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I just found out yesterday that my heart Lilly who is 16, has a slight heart murmur, in 3rd stage kidney disease out of 4, borderline hyperthyroidism, and a probable bad tooth that’s hurting her! Anyway it slayed me as all my kitties are seniors, 18, 16 and 15, luckily I have great vets, so loaded down with new food and meds, I’m hopeful we can keep her moderately healthy, I’m praying so!
I love her so much, she’s my heart and love! She loves me so much as well!

mayflowercats 4 Feb 2
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If she's having trouble with one of her teeth, you need to get her to a Vet really soon, as tooth problems can lead to a lot of other problems. Plus she'll be a lot happier when her teeth don't hurt.

Spudgun Level 7 Feb 3, 2020

At present not recommended by Vet because of her age and medical issues, not so easy, esp. with heart murmur and kidney disease, she has Meds for it, Gabapentin, which seems to be helping, she removed a lot af tarter herself( the Vet ) we’ll see how that goes first, plus special food ad specific meds for that!


Thanks all, appreciate all the wonderful posts, she’s been sticking close to me, and loves her dry food, so do her 2 sisters unfortunately, so I have the spritzer at hand, which I hate doing to poor old Soph, but it’s absolutely necessary as she would again becom diabetic dependent on Insulin, so I have to be very vigilant!! Wow is me!
But I love them all so much, so I will obviously continue! Lilly continues to pee outside the litter box on the mats in front luckily so I can just pour them easily into the litter since the mat has a ridge that keeps it contained luckily! Apparently this happens with some cats that have kidney disease! Anyone have any advice? I already have one just for her upstairs, she uses it for BM’s!


What a pretty girl!

RavenCT Level 9 Feb 3, 2020

Hope your Babies can welcome new healthy lifestyle!

Best wishes!!!

They already have a healthy lifestyle, eating the best of the wet food out there, and supplements!
I don’t know what you mean?


Poor kitty

Frctnal Level 7 Feb 3, 2020

So sorry

bobwjr Level 9 Feb 2, 2020

Thanks all of you, she’s getting the best of care!


Oh, she is such a beauty! Now that you know what you're up against, and have the proper food and meds, I'm sure she'll respond wonderfully so she can keep loving you so well.

Lauren Level 8 Feb 2, 2020

Pretty cat. I am sorry Lilly is hurting.💕


I'm sure you gave her the best home she could ever have. I know it's hard loosing a loved one, but that is the way I would think about it. She had a long life, and I know you love her, and she knows it.


I am so sorry to hear about Lily. We also have a Lily, she just went to the vet and is doing great. We have another, Snoopy, who has the thyroid problem and gets a pill twice a day. I hope your kids all do well and get better. It seems to me they have a great place to be. She is a great cat, I love long-haired cats, fun to brush if they let you.


Pretty Lilly is lucky to have you. Glad you found out early about what she needs.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Feb 2, 2020
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