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What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

By AmiSue8
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No alcohol involved, I was in 3rd grade, riding my brother's bike which was too big for me. A neighbor boy on a bike hit my rear tire on the L side and pushed me and the bike over. I ended up with chipped bone in my foot. BUT, it took me out of school. 1967 was Nebraska's centennial, we were having special activities at school, mom had made a pioneer skirt for me, it was fabulous. I never got to wear it smile003.gif


After thinking it over, the list is to long to get into, and reminded me that l must not be very bright.

Sticks48 Level 9 May 30, 2018

me too

Same here


I shot myself right above my upper lip with an arrow. How does one do that???

@AmiSue It was one of those cheap little bow and arrow sets; a 20 lb bow with the metal caps on the end of the arrows instead of a real arrow head. We lived on a farm and I was out shooting down by the cattle water tank. We used to keep an empty anti-freeze jug at the tank in case the real float would rust out and spring a leak. You could just swap out the plastic jug and use it while you went to town for a new float. Sooooo, I decided to shoot the jug! I really just plinked at it without fully drawing back the bow string. Instead of the arrow penetrating the jug it just bounced off and the nock penetrated my upper lip and into my gum. Pretty stupid, huh. Shot my mouth off. I had to take a quick look around to see if anyone saw it like the little kid in The Christmas Story.


@AmiSue It did make for an interesting day! Lesson learned ?


Cutting onions. Onions are little bastards!


Captain Morgan pushed me down some stairs, sprained my wrist.

I hate that guy!


We had a several ton steel beam to hold up the basement of a house. I tried to lift it and set it on the beam pocket from above. It tried to pull me into the basement with it when it fell. I hooked my leg on the foundation instinctively and caught a steel anchor bolt with my calf. It kept me from falling by ripping an inch wide gap through my flesh, 5" long. The pain was exquisite for days.

@AmiSue That was about 1993. I still have the scar.


OK, here's another one, and don't tell anybody! I was in third grade and it was winter. I took my bath and went into the living room where the wall furnace was to finish drying off. Remember, this was winter in a drafty old farm house. The cat was laying in front of the furnace and I kinda barged in and kitty didn't think alot of it so she started swatting and biting my feet. I backed up. Right into that furnace with a wet backside. Think of bacon sizzling!! I got 3rd degree burns all over my tushy. Talk about embarassing. I wonder if my classmates ever knew? I was mortifiedsmile003.gif

@AmiSue Whew! Thanks for not telling ?

@AmiSue safe at last?


I had to change a tire on my truck way out past nowhere. The lugs had been tightened by an air wrench. I was on my knees struggling with a 4 way lug wrench, then woke up flat on my back on the dirt road. Apparently when the lug came loose, I punched myself right in the chin and knocked myself out cold.

Hahaha ! Did that with my car door one day - bent down as I opened it - out cold in the driveway.
Cute scar across one eye brow now.

OMG! I’m so glad there are others who do stuff like that!
You could have been telling one of my klutz experiences!


While building a deck on a steep slope in my back yard. I was tired. That's my excuse. smile009.gif
I was putting the deck boards down over about a 6 foot drop to the ground. I fastened a board to the frame, then cut the extended section off even with the edge of the deck. Unfortunately, I was standing on the extended side of the wood. I suppose it looked very much like a Wiley Coyote moment. Sprained an ankle upon landing.


Hopped off the back of a pickup. That was 31 days in the hospital, a bankruptcy, and a lifetime of pain.

Secretguy Level 7 May 30, 2018

I did that, but I only got a sprained ankle. Unfortunately stupidity must run in my family because my oldest son did it and broke his ankle.


Burned my nose on a hot iron...
No, wait, peed on an electric fence !

Buddha Level 7 May 30, 2018

Fell out the back of a swing when I was a kid and gave myself a concussion.

Another time, a kid kicked a ball at recess once and accidentally smacked my head into a wall, giving me a concussion.

One of my main hobbies involves gaming miniatures, which I have to trim and clean with an X-acto knife. I end up absent-mindedly stabbing myself in the finger just about every time.

