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Have you ever had a re-occurring dream?

During different periods in my life, I have had certain dreams (or themes in a dream) re-occur.

The one I had the most was a reoccurring dream when I was in my early twenties. I was back in High School. The classes were small shops. The floors were made of ice. I was wearing ice skates and holding shopping bags.

Everyone was a penguin, except me.

People (penguins) were having fun, but I wasn't. The problem was, I kept falling on the ice. Trying to balance my shopping bags and balance on my ice skates. I skidded everywhere across the ice. Trying over and over to stand, but falling again.

This dream (or a variation of it) must have happened at least ten times in a two year span.

Have you ever had the same dream (or theme of a dream) re-occur?

silvereyes 8 Dec 21

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When I was young i was always being chased by the boogeyman into my basement. The dream I had the most is that my high school diploma was not valid and I had to go to high school all over again .Also forgetting where I parked my car or that it was stolen by someone I know. Also my house being flooded by broken pipes .


I have two. One is I walk into a classroom for a final exam, and I haven't cracked a book the entire semester. The other is that I re-join the army (I served from '73 to '76) at the age I am now (64). I search for people I served with way back then, but can't find them.


I had the typical alien abduction nightmare/dream as a least I hope it was a dream. I would be woken by a bright light in my bedroom window. Then suddenly paralyzed, couldn't scream or move. I would float above my bed and slowly be brought out through the hallway to the living room where the door would open and I would float right out to the front yard. Then a beam of light would shine down from a UFO and haul me off. I had that dream countless times till I was way into my teens........then there is the Godzilla dream.


For years after separating from the Army, I had a recurring dream of not getting my discharge papers on time and having to be waiting, in the Army, for my papers to arrive. After retiring from my job, I've had recurring dreams being on the job and not being properly processed off the job due to paperwork delays. Hmmmm!?!? I have, within the last few years had many dreams in which all the other people in the dream were women. I have had many recently in which I'm at work, or in the Army, and trying to get back home and not being able to find transportation back.


When I was a child I learned that if I had a nightmare and it woke me up I could imagine I was the incredible Hulk as I went back to sleep and destroy whatever scared me. I continue this practice to this day.


The Chase dream! But I read something by Erik Erikson who said, "if you have someone chasing you in a dream, turn around and has the chaser what he/she wants." So I decided to do that, preparing myself to ask if he dream occurred again. It did and it turned out to be my bully of a brother who was crying." Never had the dream again. Robert Johnson, a disciples of Karl Jung, wrote on how to interpret dreams on your own. Every dream is an attempt on the part of the unconscious to help us deal with things in life.


Do you have a hard time balancing your finances to your shopping?? Everyone else was having fun but your balance was off....
What do you feel it means?? Sometimes you know though you think you don't know?? Sometimes we get messages that way from our higher dimensional bodies. We are in a shift or transition.... A new energy and things are different.


Yes I used to have a dream where I was always running from a giant wave...It was a crazy vivid dream..nightmare...I would be in different places different parts of the world...and try to warn people ...but they wound up panicking and caused more problems...the dream would add shit over the faces..old faces...pets...the wave would freeze in slow motion...once I was on a train on an island...surrounded by water on all sides and the wave came...I had this dream off and on for over 20 years...the last time I had it was maybe 2 years ago...

Wherever we go, whenever we go, there are waves. Perhaps the wive dream invited you to ride. I loved the movie cast away and the philosophy of the star who said it taught him to just keep breathing.


Had a few that I kept having over and over, one came true and I never had that nightmare again. The other ones were of past lives.


I dream for a living. It started out being chased by monsters from age 3 to 8. Then it was being naked in school or after school all the time til age 11. Then was physical fighting all the time and never losing a fight til age 16. Then it was flying just by flapping my arms, that lasted til age 35. Then dreamed all the time showing up to sandcastle contests late, sometime 3days late for a week long event.
Dream about fantasy's that I turn into art work.


not re-occurring dreams far as i can remember but i do have very adventurous dreams. one minute i am the pilot of the USS Enterprise and the next minute i am the dark phoenix destroying planets lol.
yeah i am weird!

