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If the law is not declared unconstitutional, I expect this will become the norm in red states.

glennlab 9 Apr 1
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Hxtory mxking.


just hope it's not true, otherwise it's simply one of the consequences of the fanatic far-left's stupid game on the LGBTQ topic, to fuck and mix all the definitions!

Diaco Level 7 Apr 1, 2022

The bill is flawed to a certain extent. But overall I don't see anything wrong with parents getting some say in their children's education. Teaching children about gender identity and preferred pronouns before they learn what pronouns are is indoctrination. Teaching children about sexual preferences before sex-ed or basic biology is indoctrination. Teaching children that are learning their abcs, things that should be done at home or middle and high school is indoctrination.

Tejas Level 7 Apr 1, 2022

This bill is not limited to k-3, it applies to all students if you read its plain text. If we don't teach children things their parents don't understand, we'll soon have a country that is all as dumb as the legislatures of several states.

@glennlab from what I read it only applies to kindergarten up to grade 3. Do you have a link?

@Tejas It specifies k-3, but goes on to say students (applying it to all students)

@glennlab I think you are stretching here. Any sensible person would understand the word "students" would imply the specific grades mentioned.

@Tejas You need to learn to read legal. Unless it defines the word student it takes on the widest possible definition by law. This law reads like it was written by a third grader. I have spent a lifetime reading and interpreting rules, regulations and laws for a living and this is quite possibly the worst wording I have seen in years.

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