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We brought home 2 shelter kitties yesterday. Meet Dawson and Yukon, shown hiding under my desk. They are very good boys but still very scared.

SkagwayKim 7 Jan 30
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Thank you for adopting older kitties. Older rescues are my favorite.

Sydland Level 7 Feb 21, 2021

They are absolute darlings! Yukon is 4 and Dawson is 6 years old.


They need time to adjust. So great of you to take two. They will be buddies.

Susieq Level 7 Jan 30, 2021

I'm told they were best friends in the shelter and would actually sit together and groom each other. When we were putting them into the car they were in separate carriers and Yukon was screaming his face off until he saw that Dawson was in the other carrier and then he stopped mid-cry. Once we released them, the first thing Yukon did was go into Dawson's carrier and check on him. As soon as the shelter told me they were BFFs, I knew we were getting them both.


Dawson is another cute tuxedo cat. My favorite breed.

Dawson is the tiger. Yukon is the tuxedo. 🙂

Isn't the official name for tuxedo cats, New England Warf Cat?


Oh boy, new family members. Just right for beating the blues of quarantine. They'll keep you busy, they''re really handsome.

OldGoat43 Level 9 Jan 30, 2021

One of our two cats passed away last week and the remaining kitty was lonely. It seemed like a good time to add a shelter kitty to the family, and when we found out these two were already best friends we decided to take them both.


A couple of good looking guys.


Beautiful. They'll settle in soon, hopefully.

I think our other cat is already in love with them.

@SkagwayKim Sounds good!

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