The dream world is not a sign you are weird. I think most of us are different.


Well dreams are ,in my experience anyway, 1 of 2 things. 1 is where your unconscious mind is trying to figure out something the conscious mind can't. 2. A place where we can spiritually connect with each other without physical limitations.
So on 1 hand you might feel like life is slippery and penguins(x-tians) are just waiting for you to fall. The shops represent a roof over their head where they feel safe (x-tianity), the shopping bags represent your desires that will make you lose you balance causing you to trip or fall. This is mainly how x-tians possess people by creating doubt and possessing them thru fears. On the 2 hand someone just sees you as the penguin(animal) that can't find christ(shops) and are constantly watching you trip and fall whenever they try to bring it up. The school in both of these represent a safe and fun place in your life.
This is just my take on it thou I don't know you personally so their could be something missing or out of place, but I'll leave that to you. Good Luck 🙂

Oh.. well this is an agnostic site so I just asumed. Like I said somethings might be out of place lol.


Stress dreams I think. I had reoccurring dreams of getting lost or not being able to find my car in the parking lot. I also have the school dream where I have a huge exam coming up and iI have no idea where my class is , where I am, what classes that I'm taking or if I've even been to this college before.

Yes, lots of those kinds dreams, trying get to a test or event and getting lost along the way.


Now days its work im dreaming about according to my wife... another is floating.

He talks in his sleep my friends wife once shouted "order 34" when working at McDonalds. Not to be confused with order 66

@silvereyes Gabriel is right.... I talk in my sleep. I had ask my wife to not answer me or ask questions to me while I'm dreaming. She can't help it because she answers me while shes asleep and dreaming. I wake myself up because I can hear her talking to me. Yeah... that's nuts, but it's true.

@silvereyes lol...yummm! Thats better then me waking up tired...geeze


Interesting dream. I don't know that I've had a reccuring dream but I did have a continuous dream once.... Which is to say each night picked up where the previous night left of for 3 or 4 nights in high school.


Yes, in my twenties, I dreamed I was jogging, actually more like floating, up and down several of my neighboring streets. I don't know where I was going or where I had been. Went on for about a year. ??? Anyone a dream interpreter?

My guess

Matters in Running Dreams. If, in your dream you are running away from something or someone that usually means that you are avoiding or putting distance between something you fear or makes you uncomfortable. It could mean that you are skirting your responsibilities or you feel guilty about something.

@Castlepaloma, what's odd is I don't remember it being an uncomfortable or fearful feeling. It was actually rather enjoyable, almost like I was actually jogging only floating. I was a single mom then so responsibilities were great and no shortage of guilty mom feelings.

Just a guess.

Flooting sounds like my flying , a feeling of well being in our awake life.

@Castlepaloma, thanks for the feedback! Interesting thoughts. 🙂


I told you about my giant who chased me about 40 years...

There are a few others not quite so profound. During my first tour through Florida there was the too easy to interpret dream of me finding one of several ladies I'd met in palm groves by the beach. Wishful thinking and fond remembrances...


I do not remember my dreams


I really don't think I've had recurring dreams, though I've had dreams with a recurring theme: my mother being back after a bout with cancer, only to relapse; being unprepared in some way for a class, having done none of the work all semester long; being in transit to visit my alma mater, but always with some travel difficulty or oddity along the way (or upon arrival). But none of these scenarios are the same, just a general similarity in structure with significantly different details fleshing it out.

@silvereyes, I think either word could apply. I wasn't trying to correct you. Something that's reoccurring is happening again, but not necessarily over and over; something recurring happens repeatedly. I think that form sticks in my head because there's a concept in programming called recursion (even though it really doesn't have much to do with what we're talking about, but a recursive function calls itself repeatedly until some condition is met — so you can see how it's related).


Mine were mostly when I was younger, maybe 12, 13 yo. None recently.

skado Level 8 Dec 21, 2017
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