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If this has been posted before, that's ok. Always a good reminder:

bigpawbullets 9 Feb 22
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But for crazy tips and tricks learned from FB - ask a cat lady!

Did you know you can Roll a cat with a sticky roller?

RavenCT Level 9 Feb 22, 2019

Maybe your cat..... 😉

@bigpawbullets Oh try it! They love it... it's like your licking them... only you aren't. Cause yuck. lol


I worry about people who will ask thousands of non professional strangers for advice rather than calling a professional. And I just explained antivaxxers.



Sydland Level 7 Feb 22, 2019

Good one. I never saw it posted before.🙂

Ray13 Level 8 Feb 22, 2019

I belong to a cat group and the first advice they give is “go to the vet!”. They are great for other things though.

Hathacat Level 9 Feb 23, 2019
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