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When going out on a first date with someone, does it matter at all to you if the person drives a beat up old car?

Hermit 7 May 30

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My darling wife and I dated by bicycle...

just one?

@hankster ha ha. We each had our own.


I think how they drove would be my first concern..


I value a mans heart and mind, not what is in his pocket. I make my own..


I did go on a date and she told me she didn’t think I made enough money because I was driving a truck about 15 years old. She must not have heard anything I said about my job and hobby of rebuilding old trucks, jeeps, boats and airplanes.

I dodged a bullet there.

And I still restore old junk. I’d rather have a half dozen projects than one new car.

Yeah watch out for those gold diggers.


If it goes and stops sufficiently, and he drives ok, no problem.


Not in the least. True love doesn't see financial wealth. I don't expect a man to take care of me in any financial sense.

@SallyMc If his beat up car works then it's reliable enough for me. I care more about character and being poor doesn't mean that you have poor character. Of course he has to pay his own bills, but there's nothing wrong with being poor.


Not at all. I love beater wagons. I regularly ride in one that has complete with zebra stripe front sides, zebra stripe seat covers, sparkly skulls stacked on the antenna and hanging off the back window.

cool sounds fun


only if it runs


Depends on the reasons for the beat up old car.


I refuse to buy another new car. New auto sales is one of the biggest scams that exists in contemporary society. It’s right up there with insurance, credit extensions, and student loans.

When I see someone with a new car or a big house, I don't see financial security. I see debt. My car my be old, but it's mine.

@ProudMerry I want to retire...


I'm encouraged by all of the ladies who say it doesn't matter. My car is not beat up in the least. It looks really good. However, it is a 2001 Honda Accord and it has 317,000 miles on it. It's so smooth and quiet, you barely know it's on when it's running. But, I do often think about how that might be seen by a woman I'm taking out.

@mudhen well that was sugary sweet and very much appreciated! 🙂


Nope, I'd be driving my 12 year old Hyundai to meet them. She's not too pretty but runs well.

Bought my Hyundai in 07 still driving it today.


It’s probably not quite as beat up as I think some people imagined it. 2009 4-door VW Rabbit. The brakes need some work and it has some hail damage. The a/c works and it’s got a rockin’ stereo. I don’t think it screams unemployed-junkie-in-a-bad-place-in-his-life. I don’t know; maybe it does.


Depends , don't mind if it's old , but the question is , is it well maintained - safe to drive , reliable enough to get back home in ? If , at this late stage of the game , he's borrowing someone else's beat up unreliable vehicle , chances are he has other responsibilities he needs to give priority to - like his wife and kids , his drug habit , his failing business , he's unemployed , can't meet his debts , can't handle his own finances , has expensive habits he can't pay for , and I/d certainly have no desire to tempt him into spending money he can't afford to .


To me, a car is a car. As long s it runs reliably, is safe, and is sufficiently clean inside not to wreck my clothes, I'm fine. I've never understood the concept of cars as 'chick magnets'. I first heard that term from a date whose car was a nightmare to get into or out of but thought it enhanced his attractiveness dramatically.


Women are looking for security. Having money means security. If you drive a beat up old car it means you are a poor schlub....a loser reject.

Those are the shallow women who aren't looking for true love. I don't need a man to support me financially.

Definitely not asking you out.

I surely appreciate that.....@Hermit

Dear Rachel....don't reveal too much about yourself. @RachelHudson


I think it depends...
We've a friend who @40 something has no ambition in life and can't take their van on the freeway so anyone who wants to hang with him not only has to pick him up most times, but be prepared to pay more than 1/2 for whatever event you're going to. Otoh Obama took Michelle out in a beater where she could see the road? So it all...depends.
I"m not into people who are the type to get a car off the lot every year like they're trying to prove something. That's just dumb and unless their printing money and don't have to worry about their future that spooks me.I've inlaws like this. New cars every other year. They're in debt up to their eyeballs despite grossing well over 200k per year. = DUMB

I'm ok with an old car so long as the person has the rest of their ducks in a row and just being frugal, but the AC & heat HAVE TO WORK.


Eh, if it's relatively clean and it runs well, I don't care what kind of car she's driving. I know first-hand how difficult it is to keep anything looking perfect, and my own car isn't winning any beauty contests. The only car-related thing that's a deal breaker for me is cigarette stench.


Screw that, I have a crappy car that runs great, I don’t need to impress anyone... I drive my kids to school, go shopping and go to work. I’ve had lots of cool cars when I was into that. I also think since I could by a new car if I wanted one I’m financially savey not to spend it when it’s only purpose is to impress people that look down on you because of a car.


People care about that?

Apparently some do.


If she shows up on a bike that's a bonus. Especially an old Harley. But I wouldn't care if she came on the bus. If we get along, we get along. If we find ourselves compatible, we can build our own empire.


When I had my beat up old truck I would use it on a second date just to gage the reaction. Material things shouldn't matter but like others have posted they can be an indicator of other issues... NOT ALWAYS THOUGH. Lot's a really great people drive beaters.


I drove a 46 model Fargo (Plymouth to the Yanks)1/2 tonne flat tray for 26 years. (2 seater to boot.3 at a squeeze) Two marriages and a few kids later the truck was going fine! Never did get the paint job it deserved but I spent a motza on the drive line! Most of the ladies would take it and leave the car when they went shopping!


Somewhat. I don't expect my date to roll up in a Mercedes, however, if the type a car a man is driving is indicative of how he supports himself and manages his finances, a crappy car is a very bad sign. I've already given that kind of a relationship a try and am not interested in absorbing any further losses.

Deb57 Level 8 May 30, 2018


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