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Our two mighty house cats. Chasing down a field mouse that escaped from our attic into the bedroom. Yeah, they're "chasing it" ..... that's what they claim:

bigpawbullets 9 Aug 30
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Good kitties.

Lilac-Jade Level 9 Aug 30, 2018

They are cute. I pitty that mouse once it gets caught.


My daughter moved into a very old house that had been updated. She has two cats, the female is a neurotic paranoid witch that seems friendly until she realizes you're a stranger, then she attacks. After moving in they realized they might have mice. Then psycho kitty confirmed it.... by killing said mousies. So psycho kitty has earned her keep, but she still gets shut in a bedroom when visitors come over.


This winter I found out that Raz knows how to mouse. I found this out when a field mouse got in through the cellar hatch and he brought it upstairs and dropped it in front of my chair - that I was sitting in.

The mouse was alive. It ran under the chair.

The other two kitties were really entranced (Heath and Rainey) but hadn't one clue what to do.
Thankfully Raz did handle the issue.

I was told that mousing ability is dependent on whether the cat was taught to do so by it's mother - if they weren't with Mom long enough they don't learn.

Good luck! There's always Havaheart!

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 30, 2018

I caught it in the traditional mouse trap. They showed no interest in it.

@bigpawbullets That also works.


I had a black cat. His name was Spot.

Named for Star Trek? Data's cat? Or just his name?

@RavenCT No, it was before that show. Spot was a dog's name, so we named the cat Spot.

@MissKathleen That would have been my next guess "Spot and Puff" belonged to "Dick and Jane". lol

I think it's a good cat name!


You have two of the prettiest mouse catchers ever how can you ever tell them apart?

Sheannutt Level 9 Aug 30, 2018
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