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Why do people here hate Christmas?

I never hated Christmas at all. This to me has always been a magical time for me. Whether I was working or traveling, or just staying home.

sirbikesalot06 5 Dec 22

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I don't "hate" Christmas, at all. I just detest all the religious bullshit attached to it.
If you believe it's magical, more power to ya. I enjoy it for the festivities with family
and friends, and it's fun to watch the little ones get into it.


Hmm I love Christmas. It’s just another holiday for me to spend time with family and friends and to take a break from mundane life.


I don't hate christmas. I dislike crowds, I dislike the limited repetitive music of the season. I dislike the cold but that will still be around after the holiday. I dislike the crass commercialism. I dislike the prolonged discussion over Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays. I dislike the insistence everyone should be happy. This is a tough season for many people. I dislike the hypocrisy of people "getting religion" for the season and then getting over it after the holiday is gone. I like the getting together with family for an incredible meal, and the gift exchange is nice. And this year is my precious grandbaby's first birthday, so what is not to like.

I don't think I could sum this up any better than you have done...


I don't think anyone here really "hates" Christmas. It's the holiday season, Solstice, time off for family and friends with great food, song, and a really good time. What's not to like, it's a wonderful time of the year plus the daylight will slowly get longer. Happy times, Happy Holiday and Happy Solstice. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Dec 22, 2017

I love this pagan celebration of the winter solstice.


I don't hate Christmas...just hate the way people act nowadays. Go to Walmart this time of year...people are actually fighting over electronics and parking spaces...unbelievably sad.

Friends don't let friends go to Walmart


I don't 'hate' christmas, it's just a lot of noise for basically nothing.


I got nothing against it. Makes people happy so why should I?

Don't generalize me.


Who here hates Christmas?


I don't hate it. It doesn't have religious meaning to me now, but I still like a lot of my family traditions.


People from functional families don't seem to hate it. People from troubled families often find it depressing. When I was young, it was a miserable month. Today, in my 60's, I don't mind it quite so much.

SKH78 Level 8 Dec 22, 2017

I don't hate Christmas for the most part. I'm not into the religious aspect of it. Also I don't like how it has become a capitalistic free for all. Everyone maxing out their credit cards to get gifts and stuff they can't afford. I think the celebration should be more nature related as it is the winter solstice. It should be a good time to hang out with family and friends without expectations of lavish gifts.


We don't. What the heck gave you that idea - or was it reading some nonsense spouted by a theist who hasn't got a clue about what ab atheist really is?


@Cameron May his noodly appendage touch you. Ramen!


I'm a bit resistant to it, and just let the pass over me ASAP. I just wish they'd spare us all that twaddle - the Star, the manger and the mythical kid in it, not to mention the friggen allegably 3 wise men and the donkey of course. What does get me is hearing or watching the rich, the powerful, the financial aristocrats, the right wing political fundamentals and alike pretending to preach peace on earth and good will to all men. I mean, gimme a break.


I don't. As a cultural Christian, I find warm fuzzies in it. But I associate it mainly with Winter Solstice and problems of Roman dating.


I don't hate christmas, I can take it or leave it. I have nothing to celebrate on December 25th, so why should I partake in the hoopla? And the festivities for what...some kid being born to a mother who was knocked up by god. I see it as stores, etc. being packed before the big day with people getting presents/gifts. But what is so special about the 25th? I give gifts for a person's birthday or graduation. That's something that relates to the person. I'm more apt to celebrate the winter solstice. You want to get gifts at a great price, here's my take..go shopping on December 26th.


I don't hate cultural x-mas.


Who hate's Christmas? Everything in the Eddie Bauer was half off this week, I stocked up for the whole winter.


I have ambivalent feelings about Christmas .It brings out the greed in people .Its to much about the buying and receiving of gifts . My wife and I never exchange gifts . I dislike the crowds In the stores . I do enjoy the Christmas lights and going to Rockefeller Center in Manhattan to see the tree and ice skating rink .When I was a child I really enjoyed Christmas not so much now.


Who can hate Christmas, especially now that our Twitter-in chief has stopped the war on Christmas! <eyeroll>


Extrude Christ and religious nonsense from the holiday and you have Yule (Jol) and the Winter Solstice celebrations. Christ-mas is a religious holiday built on top of these holidays.I hate all religious holidays.


Tom Lehrar.

"god rest you merry merchants, may you make the yuletide PAY!"

To the extent that it is not a celebration of Bahl, I am for it.


Hate Christmas? It's all about enjoying life and celebrating that.


To me xmas and this time of year are all about family, friends, and showing people I think of them all year long (yes, presents and good food).

I celebrate Solstice. 🙂

I have noticed, while many members are quick to point out that Christmas is a collage of many beliefs and traditions, they also like to put down people who do celebrate the season. Mind, I did not say all members. 😉


Some people do, but that doesn't seem to be the general consensus.

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