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Lauren Boebert Claims House Same-Sex Marriage Bill 'Undermined Masculinity’

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert went on Charlie Kirk’s podcast during the recent ultra-right Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit, to claim that the same-sex marriage bill that just passed in the House "undermined masculinity.” Boebert said that "I think the federal government should not be involved in marriage," adding that "My marriage between my husband is really between me and God, not between me and the government.”

Now, Rep. Boebert claims that the recently passed House “Respect for Marriage Act” undermines “traditional masculinity,” but oddly enough, it didn’t appear to have negatively impacted Marjorie Taylor Greene - one way or the other. Besides, we’ve recently seen what traditional “MAGA Masculinity” really looks like up close, by watching proud fist-pumping senator Josh Hawley’s 60-mile-an-hour dash through the Capitol hallways. Man, it was a sight to be seen!

Anyway, Boebert tells Kirk "I think the federal government should not be involved in marriage," adding that "My marriage between my husband is really between me and God, not between me and the government.” Oh, I get it! She is against “the government” being involved in marriage, so that’s why she wants “the government” to outlaw same-sex marriages. Now THAT makes really good sense! Especially, when you’ve flunked your GED test three times.

That said, here’s the thing, at least as I see it. If other people’s relationship choices, that have absolutely no impact whatsoever on your life, seem as if they are posing a threat to your masculinity, then I think it’s pretty safe to assume that “masculinity” of yours may not actually conform to how you’ve always perceived it to be. Just a thought.

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johnnyrobish 8 July 26
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If the government is not involved in marriage, then why do you have to get a license? Why does it have to be recorded to be legal? Why does the officiant have to be licensed for it to be binding? Damn, you mean she only failed her GED 3 times? She probably doesn't believe that the government is involved in Social Security.

glennlab Level 10 July 26, 2022

Says the woman who excuses her "masculine" husband for exposing himself to (a?) teen.

AnneWimsey Level 9 July 26, 2022

What a hypocrite! She doesn't want the government involved in her marriage, but she does want it involved in other women's uteruses, in laws against abortion. Can't have it both ways, bitch, and still be morally consistent.


Scary to think there are people who take her seriously. 😳

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