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Wow, wonder how long it took them to get this picture right.

Sheannutt 9 Aug 5
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Awe, such a great picture. They are so cute.

Just love those little kitties

@Sheannutt They are so adorable. It's an amazing picture.


Do they all start meowing when it's time to eat?

I bet they do they're not my cats.


Duck Tape!!! To damn cute, Luv it!!!

that would be cruel but it makes you wonder.

@Sheannutt I hope not!!! LOL

@RobertNappi2 you too



poetdi56 Level 7 Aug 5, 2018

I hope you can keep all of them. We took a cat of the streets in Portland, Or. and she was pregnant. Had four three survived. Kept them all and it was the best decision we could make. They all had different personalities andwe a joy to live with. Unfortunately this was about twenty years ago and we just lost the last of the family. A hard hit but we now have three more making the total five, they all get along great and the humane society like us.


Not long once the super-glue set!

That's so cruel LOL

They look way to happy to be glued, great shot.

Was just joshin'! I have cats, I know how tough it is to get them to do anything they didn't think of first!


This would be a hard shot to get as cats notorously do not do what you want. Short of glueing them in palce I would think you just have to set up the camera and wait, relying on luck, just being at the right spot andd the right time is what photography is about.

It's just amazing


Ginger kitties rock! And oh they're so cute... ❤

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 5, 2018

They sure are a beautiful cat.

@Sheannutt I might have one of those... lol

@RavenCT oh they are so sweet wish I could have one.


How adorable

They are so precious.


Imo they didn't properly line up the colour variations. The darkest should be on the bottom step.

I bet it was hard to get them to stay still long enough to take the photo, amazing.

@Sheannutt Something is attracting their attention and it is curious that they seem to be each looking at something different.

@FrayedBear yes I was thinking the same thing when I seen this photo but it's still amazing


It is soooo cute!! OMG, I want them all!! I do wonder how they did it, too. If it was photoshopped you'd think they would have fixed that switch on the wall in the background.

I just want to pick up every one of them and take them home they're so cute.

@Sheannutt I know!! This is like my dream, ginger/white kitties and long haired as well. I'd like to see the Tom that sired them. What a pair!

Well spotted.

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