A few years back I did something to really mess up my neck - wrenched the hell out of it. One day, while nursing it, I got out of bed too quickly and ended up wrenching it even harder. I had a flash of intense pain and blacked out. When I woke up, I found that I'd fallen against the wall and destroyed the cord for a power strip plugged in there. The rest of the cord was unplugged in the process but the "ground" plug was broken off in the wall socket and had given me a four-inch gash across my back

Maybe you should wear a helment. ☺

@Sticks48 Not sure it would help - I can't even get out of bed without hurting myself!

@ghost_warlock LOL


Walking in the house barefoot


My boyfriend pissed me off and I kicked a vacuum out of my way.
It was a rainbow which has a tank of water.
It moved slightly, my toe went sideways.

When I was young, the first time I rode a 4 wheeler, I had to hit 4th and a patch of sugar sand. Broke my wrist that day.

My other injuries were not stupidity on my part. LOL

Lucy_Fehr Level 8 May 30, 2018

When I was about 8 or so, I decided to show my friends in their basement that I knew fake karate. I extended my leg backwards as to kick someone behind me and my natural weight and recoiled force brought my leg forward and my knee went right into the ground like I meant to knee it.

Nothing more than a bad bruise and bad feeling for a little while, but the embarrassment lasted longer lol


Dislocated a finger joint trying to remove really tight stockings.

That's quite a picture that just flashed in my mind.

@bigpawbullets LOL! ?

If it's an image of a clumsy lady fighting with legwear only to hear a very dismaying crunching noise and stare stupidly at a sideways finger, then you're spot on. ?


I cracked my tailbone playing Frisbee golf when I was in college.

jwd45244 Level 7 May 30, 2018

Hmmm, which would choose? smile009.gif

  1. backing into a potato chip packing machine & getting a gash bruise on your ass? and having to have a supervisor fill out the injury form on that?
  2. Tripping on acid in a bra & panties in slick new boots, doing a kick boxing move thus going airborne & breaking your wrist with your hip upon landing?
Qualia Level 8 May 30, 2018

@AmiSue Yes there's an entire story behind that one. LOL Good call. #1 was very embarrassing. #2 I was too busy seeing blue flecks to realize how bad it was until the next day.


Doing a front handspring on a roller skating rink with my roller skates on....body went forward, feet/skates stayed back, and broke all 5 toes at the same time. Had to be cut out of my skate because I skated for another 2 hours before noticing it hurt like hell and by the time I noticed, my foot/lower leg was swollen to the point that it couldn't be taken off.

Clauddvon Level 7 May 30, 2018

That's horrible.

@Ellatynemouth Also, the only bones I have ever broken in my body during my life. lol. I was 15.


See my name here, there's too many for a full review but last year I fell down ONE step and fractured my shoulder blade. The ER doc almost called me a liar but still have me a monster oxy script.

Side note, oxy can be a truth serum, DO NOT call an ex for help if stoned


Being circumsised when I was born ?

VAL3941 Level 8 May 30, 2018

This is the winner on an agnostic site

Thank you !


Sitting in the living room with my daughter, watching some TV...her cat runs into the middle of the living room and starts going through the motions to puke...I get up, pick her up, run to the bathroom where her litter box is...forgot that I had just tiled the floor the day before, but I had not finished the threshold. The edge of the tile was in my bare feet, I jam my right big toe on the edge of the stopped me in a nano-second...I lunged head first into the bathroom, dropped the cat, landed half on the toilet, half on the floor. I didn't break my toe, but i jammed it so hard, I could hardly walk for days, and it hurt for at least 3 years. The cat was fine. smile001.gif

Taladad Level 8 May 31, 2018

12 years old, riding my too small bicycle down a steep hill, and got my foot stuck in the front spokes! That is the day that I learned how bad a cracked knee cap hurts!!


I got into an argument with one of my best friends about 20 years ago, we came close to throwing fist, we both turned and walked away, I was so pissed off that I kicked my car door and broke three toes...LOL

Woodron Level 7 May 30, 2018

@Anniemae, At that very moment, I could have used


Two come to mind

1) When I was an adolescent I found a straight razor in my grandmother's house. I wanted to see if it was sharp so I dragged in along my finger. It didn't cut so I did it again. Luckily I didn't cut myself that bad.

2) Getting into bed and didn't gage the distance from the bed and the headboard. Gave me quite a bruise.

kiramea Level 7 May 30, 2018

My sister and I were playing volleyball in the rain with her friends, and I slipped and broke my leg.

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