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Ohio Judge Reverses Previous Order Forcing Hospital to Treat COVID Patient with Ivermectin

An Ohio judge has just reversed an order issued two weeks ago by a different judge, which forced a hospital to administer the livestock dewormer “ivermectin” to a patient admitted with coronavirus - at the demand of his spouse. His wife obtained the ivermectin prescription from Dr. Fred Wagshul, a Dayton doctor who has developed a huge online following for prescribing ivermectin to coronavirus patients.

Interestingly enough, the patient given the ivermectin has not been able to shake his COVID, however, he reportedly won the 3rd race over at Northfield Park yesterday afternoon. Now, folks can say what they want about ivermectin, but to my knowledge, not a single COVID patient who’s taken the medication - has ever gotten worms.

Unfortunately, one nasty side effect of taking ivermectin is that it causes severe diarrhea along with an inability to control bowel movements. So, those taking it need to be warned that they’re gonna need to be buying one helluva lot of new underwear. Not surprisingly, Fruit of the Loom’s response to all this is “oh hell yes!” Why, talk about “Victoria’s Secret!”

Of course, I’m sure fans of taking this livestock dewormer are gonna label this severe diarrhea warning as pure “bullshit.” And, to a large degree - that’s pretty darn close to the truth! Far as I can tell, about the only thing you really need to monitor on someone taking a dewormer meant for horses is - are they in “stable” condition?

The truth is, before anyone takes a drug like ivermectin, you should first check with your veterinarian to “see if a livestock de-wormer is right for you.” Frankly, if I ever end up in the hospital, ivermectin is about the last thing I’d ever ask for. Hell, I’m gonna demand the doctors administer 30-year-old Scotch.


johnnyrobish 8 Sep 9
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I am glad that people pushing this dewormer are getting called out for the bullshit. However, we seem to have a member who is pushing it here too. We can't even get away from the fucking crazies here!



Judges and politicians should stay out of medicine. It is not their forte

Canndue Level 8 Sep 9, 2021

I agree.


Dr. Wagshul's license to practice medicine needs to be reviewed by the state licensing board!
"Won the third race," to the loo, I assume?

BirdMan1 Level 8 Sep 9, 2021

JFC: I just got "This account is under investigation or was found in violation of the Medium Rules." when I followed the link.

Yeah, I just saw that also. I have no idea what I could have done.

@johnnyrobish I would guess that some rabid anti-vaxxer and peddler of horse paste has reported your account.

I had thought something like that also, but they said one of my articles just got caught in their algorithm spam filter and apologized. Then, ten minutes after they fixed it, it happened again. They think they got it fixed permanently now, but I'm not sure. I personally believe it was this article on "ivermectin," because it happened immediately after I posted it. The thing is, I make a good amount of money writing there, and a helluva lot of people may have seen that message and now assume I'm a criminal or some sort of fraud.

@johnnyrobish Thanks for the update.

Yeah, and thanks for the heads-up, my friend.


30 year old Scotch whisky? I can go with that!


Haha! Good one, Johnny Rubbish. Almost as funny, and original, as these guys! 😉

Thanks my friend.

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