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Kari Lake Files Another Lawsuit Claiming Election Fraud in Arizona.

Habitual election denier and Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is yet again claiming election fraud, this time filing a 70-page lawsuit that calls for “an order setting aside the certified result of the 2022 election and declaring that Kari Lake is the winner.” The thing is, even before voting began, Lake refused to say she would accept the results of the gubernatorial election unless she won. Taking a page right out of the Trump playbook, she described the race as “botched,” before it was even called.

Let’s see now, Kari Lake lost the election by 17,000 votes, and a full 100% of the votes have been counted. So, she’s filing a lawsuit on what grounds again? Hurt feelings? Minorities got to vote too? Bigfoot voted? I mean, the election has already been certified. That means, the only thing really left to be “certified” in Arizona, is Kari Lake herself. Preferably, by a mental health professional. Of course, there is no point for Democrats to try and “counter-sue.” Not when she’s got such an iron-clad “insanity defense” going.

Naturally, MAGA Republicans are gonna argue Lake is not really asking for much. Only to have the judge “throw out the entire election results, and declare her the winner.” Now, not to be critical, but I can’t help but think that “Kari,” may actually be short for “Karen,” and Lake is taking a page right out of the new MAGA best-seller, “Narcissism for Dummies.” Speaking of frivolous lawsuits, it seems like just yesterday when Republicans were bashing all the "frivolous lawsuits.” Of course, those were filed against their pals in corporate America, so there's that.

Anyway, if poor Kari Lake really has her heart set on suing someone over the election, I suggest she sue the “voters of Arizona.” After all, they’re the reason she lost the election. So - I guess its off to “Sarah Palinland” for you Kari. Besides, look at the plus side. You now can whine, play the victim, and raise a shitload of money off all the rubes. And we all know that’s what being a MAGA leader is really all about - now isn’t it?

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johnnyrobish 8 Dec 11
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Kari has the same problem as Sarah, they don't look like they're dumb as a box of rocks . . . until they open their mouths.


Whatever attorney filed the suit should be disbarred and fined for wasting gov't resources.

racocn8 Level 9 Dec 11, 2022

They still may.


Poor Kari. She has taken lessons form Donald Trump.

DenoPenno Level 9 Dec 11, 2022

Seems she didn't learn her lesson from being sanctioned once already, Judges are getting tired of this bullshit.

glennlab Level 10 Dec 11, 2022
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