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I am asking for suggestions and opinions. I will be gone (at the hospital) for a week. Question: Do I leave my cat alone for the 4-6 days with enough food and water, with all the comforts of his home OR leave him to stay at a friend's to stay in her bedroom to get attention and cared for ? ? ?

Plant1010J 6 July 13
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Go to a local pet supply store and check the bulletin board for pet sitter flyers. Also can ask the owner who they use. I did that and I’ve had a great pet sitter for 12 years.

Sydland Level 7 July 15, 2018

I have decided on taking him to a sitter. Now I have to hope that my fish will eat the 'weekend feeder' pellets. 🙂

@Plant1010J great!


A pet sitter would be the best thing. I'm very fortunate with that because the woman I adopted my cats from runs a nonprofit that takes in stray or abandoned cats and also has a pet sitting business. She even collects my mail so I do not have to stop delivery. If you live in a large enough town there might be pet sitting available somewhere. Ask a vet. They may have contacts, that's how I found out about my wonderful sitter.

Ray13 Level 8 July 14, 2018

My daughter would take in the pets of people who were deployed and she would have (military) people take in her pets when she was deployed. However, no one is to be in my home without me there.

@Plant1010J I understand completely, I do not like anyone in my home without me either. If I did not trust my sitter completely I'd probably be in the situation you are. But, she is in the business of pet sitting, so if she was unreliable or had "sticky" fingers she would not have a good reputation and not be in business long. I hope things work out for you. Let us know.


Do you trust your friend to spend time with your cat? I'm going to be in a similar situation in the near future. I will have my cats stay at home and a nephew will come over, clean litters and feed my cats. My nephew does not have the same philosophy on cats, ie. giving them attention, but I trust him enough to feed mine.


The other option is a kennel. One of my cats did OK with that. I haven't hat to do it for a long time.


I usually ask one of my adult kids to come over and clean litter box and put fresh food and water out.


Leave the cat home while you are getting well, leave food and water and have A TRUSTED FRIEND to look in everyday...A new environment with you gone...The Furbaby will not be happy

This. Cats really stressed removed from their territory, yet benefit from being checked in on, in case water spilled, food ran out, etc... I pay a checker to drop by while I am gone.


Firstly, best of luck at the hospital. Secondly, I "house/cat" sit for my sis & BIL when needed. I check food water, feed the canned to indoor & the outdoor. I make sure the litter box is clean. I try to hang out for a bit so they have some company, if they want, again, both in & out. If you can trust anyone to come out to your place to at least check in on your cats, that is the best, from my experience, anyway!

phxbillcee Level 9 July 13, 2018

If there is no one to come in - I'd say the friend's bedroom

Can the friend not stop in once a day?

A week is too long alone. If anything went wrong you'd feel terrible.
Granted things can happen while you are home too. But a week is a long time.

If you were going to leave kitty home I'd recommend a timed feeder.

I hope your surgery goes well!

RavenCT Level 9 July 13, 2018

I concur. Leaving kitty at home where they are comfortable is the best bet, but if it's more than just a weekend (& even then if possible) it's best to have somebody at least pop in, check food & water &, if they're good friends, get the litter box!

The friend can not be trusted in my home. When I had the first hip replacement done a year ago, that is what I had done -I had her come into my home. . my 1792 silver dollar is missing and she is a meth user "recreationally" as she puts it and does not think like an adult. It is her bedroom, however, so my cat will have lots of attention and will be safe. I have moved out of the city where 'friend' and hospital are and know no one here to look in on my cat. I am going to consider your welcome suggestions.. 🙂 thank you ps. because she is 68 and can not think like an adult, 'friend' lives with her 96 yr. old mother in the same room she was raised in as a child. . a safe place.

@Plant1010J If you can afford a pet sitter I'd do that.

Particularly if they have recommendations.

I have a local general store where people can post their services near the counter. That's how I found my pet sitter when I was gone for a week.

She did a great job.

Sounds like your friend could care for your kitty - but I'd worry about the meth use.

You might want to call Social Services at the hospital and see if they have anyone they recommend to pet sit. This is not an usual thing for a hospital to encounter.

I know I worked in Mental Health and we used to have to sort out care of peoples pets all of the time.


They can survive for a week, but that's a long time for them to be alone.

Can you hire a pet sitter? I've done it several times over the years and it's always worked out great.

GinaKay Level 7 July 13, 2018

We leave the cats in THEIR house and have the neighbor girls we trust stop in twice a day for feeding and litter box patrol. They also sit and watch TV with them and pet them.

Oh no can do! I have the video my children made of themselves at the neighbor's house when they were there to care for pets. HA. My angels were not angels. Too much freedom and lack of respect for the neighbor's home. I would not at all have known if not for their video !

No no! We leave the cats in our house ( The cats consider it to be their house). I'd never ask the neighbors to house our cats in the neighbor's home.


That's about the longest you can leave a cat for - but it's doable. Ours get waaay overfed, with a zillion waters laying around. Double the litter boxes... Oh, and I duct tape all the latches on interior doors, because I have an insane fear that one of them will lock himself somewhere he can't get out of. Just having someone stop through after a couple days might ease your mind considerably, as well.

synergy Level 6 July 13, 2018

Great idea on the latches. My cats would get super bored, though one likes tape, a lot so that could be a problem in my household.


That is what is so great about cats. Leave enough dry food , water & extra litter boxes & they should be ok. But let the hospital know in case your stay in the hospital is longer. Or a reputable sitting service. Just take your valuables to a safe deposit box.

Mooolah Level 8 July 13, 2018

Comforts of home but with a friend or family, or pet sitter to come in every day or so to feed and water, change litter, and play.

poetdi56 Level 7 July 13, 2018
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