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A useful meme for your files if someone's cat goes missing - these contain the top tips I've seen over the years in cat groups.

RavenCT 9 July 2
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Good advice

Hathacat Level 9 July 3, 2020

Poor Babies .

GEGR Level 7 July 3, 2020

The print is too small to read. I had to download the pic and zoom in.

Anyways I had a cat get out a couple years ago. I left the mud room door open with food. I would leave food on the porch and she would eat it, but I could never catch her. So one night I knew she was in the mud room (the inside door was closed) and I snuck out the front door and closed the mud room door.

This was the FIRST time she was ever outside since she was born, and died shortly thereafter. This is a huge reason why you never declaw a cat. She wasn't BTW, and if she was she would have probably not lived long enough to get back into the house.

Yes unless there is a terribly ingrown claw (a real medical reason that a claw might need to be removed) declawing shouldn't be done.

Less and less vets are willing to do it this these days. I'll be glad when we stop doing it here in the US like the UK has!

@RavenCT I have a cat that stays with my mom (I wanted to take him back home but he became buddies with my mom's cat). I told her to never declaw him. She did. The vet fucked it up something fierce! He had several claws that started to grow back. This time growing inward which was extremely painful for SImba! He had to have the same surgery done a second time by a better vet! Poor kitty!

If one is worried about them clawing up stuff, get them scratch posts, put double sided tape on things they claw, get a water bottle to squirt them with (get a new one for like $1 - don't reuse on that was used for chemicals or something), they also make little air blasters that are motion activated to scare away kitty.

Anyways, if a cat gets out they will have about 0 defense. All they have left is bite.

@TheGreatShadow I know I'm an advocate for not declawing.
I'll tell everyone everything they need to not do it.

I know someone who did it and ended up with a cat that bit people. (no other defense but it's teeth). It had not been a nasty cat prior.

Aluminum foil is another thing that will stop cats from using something as a scratcher. 😉

@RavenCT Never heard the tin foil thing, but I bet it works good.

Another thing to keep cats off counters is take some pieces of paper and put some packing tape on it. Kitteahz do not like! They learn to stay off really fast.

@TheGreatShadow Yup cat stores sell a product that similar and probably costs a ton more.