions, his opinion and treatment of women is disgusting.

Which lead back to Roseanne . . . Roseanne was emboldened by the lack of repercussions about supporting Trumpass in her show. Yeah, those of us who do not approve (a weak word for how we feel) might have stopped watching, but the network seemingly did nothing. After all, it is a free country, and people are free to express their political opinions. When the reigning administration also approves of racism, why not take it a step further?

And so, she did—not on her show, but on a medium that is read by millions of people. This time, the backlash was immediate and drastic, and poof! Roseanne is cancelled.

Roseanne is emblematic of thousands and thousands of people in the US today who think that their hate of blacks, immigrants, and women is acceptable. They are not content to merely express their hate, though, but to act on it. Trumpass has opened the floodgates and made the issues so many have worked so hard to eradicate come into the open, and so far, there have been few repercussions.

But now, there is one: a very visible repercussion.

Roseanne apologized for her post, saying, “"I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks," Barr tweeted. "I should have known better. Forgive me -- my joke was in bad taste.” Politics? Looks? Bad taste? Rosey, honey, your post went beyond politics, beyond looks, and beyond bad taste: It was RACIST. It was on the same level as the morons who called Michelle Obama a “baboon.”

Is she sorry? Oh, I have no doubt about that: sorry that she misjudged the climate for the approval for the statement, sorry that she posted it in such a public venue, and sorry that she thought that she could say anything and her “in” with Trumpass would protect her.

Most of all, she is sorry that her show got cancelled.

Honestly, I am not sorry she said it: we need to know who “they” are, and the more they open their mouths, the more of them we know whom to avoid.

Gwen walks away, humming, “Another one bites the dust.”

@Countrycuz666 Hey, dude, if you see this before it gets deleted, I am reporting you. You are a sick dinosaur.

@Gwendolyn2018 I also reported.

@Jenmcjen Thanks! We do NOT need this type of behavior on this site or in real life.

@Jenmcjen Oops! He is gone!

@Gwendolyn2018 Well he came back, but at least stopped with the name calling.

@Gwendolyn2018 Although I also was gonna say - I watched the show. I loved it growing up. Well maybe I was -- anyway. There was a bit in the first one about Trump, and then it didn't come up again that I can remember. It wasn't the best show, but it was good enough for me to watch for 22 minutes a week. Not cuz I love Roseanne, more despite her. Mainly, Darlene and Becky. So it really wasn't the show that Trump even thought it was. Too bad they couldn't just kill off the Roseanne character and keep it up.

@Countrycuz666 There are two types of racist jokes. I will use Martians so as not to coarse offence. "The thing about martians is they think that they own the fucking planet" or " A space-ship carrying martians crashed yesterday. I was heartbroken....It had empty seats."
The former is uses cultural/racial archetypes to throw humour into our multi-cultural mix. They may coarse offence but there may have been some grains of truth if not now but in the past, that is what makes them funny. Irish, Italians and rednecks are thick. Scots and jews are stingy you get the drift. Hell Im from Liverpool and all the jokes are about how we are all thieves.
The second type is not funny. It is hateful, divisive and though it may be acceptable to pass around your racist friends in private. it is NOT for public consummation. Especially if you are in the public eye.
Rosanne Barrs tweet was of the latter kind and she deserves everything she gets. Not only that but she brings into disrepute any and all Trump supporters. If that is possible? I am sure there must be some good ones out there, you can't all be racist twats can you?

@Jenmcjen I saw that!

@273kelvin Spot on.

@Countrycuz666 Oh, no, dude . . . you cannot attack a person with vicious and obscene words and then, when the post is deleted by the admins, come back and try to present yourself as the voice of logic and reason. This is my last post, ever, to you, because you proved yourself unworthy of any consideration as to whether you are logical or have any ethics. You also proved yourself thin-skinned and defensive. Talk to the hand, dinosaur.

@Countrycuz666 racism, hate-speech, homophobia, bigotry, demanding prosecution of political opponents...welcome to Nazi Germany. Oh wait...#thisisamerica . And yes I, an independent liberal, have far superior morality. You might reflect upon what morality actually is.


I watched the show way back when, and liked the writing, but never, ever though she was funny, especially doing stand-up. The disingenuous smile during her whiny delivery was the perfect compliment to her childish material.

This was long before I discovered that she was a bigoted, racist transmisogynist, which became evident in her "run" for the presidency. I will never watch anything with her in it.


Bye-bye Roseanne! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

@Rideauxb Rude.

@Rideauxb Um no as in rude that you reference her weight like that. For one she is barely overweight now. For two, you just attempted to make anybody else overweight reading that feel bad.

@Rideauxb Okay okay. That made me laugh.

@Countrycuz666 nope and wow are you making assumptions.

@Jenmcjen Isn’t it funny this comes up on a thread about a fat po-white chick making comments designed to make someone feel bad - about their looks !?!

Just sayin...


She's an idiot who could never control herself. I feel bad for all the people employed by that show. They all just lost their jobs because of her.


Rosanne is a loon. Always has been. So, can't blame it on drugs.

"It was a joke." I am sure it was for those who think that way.

