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Tucker Carlson Warns Afghan Refugees Will Try to Enact Sharia Law

Never straying far from his promotion of the “Great Replacement Theory,” which claims “leftist politicians are trying to replace white Americans with immigrant people of color,” Tucker Carlson tried to make sure his white nationalist followers remain vigilant, by warning viewers this week that if Afghan refugees are allowed to settle in this country, they will attempt to enact Sharia law in America! While Tucker did concede that the Afghans have some “good people,” he cautioned that they are “very different” from most Americans.”

So, last week we had Tucker and the Republicans complaining about how “Joe Biden has abandoned those poor, poor Afghans!” Then, come this week, they’re screaming "Don't let those dirty Muslims into our country” and “they’re coming to rape our daughters!” Really, because statistically, those daughters actually have much more to fear from their church clergyman, than they do from any immigrants fleeing persecution.

Anyway, if I’m understanding Tucker correctly, we have these Afghan refugees who are leaving most everything they have behind, and fleeing the Taliban and Sharia law - so they come to America and implement Sharia law here? Yeah, that makes a lotta sense. The funny thing is, I thought the Republicans think Obama already implemented Sharia law, back when he was President. You know, just after he confiscated everyone’s guns. So, if we’re already living under Sharia law, what’s the big deal anyway?

Of course, the truth is - if Trump and his cult thought it would return him to the White House, they'd endorse Sharia law in a minute, and Tucker and his viewers would be perfectly fine with it all. Tucker reminds me of one of those feudal lords, who tells his peasants they need to take up arms against the villagers who live across the valley, just over the hill. That is, assuming the feudal lord had obtained all his wealth and power - by selling frozen TV dinners.


johnnyrobish 8 Aug 26
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Just how does he justify those comments when the obstructionist Republican fascists and their Christian death cult members want to control women’s bodies, children and let the majority of us die of poor medical and nutrition just so hey can live in their greed!!!

He does not try to justify, he just blathers away.


That's not replacement, it's upgrading

racocn8 Level 8 Aug 26, 2021



Without mentioning that is what they are running from…

Canndue Level 8 Aug 26, 2021

You mean like he tries to do every day!?

AnneWimsey Level 9 Aug 26, 2021

Fucker Carlson needs to flown to Afghanistan and dropped off for Isis to take care of. What a worthless piece of shit he is!!!

Might I go so far as to say "Amen!"

@BirdMan1 Yes, a big AMEN for the end of that asshole!!! 🤣

id pack his parachute


So, he found yet another way to spin things to his bigoted agenda! That's who he is. People are calling him "stupid," but I do not think that that is the case. I think he is so mired in that bigotry that he can not think outside that mental cage. In any case he certainly knows what his fools love to hear. But, then, so does Trump, and he's got no smarts.

BirdMan1 Level 8 Aug 26, 2021

Yup..and of course he hasn't a problem White Evangelicals pushing their brand of Nationalistic Kkkristian Sharia laws. Cause, you know, it's Patriotic and Amurikkkan..

Charlene Level 9 Aug 26, 2021

It is amazing how Carlson has a direct pipeline into the thoughts and plans of those on the world stage

MsKathleen Level 8 Aug 26, 2021

Who advertises on that show? Frankly, I’ve never seen it nor intend to

@Canndue nor have I..or do I. But I know about him from seeing posts from others.


His stupidity is unparalleled

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 26, 2021

We know Tucker says stupid shit all the time, so I try not to repeat any of it.
He's an attention whore, quit giving him thrills.

While I understand your feelings on the matter (he is doing this for ratings and self-promotion for sure), I think it is never a good idea to ignore fascism or what they are promoting. Remember, Neville Chamberlain tried a similar tactic. This isn't some quarrel occurring in polite society, these folks are extremely dangerous and that will be quite apparent in a year or so. Not that they can go up against our military, but more like Timothy McVeigh-type actions all across the nation.

@johnnyrobish I know that, but at this point I wouldn't be shocked if Tucker told his idiot fan club to eat cat poop to protect themselves from COVID-19 and I wouldn't be shocked if they did it. I don't need to hear the clown laugh to know it's not funny.

@Willow_Wisp Word has it the Murdochs are not all that pleased with how far to the extreme right folks like Tucker, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Jeanine Pirro, and others have been taking the channel, but are afraid to do all that much to rein them in, for fear of losing more viewers to competitors such as OAN and Newsmax. In essence, they becoming fearful of the monster they created.

@johnnyrobish True, but these days there’s so many monsters they’ve become fucking boring and predictable once you understand their form of stupid. I knew Trump supporters would turn on him if he went too far trying to get warp speed credit.

@Willow_Wisp I have "known" you such a short time, yet love you madly.

@johnnyrobish Well, "Ain't that a shame, my heart cries like rain!" Like Murdoch, and kin, don't have ENOUGH filthy lucre?
What they don't have is ethics, morals, humanity.

@BirdMan1 So, did you think my response was defending the Murdochs? Seriously? If you re-read my response to whomever, you'll see I said they (the Murdochs) "created this monster." And, they did so for profit! My point was, that the Murdochs feel what they created has gotten way out of control, much beyond what they intended. The fact is, the ruling class would much prefer to bask in their privilege without conflict - and only find the fascists useful as a last resort when capitalism is in the latter stages of crises. It is not quite there yet, but folks like the Murdochs, Trump, and Republicans in general, have had to pander to these monsters in order to win elections. Now, they fear the villagers may overrun the entire castle.

@johnnyrobish No, I did not think you were defending these asses. You misunderstood me.

@BirdMan1 Great, I was hoping that was the case. Thanks!

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