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Louis just wants some attention

By Elusia86
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Attention always and forever!

kmdskit3 Level 8 May 21, 2018

I could not resist that!

vita Level 7 May 21, 2018

A virtual pet, let and kitty treat

Kahuna Level 6 May 21, 2018

l love his color and eye combination. Wow.

OldGoat43 Level 8 May 20, 2018

Actually, his eyes are a beautiful jade green.

Elusia8 Level 6 May 20, 2018

Probably my monitor. He is very pretty regardless of eye color.


Were did Louis get those blue eyes? What a cutie.

RavenCT Level 9 May 20, 2018

Blue? Well, maybe tending towards. I had one years ago that had this lovely malachite hue! Of course, I named him Malakitty! (Turned out he was a bit mal-adjusted, too!)


Pretty eyes, almost blue.

HippieChick58 Level 9 May 20, 2018
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