Jacar Level 8 May 29, 2018

Roseanne once described HERSELF perfectly, though I can’t remember the source: “White Trash with money”❗️?

Ungod Level 6 May 29, 2018

@Countrycuz666 AGAIN, Roseanne described HERSELF this way...

@Ungod Rosanne presumably is an actress and the show called for a trashy character. She wasn't playing Ophelia. I don't know how broad her acting skills are.

@MsDemeanour - It’s no secret Roseanne is playing herself...


But her rendering of The Star-Spangled Banner was mint. 😉

I will never understand how social conservatives could overlook her screeching, spitting, vagina-grabbing mockery of the national anthem, but get so upset at Colin Kaepernick kneeling that lifelong NFL fans burned their (quite expensive) season tickets and fan gear. What could possibly be the difference between Roseanne Barr and Colin Kaepernick?

(Read that last question with a sarcastic tone of voice, by the way; the answer is rather obvious.)

@ErikGunderson Nothing conservatives do ever surprises me now. They are the masters of logical disconnects.

And what was Kaepernick doing, @Torgo?


"Bu-But-OBAMA! B-But- HALLARY!!" - Trumpanzees


I'm glad I checked to see if this was posted before I posted the same story. Never have been a big fan or Roseanne, her show was ok if nothing else was on and I had to watch TV. I think she has turned herself into a racist trollbait for Don the Con, I have less respect for her than ever. Glad to see ABC has the cojones to kick her off the air.

To be fair, ABC were happy to make money off her racist ass until she made herself so toxic that it looked like it might hit their bottom line.


And....Fox & Friends have another "victim" to grant martyr status to. How long before the Tangerine Turniphead will Tweet about it?

But honestly, I'm glad. I watched the reboot for maybe 20 minutes and found it pretty unfunny. I liked the original show in the beginning because of John Goodman who I think is a great character actor. I really enjoy his work.

fox should pick up the show.

@GipsyOfNewSpain The thing is, outside of FauxNews, the actual Fox channel has done some pretty good television. I mean, I will never forgive them for canceling Firefly, but their network programming hasn't been horrible.

@seaspot_run I don't watch tv, other than 20 mins a day of news. Too many channels and nothing to watch. Never watched the original show. She didn't represented me then or now. Never knew about Firefly.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Firefly was amazing. Get the DVD's or stream it or something.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Ha! I though the same thing.

@seaspot_run If able to get in a torrent.... will be a done deal. I will trust your judgement. Thank You.

@seaspot_run, @Rideauxb I live a life without stress and it is up to me who I allow to get under my skin. She ain't the type of person that will get me. I had been called spick, wetback, beaner, greaser, nigger, etc. I didn't knew the definition of any of those words until I joined the US Navy at 27... I had to live in Europe to learn the only place were there are whites, blacks, yellow and brown skin humans on earth is america. I was raised different. She is garbage now as I knew 28 years ago that she was. What happened 28 years ago? She sang her trailer park rendition of the national anthem grabing her crotch.ABC should had know better than bring her back. She sucks just as any other racist, and we all know it. PEACE.

Firefly, there was a show that contained some great, thought provoking content, ty for the reminder Sea!
And the pure entertainment value!
Imnoho, comparable to star wars!




She lost her mind with all the surgeries. When they won the lottery, I was outta there. Very sad for the rest of the cast.




I’m okay with that.


I'm not angry with Roseanne, she's just a piece of intellect gone astray. My gripe is with the television station trying to make America great again by bringing back an old show. "Let sleeping dogs lie", yes? Trump has done nothing but bring the hidden truth in this country to the forefront like a social media post. "Here's America's true face so let me share it with you" and he screws with the protocol that many of us have followed for many years yet never really questioned.I've learned that the solutions are in the questioning and if we don't ask then we'll never know so instead of pointing fingers and wasting energy putting people down, I ask "why" and seek a rational compromise instead of joining a faction of hate that hates on another faction of hate.

I can’t blame the ABC for want to present a successful show, that will bring in MONEY !!

And I applaud them for presenting a show with a controversial viewpoint - TheRump did win a POTUS election after all!

But I am also glad they drew the line...

@Ungod I believe that things from the past should stay in the past. Walk forward, not backward. Live for the future.

@IAJO163 So if someone killed your parents, you’d let that “stay in the past, etc”?!?

@Ungod Yes. What good does vengeance do? Take a lesson from that Buddha icon you have. It's about controlling one's emotions. meditation?

Vengeance does the mind good of the person offended, morally right or not...

If I watched my parents being murdered, or was emotionally unaffected by the knowledge of the event, I think I’d be a pretty diminished human being.

If such a terrible event took place in your life, and you didn’t carry that with you until the day you died, I think you’d be lying to yourself, or pathetically distant from your parents emotionally...

There’s an appropriate time for being emotionally unhinged as well - when your parents are in the process of being murdered, is a good time for that imho.

I was a practicing Buddhist for 30 years...

@Ungod Point taken. Not unaffected and not wanting to continue a cycle. It has to stop somewhere and it might as well begin with ourselves. Suffering great loss makes us stronger which made me place empathy in a corner and move forward in life.

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