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Rudy Giuliani Called ‘Mastermind’ in Plot to Overthrown 2020 US Elections

The Washington Post reports that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was the “mastermind” behind an effort that resulted in five states using a fake slate of electors in an attempt to submit bogus election certificates to the Electoral College in the 2020 election - and all in plain sight. Giuliani actively promoted claims of “election fraud” on behalf of the former President, while attempting to convince state legislators to take steps to overturn legitimate election results.

Well, I do have to admit Trump was right all along about one thing - that there was massive election fraud this past election! What he “forgot” to mention was - he and his pals were the ones who were organizing it! The thing is, how far can you really expect to get, with a document that’s obviously as fake as a “rubber hot dog?” Not that any Trump supporter would ever be able to tell if it was a rubber hot dog. Why, if they couldn’t chew it, they’d just swallow the damn thing whole.

So, Rudy’s a “mastermind” eh? Who knew? Hell, Rudy’s such a pathetic drunk, I’d be totally shocked if he could come up with a cohesive plan to order pizza, let alone plan a coup d'état. Let’s put it this way, Rudy’s no “Goldfinger” or Dr. No. Besides, how could he have committed these crimes? I always thought vampires had to stay in their coffins during the day.

I guess that’s what Republicans get for leaving Rudy unsupervised. Not surprisingly, when the s**t started to hit the fan - Trump cut him off like a gangrene limb. Can anyone say “scapegoat?” My guess is, when he’s finally called in to testify, instead of “taking the fifth” like everyone else, he’ll instead “drink a fifth.” Why, a nice single malt scotch ought to do the trick.

Now, I’m no criminal lawyer, but I think if I were advising poor Rudy, the next time he flies back over to Eastern Europe to help launder some of that sweet Russian oligarch “dirty money,” I’d suggest it might just be a good time to consider flying off to some country that has no extradition treaty with the U.S - because back here, things are starting to look a lot like “Tutti frutti, G’bye Rudy!”

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johnnyrobish 8 Jan 21
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ROFLMAO at the thought of "Rudy Guliani, MASTERMIND".
But, Thank Gawd the orange "mastermind" didn't know any better......

AnneWimsey Level 9 Jan 22, 2022

Kettle is calling Pot black....elections and conventions have been rigged ever since Jefferson was vice president....19 states illegally rigged Howie Hawkins off ballots Greens qualified for 2016 then victimized by demonRATs states 2020 favoring only the BidenS crime families...... both blueRed zionists and redBlue zionist rethuglicans are guilty November 2020 and the Pelosi conspiracy to infiltrate the STOP THE STEAL movement December 2020 when illegal electors were counted in state capitols...only 78 rethuglicans did their duty Jan6th while Pence was escorted out of Congress "for his safety" thus prevented from doing the job Vice President Gore refused to do 2000 but Jefferson did weather the 1800 four month storm 1802 and had Pinckney break the tie with Burr ....I am stating facts here while the WaPo et al are the obvious competing conspirators


Ghouliani falls on his sword to save dear leader.

BitFlipper Level 8 Jan 21, 2022

It boogles the mind that Rudy's a mastermind of anything legit. Hell he's got Merlot dripping out his head..

Charlene Level 9 Jan 21, 2022

More like the black tar as in Fifth Element...


"Mastermind"??? You can be sure if Giuliani had any ideas, he got them from the GRU via Dmytro Firtash or the like. The red hats are all too appropriate.

racocn8 Level 8 Jan 21, 2022

I’d love to see Rudy stripped of his law license and then thrown in prison.


Bye bye Rudi

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 21, 2022
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