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North Dakota Republican Who Died of Covid-19 Wins Election

Even though North Dakota Trump supporter and coronavirus denier David Andahl died of Covid-19 back in early October, that didn’t prevent the 55-year-old rancher from winning his race for the US House of Representatives in North Dakota’s 8th District on Tuesday.

Upon hearing the news, President Trump immediately issued a statement, congratulating the deceased Republican on his victory, and pointing out that the President feels David Andahl didn’t really die of Covid-19 - he just “rounded the corner.” Makes sense, wonder if the theme of his victory celebration was "Night of the Living Dead?”

Hell, if you ask me, they ought to just pack him up and ship him right off to Congress anyway. You know, make sort of a "Weekend at Bernie’s” kind of affair out of it all. Who’d know the difference? I mean, it isn’t as if these obstructionist Republicans actually do anything anyway.

Why, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Andahl ends up winning reelection. After all, Republicans just elected a dead pimp to the Nevada state assembly back in 2018. And who knows - maybe Herman Cain can run again in 2024? I tell ya, the possibilities seem simply endless.


johnnyrobish 8 Nov 4
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