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Oh no! The "shooter of cats in your profile pictures" has blocked me!

By bigpawbullets8
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Saves you the trouble, right?

Captain747ex Level 7 Aug 29, 2018

I would have enjoyed taking the bastard on. Perhaps it is better I didn't get to do that. I might be suspended again before my Tee shirt arrives. There was a proposal here in Wisconsin to have a cat shooting season. It was soundly defeated. Tho I dislike trap neuter release it is effective in reducing the over population of dumped feral cats. I once had 16 of them in my garage as I do not permit free roamers sans bells & orange hazard tape collars. I lived to neuter. Now others have taken up the call & I am down to one tuxedo cat named Zoot Suit. He is a gem that just appeared and came to stay after Tula & Felix passed away.

Mooolah Level 8 Aug 29, 2018

Totally missed it - and it sounds like I should be glad! Trolls-b-Gone!!

poetdi56 Level 7 Aug 29, 2018

LOL! Looks like I missed the fun while trying to get some sleep. Damn sleep!

HippieChick58 Level 9 Aug 29, 2018

Now I don’t see that post either. Did I finally get blocked? I did report the post as promoting violence.

graceylou Level 8 Aug 29, 2018

Seriously tempted to change my profile picture to a cat.

d_day Level 7 Aug 29, 2018

I don't even belong to this group, just following a friend. And damn what a dick head.

kenriley Level 8 Aug 29, 2018

Yes he is.

Same here. I love cats but stopped myself from joining because, well, the name of the group is a clue. The last thing I need is to associate myself with more enablers and people who post way too many uninteresting cat photos.

BTW this is Hendrix:

@misternatureboy I don't have cute lovable cat like you do. But I do have Thor

@misternatureboy that sure is a cute kitty. Hello Hendrix ?

@kenriley well.hello Thor ?

@Sheannutt LOL At first I thought you call Thor a cute kitty.

@kenriley lol that is funny, Thor is a beautiful dog.

@kenriley So. Frickin'. Cute.

@Sheannutt H says "O HAI LADY"

@kenriley I would love to see more photos of Thor, a.k.a. Doggo Whose Face I Wanna Smoosh.

This is my Bosco:

@misternatureboy you have a cute dog. Hello Bosco ?

@misternatureboy Bosco is very cute, I"ll Give you one more picture of Thor, I know this a Cute kitty group and I don't want to be rude to the group. This is a picture of Thor taking a nap with his head laying on my hand.

@Sheannutt Bosco misread your name as "Shemutt" and was very intrigued until I corrected him. He is too lazy for contact lenses and keeps misplacing his glasses.

He says: "Hello, Peanut!", BTW.

He thinks he's funny.

@kenriley Ugh. So cute. Does he have Chow blood?

@misternatureboy Mixed with Cane Curso and Husky, A breeder have both dog types and a pair mated before he could stop it. Shit happens. Young couple got him but couldn't take care of him, I got him when he was a 11 months old. He's the best dog I ever had.

@kenriley I think you meant "Awesome happens." You ended up with a great dog instead of some inbred freak.


Holy cow! I wondered what was going on. Gee I was only midly mean. And what a jerk to post his first comment on a cat lovers site. Fortunately he had blocked me already before he posted the shooting thing. I am suitably chastised ?

Booklover Level 7 Aug 29, 2018

No worries, cat friend. He doesn't matter.


I think the guy has some problems, I read that post he did, And gotta say it was over the line, the shooting and killing part. I flagged him. I need to keep a eye on him.

kenriley Level 8 Aug 29, 2018

He is pretty scary just take a good look at him that would scare anybody.

@Sheannutt I'm not scare of him, but to post something like what he did, is telling me he's got some kind of problem that doesn't set right with me. i don't think this is a joke. If it is I don't get it.

@kenriley if he was joking around, it was pretty sick joke. I was wondering why he's even would post something like that on this group.

@Sheannutt I don't think he's right in the head.

@kenriley I believe you may be right.


Could someone tell me who this is so I don't stay on default mode and make the mistake of treating him like he deserves respect?

Okay, I did some sleuthing and found him. What a social retard.


Also, who deleted the post in question? Did a mod do it, or did he?

purcascade Level 5 Aug 29, 2018

It's gone?

@bigpawbullets It's not gone, I just read it, You might not see it because you got blocked.

@kenriley SUCCESS!!!! ????

He blocked you?
Confirmation that he's "nutso".

@bigpawbullets Makes my whole damn day! ? Nothing amuses me more than asshats who can't reap what they sow.


Aw. I'm jealous. I wanna be blocked by troll boy too. ???

purcascade Level 5 Aug 29, 2018

I decided to not give the guy any points. Didn't want to reward trolling.

itsmedammit Level 8 Aug 29, 2018

I bet that just breaks your pea pickin heart?

Sheannutt Level 9 Aug 28, 2018

He seemed like such a nice guy too. Wanting to shoot everyone.....

This guy needs to be flagged, Big time, That post was way over the line.


Aww, don't take it too hard....

itsmedammit Level 8 Aug 28, 2018

I'm sooooo humiliated.

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