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LINK Don’t Let Trump Use This Moment to Sneak in Domestic Terrorism Laws

"The use of the word “terrorist” by an administration against its ideological opponents should always be met with skepticism ... What terrorist labels would likely allow in practice, especially against an entity so amorphously defined as antifa, is even greater surveillance powers under the PATRIOT Act for federal law enforcement against political movements the current administration disagrees with. What are the limits as to who gets investigated on suspicion for being part of antifa? ... A domestic terror law would likely be used just like any other law — disproportionately against communities of color ... The terrorists are those who continue to wage violence against communities of color."

Question: Which groups do you predict would be labeled Antifa terrorists under a proposed new anti-terror law? I think activist groups supporting causes such as Black Lives Matter, climate change, universal minimum wage, equal pay for women, reproductive rights, freedom of the press, anti-war, anti-human trafficking, anti-industrial animal farms, and environmentalism are a few groups that would be surveilled regularly as suspected Antifa terrorists who are against Trump and the right wing.

AnonySchmoose 8 June 2
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These people will attempt to label as terrorists anyone who doesn't support their agenda of letting corporations do what they damn well please; anyone who protests fossil fuels, anyonr who supports church/state separation, and so on. Thew list is quite exhaustive.
They've already managed to outlaw protests against fossil fuels.

The s-called prez equates peaceful protesters with 'thugs' (a typical right-wing tactic).
Democracy is on the brink. And humanity is on the brink also, given the right-wing's disdain for the environment.

I completely agree with your take the right-wind agenda.


Only Congress can stop him. Will they? Where are they? I understand the Senate has been and will be his lapdogs, but the House must come out strongly to condemn him, with loud support from Senate Democrats. They must be bold and tenacious, damn comity and rules. So where are they???

Bobbyzen Level 8 June 2, 2020

Gosh yes. The silence is deafening.

... "Even if antifa were a real organization, the laws that permit the federal government to deem entities terrorists and impose sanctions on them are limited to foreign groups. There is no domestic terrorism law, despite periodic proposals to create one ...[ On the flip side ] in dealing effectively with domestic terrorism investigations into neo-Nazi organizations like the Base and Atomwaffen Division, for example, the F.B.I. has treated them as criminal enterprises." []

@AnonySchmoose this really has little to do with what’s legal. People are being brutalized, we don’t know the real number killed by police/National Guard, the number arrested—I’ve heard of three people who disappeared for days, in Minneapolis and here in Kansas City. I’m asking our Democratic leaders to condemn the response, not the protesters. I know it’s not Antifa but white supremacists that are taking advantage of the chaos to undermine the protests, set fire, sew more chaos and division. For Democrats to repeat the talking points that protesters are disrespecting the memory of George Floyd by rioting ignores the reality that black and brown people are not willing to be brutalized any longer. This is no longer about Floyd alone, but the systems that enable the racist pandemic in American society. Sorry for ranting. I might’ve missed the entire point if your post 😕


You nailed it

bobwjr Level 9 June 2, 2020

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